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Watch: NYPD Officer Calls Defenseless Woman "Stupid F*cking B*tch" Before Throwing Her To The Ground


As rioters in Brooklyn set a police precinct ablaze, a video showing what appears to be a rookie NYPD officer forcefully throwing a defenseless young woman to the ground has gone viral, further inflaming public anger toward the police.

There was some argument about whether the young woman was moving toward or away from the officer at the time of the push, as some tried to claim that this brutal assault on an unarmed woman was somehow justified.

The victim was hospitalized with injuries.

Both the cop shown in the video and his commanding officer (whom some reporters claimed can be seen standing nearby) have been tentatively identified on twitter, and an online campaign for the officer to be fired and face assault charges has begun.

via zerohedge


  1. Eleonora Ryan May 31, 2020

    New York city police has no right to harm any civilians that are innocent. Wow – this is how they act in a crisis. They are are absolutely disgusting!

    1. russell remmert May 31, 2020

      this was not a police officer but a common punk

    2. Tim May 31, 2020

      “live by the sword, die by the sword”. stand with the out of control crowd, be treated like the out of control crowd.

      1. ken worth May 31, 2020

        She was with the rioters! Did she think she was going to be treated differently because she was a female? Rioters=People like her, throw objects at police, spit on police shot & kill police. Don’t advance on an officer ,all ready in a hyper state of alertness, With a violent attitude, with obvious intentions of doing something physical towards the officer. He defended himself. He pushed her, it could have been worse, she clearly over reacted, for the cameras, by throwing her self on the ground ,squirming around and probably yelling like she’s in some kind of fake pain. She was acting like an asshole and was treated accordingly. Every one is so quick to condemn the police and side with the rioters. How about all the innocent people, civilians harmed, beaten and killed by the rioters,! How about all the business, looted burned to the ground totally destroyed by rioters. That woman got exactly what she was looking for..15 mins of fame. If that G.F. guy hadn’t try to pass off counterfeit money…a federal crime by the way … non of this would have occurred. So all you haters out there…50% of the blame is on him, ever consider that? Probably not, because it’s beyond your intellectual capacity.

    3. ken worth May 31, 2020

      But it’s ok by you that the “civilian” has every right to harm a police officer? Yeah that’s how they act in a crisis. When you get a chance, watch some news and see just what the “innocent civilians” have done to 15 cities across America …burnt them down!. See how the “innocent civilians” beat, kicked, punched three officers including a female officer! the “innocent civilians” . If you think police officers defending them selves from AN attack is disgusting, and you think the rioters are innocent civilians ..then you.. are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. By the way, if Georgie boy wasn’t committing a federal crime of passing counterfeit money the police wouldn’t have been there. Sorry for his death, but 50% the blame was on him.

  2. T Beach May 31, 2020

    Bitch wouldnt push a guy like that unless he had 10 of his buddies to back him up. Real tough guy. Im surprised that he was allowed to keep walking. Where are all the NY men to stand up for the lady. Guess real men dont attend protests??

  3. Leonard May 31, 2020

    What is the bitch doing next to the officer in the first place? She got what she deserved.

  4. Gerry May 31, 2020

    I don’t know how the police take the abuse that they do from schittbirds like this and have the restraint that they do. I’m sure this scumbag female is NOT defenseless and I’m sure she was most likely in his and other cops faces which will never be shown because it doesn’t fit the media’s agenda. Ever since odumbo made law enforcement targets in his 8 years of trying to destroy our country, law enforcement has taken more than their share of abuse from soros paid instigators to uninformed low IQ morons who just don’t get they are being played by the so-called elitists. I’m sure this idiot female deserved what she got and most likely deserved more.

  5. Patty Lunsford May 31, 2020

    I was so angry when I saw this video, and then I became more angry when I read some of these comments actually blaming the woman and not blaming the police. Wow, this is why the country is at war with each other. Some people can’t blame the police no matter what they do.

  6. Constantin May 31, 2020

    So, what do you see in this video? A man (policeman) pushes away a bitch that was probably (not shown on the video because it’s not serving the goal of the video taking pos) yelling into his face and she drops because of the side of the road had a deep! Biggest question is how did she interfere with the man walking where he was ordered to go! What gave her the right to be aggressive to the people putting their life in danger to protect against hoodlums destroying what law abiding citizens worked all their lives to support themselves, their families and other people around them. She got what she deserved and stop you all “jumping” in her side.


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