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“I’m Terrified” – New York Turns Into “War Zone” As City’s 911 System Faces Overwhelming Onslaught


As New York deals with its worsening coronavirus outbreak in real time, “terrified” 911 operators find themselves having to make life-or-death decisions on a whim, on a daily basis.

“It’s all a war zone,” one paramedic said.

“I’m terrified. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to survive. I’m terrified of what I’ve already possibly brought home,” Phil Suarez, an Iraq war vet who is a paramedic, added.

In fact, some patients are being left behind in their homes as the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed with calls relating to the virus, according to the New York Times.

The 911 system that generally fields about 4,000 calls per day was swamped with over 7,000 calls last Thursday. It is a volume of calls that the city hasn’t seen since September 11, 2001.

The volume has put Emergency Medical Personnel in the position of having to determine which cases should receive time-consuming medical measures, like CPR and intubation, and which cases are “too far gone”.

And many of these workers are doing it without the proper protection. Meanwhile, New York remains on a trajectory to pass Wuhan in terms of the severity of its outbreak, assuming you take China’s numbers at face value.

One paramedic told the New York Times that a woman had “drank a liter of vodka” to try and commit suicide after her cancer treatments were delayed because hospital beds were being occupied by coronavirus patients. Another paramedic said that the battery on her defibrillator died from responding to so many cardiac arrests on one shift.

The paramedic said: 

“It does not matter where you are. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. This virus is treating everyone equally.”

Frank Dwyer, a Fire Department spokesman, commented:

“Our E.M.T.s and paramedics are on the front line during an unprecedented time in the department’s history. They’re doing it professionally, and they’re doing it because they care about their patients. They care about this city.”

The department has said that it is rationing protective gear to try and prevent shortages. 

“The department is carefully managing and monitoring usage of personal protective equipment and critical supplies to ensure we have what’s needed for this long-term operation,” Dwyer continued.

Responding to a call in Harlem/Photo source: NY Times

Paramedics said that weeks ago, coronavirus calls were mostly for respiratory distress or fever. Now many of these same patients are dealing with organ failure and cardiac arrest after being sent home from the hospital.

One Brooklyn paramedic said:

 “We’re getting them at the point where they’re starting to decompensate. The way that it wreaks havoc in the body is almost flying in the face of everything that we know.”

Another paramedic who had previously helped a 65 year old patient in Brooklyn was forced to tell them to stay home and call a doctor. A separate paramedic said that amidst a shortage of protective gear, they had been using the same N95 mask for days.

And people are doing their best to try and help. The same paramedic said that after leaving a building with her partner after tending to one of its tenants, “the building’s supervisor — noticing the pair’s worn equipment — met them downstairs and shoved new N95 masks and a can of Lysol into their arms.”

Many healthcare workers are scared they have already been infected and have brought the virus home to their families. On March 18, three members of the Fire Department tested positive for the virus. On Friday, that number had grown to 206 people.

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  1. Gerald Ladd March 30, 2020

    Let liberals run something, and they WILL fuck it up.

    1. Nina March 30, 2020

      U got that right!!

    2. Sally wants to ride March 30, 2020

      New york ducks. Let them wipe each other out. I really dont care. Maybe the stupid liberals will have a different idea about guns and self protection after a good round of thuggery

      1. Mary S. March 30, 2020

        Don’t worry, it’s coming to wipe you out, too, and your gun can’t kill COVID.

  2. Evelyn Eckhardt March 30, 2020

    Whether a Dem or Rep I cannot believe the disrespect this country is showing the Pres elected by the citizens of the USA. Do we not respect the office. This Pres works 7 days a wk. During the flu epidemic that killed thousands of people, Obama played golf. No one would dare to insult or criticize him. WHY? He was a lousy pres but I still respected his office. I watched Pres Trump all day yesterday before the so called media and rude questioning. He addressed this virus with haste. He closed the route to China amidst hysteria from the Dems and probably saved thousand from death or the virus. For the first time in my long life, I’m ashamed of my country. Pelosi who only cares about fame and fortune has gotten the job done. She insulted the Pres tearing up his SOTU speech and has been the instigator with her moronic pack-Schiff and Nadler-to impeach a man who has done everything for our country and alot less than Obama did politically and illegally. We are hastening towards socialism. God help us

    1. Stephen Showalter March 30, 2020

      We Americans are being deluded by the socialist Democrats, some of whom are worth millions. We need to stop their agenda as the more rights we give up, either voluntarily or by vote of a Democrat/Socialist Congress (not all members of Congress are Democrat/Socialist).ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! SEE 2 CHRONICLES 7:14

      1. Roy March 31, 2020

        Better yet, or as good I think. Regarding the demoncrat/socialist’s and the lying media these verses come to mind for me, John 8:44 covers all their lies as well as the lying LSM (lame stream media), and Ephesians 2:2 talks about satan being prince of the air, (prince of the power of the air)! They dominate the airwaves in which we get our news. These two verses fit them like a glove!!!

