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Virginia, Maryland Issue Lockdowns; Pastor Charged


Virginia and Maryland have issued stay-at-home orders, with Virginia’s extending to June 10.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy followed through on a threat to go after anyone who disobeys orders to stay home, and a Florida pastor was arrested for holding services.

Charges were filed against a Florida pastor who held in-person services at his megachurch on Sunday, Hillsborough Country Sheriff Chad Chronister said during a press conference on Monday. An arrest warrant was issued for Rodney Howard-Browne, who yesterday compared the pandemic to a flu and dismissed the advice of public health experts.

Howard-Browne’s behavior was described as “reckless disregard for public safety” by Chronister. The local county is under a stay-at-home order as the state of Florida deals with skyrocketing coronavirus cases and deaths.

Gov. Murphy made good on a promise to name and shame people accused of violating social-distancing orders. His attorney general, Gurbir Grewal, sent out a news release detailing cases against a score of people, an unusual move for low-level offenses like disorderly conduct.

Among the residents facing charges are four buddies who met to drag race in a school parking lot, men who held weddings, a woman who left her home to toss a Molotov cocktail at her boyfriend’s residence – unsuccessfully – and a billiards hall owner who reopened after he was ordered to close. At least a dozen people have been charged with threatening to transmit the virus.

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  1. David M March 31, 2020

    Who knows, the Pastor may even turn out to be right in the end, but at this precise moment his actions put people at unesessary risk apart from being a flagrant breach of the law.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that Almighty God has intimate knowledge of this virus pandemic, but I very much doubt he has directly shared that wisdom with Pastor Howard-Browne. Some people could be forgiven for thinking his actions were simply the “Arrogance of the Cloth”, and the good Pastor should accept his actions put others at risk, apologise and take his punishment .
    In the meantime – God bless America – she needs all the help she can get at this challenging time.

  2. tc pavlenko March 31, 2020

    AMERICA NEEDS GOD PERIOD! They need respect for the law, they need morals and standards, they need to repent of their evil ways of disobeying GOD, remove stupid laws from books like those things that are against GOD-same sex marriages, abortion, murder, stealing, etc. Get back into the WORD OF GOD we need to fight against the evils of this world not each other. Spiritual Warfare is all around us. PRAY learn to respect and reach out and give a helping hand to those in need, take a meal, to shut ins AFTER THIS VIRUS IS OVER AND FREEE TO GO OUT AGAIN in the MEANTIME write a note of encouragement, make a call, have contact with others via email, skype, face book what ever way know you are not alone during this time, we are there to help lighten the burden by staying in touch with friends, family, and even those we have not yet met (over internet when emailed) Most important repent of you sins-such as anger. GOD IS IN CONTROL not the virus, WE ALL COULD LEARN FROM THIS…..DO SOMETHING HELPFUL-sew mask, eat healthier, downsize, do unfinished projects, spend quality time with those in your home. Pray together, read scripture together, sing Christian music, play Christian music. This is a time to reconnect to those who you never have time for due to jobs, activities, being stuck in front of the computer, I pads, cellphones playing games and texting. Do chores together, ACTUALLY TALK to one another rather then text Reach out and up to GOD HE is there and listening.

    1. Mikhael L Morgan March 31, 2020

      Wow is this Rare: 100% concurr with every utterance! Homeostasis= balance! & thou hast found it, at least, this time!! 👍🏼😇


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