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Study Uses Cell Phone Data to Track Lockdown Protesters


Lockdown protesters are gathering from far and wide and then retreating back far and wide, potentially carrying the coronavirus around the U.S. in dramatic fashion, according to a study that tracked protesters anonymously via cell phones.

Committee to Protect Medicare (CPM) conducted the research using “opt-in” cellphone apps and VoteMap used it to track movements at late April protests in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and Florida, The Guardian reported.

“The behavior we’re seeing at protests carries a high risk of infection,” Dr. Rob Davidson, CPM executive director told The Guardian. “We can see protesters are going from a highly concentrated event and then dispersing widely.”

Davidson has run for Congress as a Democrat and his medicare advocacy group includes 300 “doctors who are concerned that the healthcare for their patients has become unaffordable,” per the report.

Davidson’s social media posts have been critical of Trump, because of the president’s “distrust in public health,” adding “Donald Trump has fomented in his movement,” according to the Guardian.

Epidemiologists have warned large gatherings can spread COVID-19 widely, and a North Carolina protest leader from late April has tested positive for the virus, but has maintained she would attend future rallies, The Guardian reported.

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  1. Boaz May 19, 2020

    If you take peoples Freedom away they will react,. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, unless your life centers around Power! which will be challenged by those people who will not give up Freedom.

  2. T Beach May 19, 2020

    And i think we have all figured out that this PANDEMIC is just another Dumbocrat ploy to try and ruin the economy that Trump had running better than any time in the last 30 yrs. Im not saying its not a serious virus but the death tolls and all the gloom and doom that Fausi been spouting has been proven to be just another big lie. When the regular flu kills more people with a vaccine there is no reason other than they want to keep people oppressed untill the election so they can use mail in cheating to try get Trump out since none of their other lies have worked.

  3. marvin finkelstein May 19, 2020

    Social distancing leads to low street population .
    Police out number people in street; then police can do what they want .

    Social distancing is stopping the spread ; this is a medicine with far too many side effects .

  4. marvin finkelstein May 19, 2020

    Police abuse and unemployment are the tar dive dyskinesia of social distancing .
    Def : when one takes anti psychotics Thorazine , stelazine , haldol one of the Main side effects is a párkinson like disorder tar dive dyskinesia

  5. Eli May 19, 2020

    People should take precautions as we do with other viruses. I don’t like catching people’s colds or flu germs, so common sense, says protect yourselves. Many people at their jobs, do not have to interact with people, so why should they be required to shut down? Those who work with people, have found ways to protect themselves, and don’t need someone else telling them to stay home. Those who have health issues, should know they are at risk, and need to take responsibility for that. But the order to stay home, just to shut down America is a violation of American’s rights. Tracking people is an invasion of privacy, but my family, as Christians, have experienced this. We can hear the devices, clicks, interruptions, and sometimes voices, that threaten our family.We have to turn our phones off periodically, for the past several years after threats, so what can you do?? People in traffic tracking should be held accountable for the invasion in our lives. A family member told me, after spending 40 years in a Communist Nation, that they were spied on continuously. Her son was shot in their living room, for not joining the regime. We paid the consulate to get her out, but her other son had to stay. Fortunately, many of those Communist nations went down, so why are Americans taking bribes to turn America into a Communist nation?? Is it for power, that they will lose eventually?


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