    2. Sanchez March 30, 2020

      So true! I am all for freedom of speech & choice, but have respect for a man that took this job to run our country as a business & not be persuaded by campaign contributions! Not even taking a salary! At his age with his wealth, he could have chosen to live an incredible life with his family instead of taking this burden of rying to mend our economy from the incredibly crooked & incompetent previous leadership!
      Our economy was stronger than it has ever been & that was from his leadership. This disrespect & witch hunt has to stop. So many should be ashamed of the time & money wasted on the bogus impeachment. If that party put more energy & time into what really matters, maybe they could produce a qualified candidate for the election. It is almost like a bad Saturday night live skit. Unbelievable to think there are people who would even think twice about not voting for President Trump again with seeing factual real changes in this country. I am grateful to him & Gid help us if we didn’t have him at the wheel right now for leadership through this crisis!

      1. Cristi March 30, 2020

        I see it as the press can’t help but to cover the President because of Covid 19 so the Democrats and media are being exposed for who they really are. Because the media constantly protects Democrats a lot of people don’t realize how deceptive they are but because the whole country is watching these press Briefings with the Corinavirus team the President is having every day they are being exposed.

    3. Jane March 30, 2020

      That is beautiful! Your eloquently put writing exemplifies the feeling that my family , friends and I feel. Thank you so much!

    4. Nina March 30, 2020

      You are so right!So many are disgusting and have no respect for anyone or anything,just full of hate and no manners what so ever.Its like they where raised in the gutter..Besides we all should like or dislike in respect of any President about his/her polices NOT him/her personally.Plus there families should be off limits.The media is evil personified!!!

    5. Michelle Geraci March 30, 2020

      Evelyn, You are right. But, I have hope in our country. More people know what an incredible and dedicated job President Donald Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, and all the people from the federal level all the way to our states and localities have done, keeping balance between federal power and sovereignty of states – than are blind with hate and rage and can only find fault. We are all working together, being innovative to keep our education and economy going as best as can be done. I am proud of America- there will always be the loud and disruptive minority of haters. When this is all over it will become more clear than ever to a majority of Americans who they are.

    6. Sally wants to ride March 30, 2020

      Be honest it’s the intolerant liberals/democrats that are being disrespect asshats.

    7. John V Gallagher March 30, 2020

      You are 100% right it’s about time people walk up to the reality of things Donald Trump is the president Barack Obama served his two terms and did a lot of damage to this country we are repairing that damage Donald Trump as president deserves the respect of a president even though we did not support Obama we still gave him that respect that’s the respect of office and Americans seem to have lost all sense of respect I don’t know what the colleges have been teaching the students but it damn sure was not American history it was not American pride it was not America know how everything they seem to have learned seems to of been anti-American it’s time we shut down those colleges or stop funding them and anybody with a brain cell now days needs to stop their children from attending those social networking colleges that promote disruption corruption globalization communist socialist outlook’s we used to prove all of those things wrong now our colleges have been turned against us it’s time we shut them down it’s time we take back our educational system from kindergarten on because the left has taken control of her school systems and they are been taking our children’s minds

    8. sam March 30, 2020

      Are we talking about the same NASTY PELOSI ???????? Nahhhhhhh,,,,,lololololololololol,yahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    9. Melody March 30, 2020

      I totally agree with you

  3. Boaz March 30, 2020

    What do people expect when they live in layers on top of one another in a couple square miles? and of course under liberal leadership who spend money on failed solar and light bulb factories and tax your ass off. Thats when you find the lack of needed equipment.

    Just look at the cities with the most problems. What are they? Liberal and in some cases Sanctuary cities

    1. Pam March 30, 2020

      You are so correct

    2. Cristi March 30, 2020

      I live in one of those States. If you noticed the people in those States are selfish. New Yorkers fleeing to Florida to infect Floridians, California my home state you have to walk over homeless people in LA and San Francisco in tent cities. The town I live in there were no cases yet a women instead of isolating in London travel’s on a plane knowing she might have the Corona virus and instead of calling her doctor goes to the emergency room at Kaiser the same day I was there for a doctor appointment. Thank God I was in the building across the street. That’s what I mean about selfish. She potentially infected a bunch of other people because she was in a hurry to get home thinking only of herself and not of the people she might infect.

