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Young COVID-Positive Redditors Describe Agony Of Ongoing Symptoms Nearly Two Months After Getting Sick


While COVID-19 mostly kills older people with underlying conditions, it can have devastating effects on the vast majority who survive the initial illness – including younger individuals.

Based on what we know about this brand new disease, up to half of those who contract it may show no symptoms. Of those who become sick, effects range from no worse than the common cold, to ‘worst flu I’ve ever had,’ to requiring hospitalization and oxygen support, to death.

And while many believe we need to just rip the band-aid off and achieve herd immunity with a de-facto global ‘chickenpox party,’ evidence is mounting that coronavirus may remain in the body for weeks after a patient is ‘cleared’ of the disease – with some experiencing a second stage of the disease, and others reporting the illness hitting them in waves.

In South Korea, nearly 100 COVID-19 patients deemed ‘recovered’ had tested positive again, according to Jeong Eun-Kyeong, director of the Korean CDC, adding that the virus may have been reactivated rather than the patients being re-infected.”

To that end, members of Reddit’s Covid 19 positive” forum – many of whom are younger, have been sharing their frustrating experiences as their bodies can’t seem to shake the virus.

A few examples of this alarming trend in threads:

And a few excerpts, mostly from the ‘7th week’ thread above:

“I first became symptomatic on the 29th of February. I’m 30 years old and male. Have had 2 ER visits including a chest x-ray which was apparently clear. Cough comes and goes, absence of taste in mouth/metallic taste on tongue. Mild fever which has worsened this week. Starting to get incredibly weak. Had diarrhoea on and off since the start also. Lymph nodes are very sore and had shortness of breath feeling quite a lot too although my sats have normally been good.

Today marks the 49th day (7 weeks) of being sick and whilst I have had a few days where I began to feel better, overall I don’t feel like I’m recovering.”

And in reply:

I’m on day 51. Still weak off and on through the day, still have gunk in my lungs. I cried last night over the kitchen sink because I’m so sick of this. My breathing has been not too bad for the last week, but I woke up this morning feeling shortness of breath, which freaked me out. I thought that that symptom was over and done with.

I wish that there was more in the news about this presentation of the virus-the long lasting, up and down symptoms.

Another Redditor responds:

I started with mild symptoms in the first week of March…my most severe ones were about 4 weeks ago where I was struggling to breathe. I’m still getting wiped out just by going for a 30 minute walk outside. Breathing starts getting laboured at that point too, but otherwise I’m fine.

It’s exhausting dealing with it. I’m not sure how my wife is handling it because she says I’m looking and acting normal all of a sudden and then after a bit of activity I’ve got sputum, laboured breathing, and am ready to fall asleep on the next park bench.

I’m so frustrated because I’ll be walking along a path seeing people riding their bikes at the pace I was running at 5 weeks ago…it just doesn’t feel like it’s going away any time soon

And another:

“ME TOO. I’m 26 years old, healthy BMI, no pre-existing conditions. Week 7 (49 days) since I first got sick and the last week or so I’ve had chest pains and heart flutters. The difficulty breathing has gotten better some days but then regresses a bit. Like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. This is getting to the point where it seems ridiculous…I’m still barely able to work and can’t exercise yet.

An Italian coronavirus victim writes:

Hi, I’m 29M And on week 6 since first symptoms. I feel better but not as before the disease. I have occasional muscle pain occasional diarrhoea and occasional sore throat. Some day I feel like nothing happened and the day after bam my happiness disappear because I fell not so well. Hope that they will develop some medicine. I feel that this is not over….

And another:

I have been battling this for more than 30 days at this point. It has never gotten to the point in which I had to go to the hospital but I have experienced a wide range of symptoms that I have never experienced before. Everything from the usual fever, cough, chest tightness to elevated heart rate, edema in one foot and very sharp pain on my left thigh, that seemed to come out of nowhere and I’m still dealing with.

These symptoms are unpredictable, weird and relentless.

This virus is honestly the worst thing that has ever happened to me and it’s really hard to find the strength to keep going at times. I understand I’m very lucky…it could be worse. It’s just hard to deal with this for sooo long. I just want to wake up one day and feel normal.

I really would love to know if recovery is truly real.

Clicking through the rest of the bulleted threads above reveals similar experiences shared by a disturbing number of people who have been grappling with COVID-19 with no end in sight.

So, as we consider the plan to reopen the economy by putting those most likely to survive contract COVID-19 back to work, it’s crucial that we employ strict measures to minimize infections to the greatest extent possible until we know more about the long-term effects of the disease, and/or a treatment is developed which can manage the myriad of lingering mystery symptoms. Unfortunately, a woeful lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) is going to make that a challenge.

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  1. Patricia April 20, 2020

    Just wondering how much did they follow precautions! They all gathered at the beach on spring break despite the warning, so if they discarded all the warnings, this is what happens! Hopefully they will shake this off and feel better.

