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Maryland Deploys National Guard To Protect Covid Tests From Feds


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan told the Washington Post in a live interview on Thursday that thousands of COVID-19 tests obtained by the state from South Korea are protected in a secret location by the National Gaurd.

“The National Guard and the State Police are both guarding these tests at an undisclosed location,” Hogan said. 

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

“There had been reports of, for example in Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker told the story of his planeload …with masks was basically confiscated by the federal government,” he said, adding that, “it was a little bit of a concern” knowing the federal government would attempt to seize the tests. 

“We spent about 22 days and nights dealing with this whole transaction with Korea. We dealt with the Korean Embassy, folks at the State Department … and our scientists on both sides trying to, you know, figure out these tests,” Hogan said, noting that the purchase of the tests was also in coordination with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“And then at the last moment, I think 24 hours before, we got the sign-off from the FDA and Border and Customs, to try to make sure that we landed this plane safely,” he continued.

According to Hogan, the plane was instructed to land at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport rather than airports in Washington because it would be harder for the federal government to seize the tests:

“We landed it there with a large contingent of Maryland National Guard and Maryland State Police, because this was an enormously valuable payload. It was like Fort Knox to us, because it’s going to save the lives of thousands of our citizens,””he said.

Hogan said National Guard troops are currently protecting the tests at an undisclosed location. “These things are being distributed; they’re [National Guard] helping us distribute the tests,” he said. We showed in March how the National Guard was deployed across the Baltimore Metropolitan Area as cases and deaths continued to soar in the state.

Baltimore City COVID-19 Dashboard

Baltimore City COVID-19 Dashboard

It was noted in the interview that Maryland received upwards of 500,000 tests from South Korea. It was reported last month that China continues to flood the world with defective medical equipment. Washington state purchased thousands of tests from China, which some turned out to be “contaminated.”

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  1. ray mc dowell May 2, 2020

    If our dumb idiots in washingon dont bring trade back starting right away, they all needd to be replaced. These shortages are only a very little sample of what will happen when we get into the war, its comming. You have seen nothing yet.
    rebuild thi country now.

  2. THOMAS May 2, 2020

    We can pin the problems on the Damned Democrats for it is they that have tied up progress and refused to work for the USA !
    Democrats are living proof that piles of excrement can talk and walk around on two legs !

  3. David M May 2, 2020

    The South Koreans are perfectly capable of producing antibody test kits – as is China. Production problems can and do lead to microcontamination of test kits which invariably leads to false positive or negative results – as we have seen recently.
    Because some kits were contaminated does not indicate they were tampered with or deliberately sabotaged – I imagine even China will accept that accidents and mistakes happen – sadly this puts lives at risk in situations like this one. Our very lives depend on being able to trust test results – which is one reason why authentication and verification of Testing Kits must be totally stringent. ( Plus another reason to DISTRUST the bumblings from the WHO ! )
    I do hope that Gov. Hogan has somehow managed to buy the correct antibody test kits – there are many versions out there but only a very few are proven to actually work correctly. Dubious kits give dubious test results and are thus less than useless in practice.
    The morality of this situation I will leave to those more practiced in the art of Divinity – if the actions save lives – then GOOD – so be it declared ! If on the other hand they create uncertainty and delays then they are dangerous and a waste of time, money and effort – no matter what the “Law” says.
    Only time will tell – I pray you got it right Governor Hogan – for there will be all the time in the World ( which we do not have right now ) to investigate to destruction every action and inaction throughout this ( far from finished yet ) virulent process.
    God Blless America – right now she desperately needs that Divine Intervention.


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