    1. Dee April 20, 2020

      I first became sick in Feb. while vacationing in another state. That lasted about a week. I took it easy. Then, another out of state vacation in March. Felt a little sick and weak. Again, I took it easy. Then, for home at the end of March. After 1 week has me, I got really sick. Never having to feel this bad and never had these symptons. I basically stayed home in bed for 5 days straight. Till I was going crazy. I just took short drives, to get out of the house. Then, just when I felt pretty, I got sick again. So, back home again, basically in bed. I eat really healthy and drank a lot of water & o.j. So, will see how long this last.

    2. Cathy April 20, 2020

      That’s a very broad statement. I’m 63 years old and I have no pre-existing conditions; but I’m feeling exactly what those people up
      above feel. It seems like it lasts an eternity. And how do you know that these were all people on spring break? They’re not a bunch of teenagers! Do you think you’re immune that you can judge others??? Just cut it out… and have some compassion. Some people need it to hit home, and then they’re suddenly able to understand. I hope that’s not the case with you.

  2. Ellen ReSue April 20, 2020

    Were any of them treated with the hydroxychloraquine and z-pack regimen?

    1. David M April 20, 2020

      Very Good Question Ellen !

      Well ? I personnally doubt it as reported medical experience has shown the patient usually becomes “Virus-Free” inside 10 days – mainly even quicker.

  3. lan huynh April 20, 2020

    When you have those symptoms, you have to have treatment with medicine, hydration,
    nourishment, vitamins, and under doctor’s care, in the hospital or at home.. You cannot ride it out all by yourself, no matter how old you are.

  4. Jeanne April 20, 2020

    I would like to know if any one of these readers that got the virus was treated with a hydroxychloroquine in Z pack? To see if it works

    1. David M April 20, 2020

      That’s something we would probably all like to know the answer to Jeanne !
      Unfortunately there appears to be a preponderance of self-healing specialists reporting here – and when or if they then die as a result of non-medical intervention, nobody learns the facts or the lessons !

  5. David M April 20, 2020

    As nobody appears to be following through on this line of “enquiry”, I do hope that the various Coroners Offices are very carefully recording ALL the COVID-19 involved deaths – if only for epidemiological investigations in the near ( hopefully ) future.
    The World cannot afford too many pandemics before creeping backwards into a pre-industrial age, where, if you cannot afford the treatments you simply and surely die.
    Think this cannot happen in 2020 ?
    We are not out of the woods yet – very far from it !!

    1. Lisa April 20, 2020

      Problem is they’re over counting covid-19 victims. Mmm wonder why. If someone has history of CHF they’re counted and hospitals are getting more money for people who have it. I wonder what code they’re putting in. There were 2 different Drs who reported this. Look it up one you tube. But like someone said on one post did they follow protocol ? Did they attend the Marci Gras, spring break and Chinatown that Pelosi said to visit, parks of NY when NY’s mayor didn’t listen and shut down city, yet they the first to blame Trump. Use common sense. Everyone should have already been washing their hand and using sanitizer
      That’s just good hygiene.

  6. Desert Fox April 20, 2020

    I am 84 years old. February 2, I went to Immediate Care and was diagnosed with Influenza-A. I was prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate and Prednisone. My condition did not improve. I had two more visits to Immediate care and given additional antibiotics The 2nd visit they said I had acute bronchitis. The third visit they said I had exacerbated COPD. My breathing never improved and at times I had a feeling of suffocating. In March I went to be tested for the Chinese Virus they swabed my nosr and my throat and said they didn’t have enough test kits. The following week, they called me to be retested and they sent me to emergency. I was retested and a half hour later the doctor comes into the cubicle and the first thing is says is: “If your heart stops do you want to be resuscitated?” Great bedside manners–can’t you say Hello! I”m Doctor so and so? I was put in isolation for five days and released. My release papers said I had COPD. Do they put you in isolation for that? My heart and my lungs were compromised and I am on a Nebulizer at home. My breathing has improved, but I am limited in the amount of exercise I can do. I am still very week, but the cough and bubbly white sticky phlegm is gone. I am improving, but feelings of depression linger. God is Good and I feel that the many prayers that were being said for me by family and friends is what got me through this.

    1. Desert Fox April 20, 2020

      Sorry No way to edit week to weak.

    2. Sara Koons April 20, 2020

      Desert Fox,
      I Too am praying for you!🙏
      You sound like an amazing man. Hoping and praying you get through this health crisis. You Sound strong 👍❤️ Sorry it took the health system so long to diagnose you with Chinese Wuhan Virus. Keep fighting, and God bless you❤️🙏
      Hoping you get plenty of fluids and fight this virus off completely.

  7. Big Ed April 20, 2020

    I wonder how many, if any, of these people have had a good dose of hydroxychloroquine and perhaps a side of side of azithromiacine. I know that the leftists in the Democrat Party and their propagandists in the media are very much down on this treatment, but it has successfully helped a large number of people, all over the world. I think the leftists have a vested interest in maximizing the carnage-to both the people who get sick and the economy. The combination of drugs is safe and inexpensive, and as Trump once said, under different circumstances, “What do you have to lose?”


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