  4. walter March 30, 2020

    the thinning of the herd.

  5. Sam March 30, 2020

    Dammed Democrats….fk them all

    1. timothy sullivan March 30, 2020

      right on

      1. tony wise March 30, 2020

        A double right on Sam. You nailed it totally

    2. Sally wants to ride March 30, 2020

      Exactly. I know there is a nice large amount of crazy thuggery and nee york spends years cleaning it up.

      They deserve it as they vote for these garbage liberals/democrats

  6. Hutch March 30, 2020

    New york city, you are getting exactly what you deserve. You voted for all these misguided politicians. You allowed the politicians to disarm you so you can’t defend yourself. You voted for the liberal judges that let criminals out of jail while persecuteing the overworked police.
    Don’t believe in guns or god? When you become a victim of crime. You will be praying for god to help you all the while you wish you had a firearm to defend yourself while it takes police two hours to respond.
    Have a good day.

    1. Sally wants to ride March 30, 2020

      Exactly. I know there is a nice large amount of crazy thuggery and nee york spends years cleaning it up.

      They deserve it as they vote for these garbage liberals/democrats

  7. Phil March 30, 2020

    Support your family ,country, and planet if you were the President of the USA what would you do fucking critics experts Nancy Palosi and let’s not forget the media creating a fear base reality for all humans the dark is strong but the light will triunph and change this fucked up political money reading planet ….God Bless America and the entire world human population and don’t forget all of God’s creatures…….:)(:

  8. Joe March 30, 2020

    NY Times is a Trump hating rag sheet I would not wipe my ass with let alone believe the Bullshit they print!! They’re trying to insight Panic so People will Riot and try to make the President look bad. The Morons don’t realize the Demoncrackheads run the State.

  9. Jan March 30, 2020

    It would be poetic justice if our illustrious governor – Andy Cuomo – got the corona virus himself. Then he’d have to isolate himself and finally shut the eff up.

    1. Pam March 30, 2020

      I don’t hear Cuomo saying that he would have any overflow of patients with Coronavirus from NYC be sent to Albany where he lives…there are several hospitals in his county!

  10. Connie Stayton March 30, 2020

    I’m so thankful for President Trump, he is an incredible man. He has worked so hard trying to improve the lifestyle of so many Americans. I’m so ashamed of how he has been disrespected and treated by so many people. God is behind him, praying for strength for strength for this administration. Wake up America. Read the Bible and remember how blessed all of us have been. These are difficult times, love you neighbor as yourself. Praise God

  11. Dr JH Theis March 30, 2020

    The current viral outbreak in New York City is the result of living cheek to jowl. Aerosol transmitted agents have the best reproductive success in such conditions. Too many “rats” in the cage. That is why people need to resist high density planning for future communities.

  12. Geen Marino March 30, 2020

    I just can not understand the hate the Left has for our President! What has he ever done besides beat their crooked nominee Hillary Clinton? I guess maybe draining the swamp has them up in arms because they know he will find out about their dirty deeds? But, for us, that is a good thing! He is doing exactly what he needs to do! A good leader has strong advisors, which he uses on a daily basis! He is not bought by anyone! Keep up the good work President Trump ! I am honored to have you as my President! Thank you for all that you do!!

    1. Juanita March 30, 2020

      Juanita. I agree PRESIDENT TRUMP. in this crisis you are doing good job and you definitely deserve another 4 years and more to get this country back on track

  13. Rob Webb March 30, 2020

    This country was founded by highly intelligent and courageous men. They limited the quality of voters b/c they knew just anyone would not understand how it works properly. We must stop allowing illiterates and new immigrants (less than 10 years), and those on welfare vote. We are diluting our voting base and destroying our Republic. Wake up America!

    1. Mike March 30, 2020

      That sounds like a communist plot to limit who has rights and who doesn’t have rights!
      If a political party wants voters, they should educate them!

  14. Mike March 30, 2020

    I can’t believe the ignorance of some people who comment on this site!
    This virus doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, white or black or brown, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative! It doesn’t discriminate, It’s going to kill everyone who gets infected and can’t get proper treatment!

    The only one who can truly protect us from this virus is God Almighty! There’s far to many people who have put all their trust in government and never thought about the higher source of healing and protection!
    My suggestion is quit blaming everyone and everything and run to God! Ask for forgiveness and mercy! Ask for His protection over you, your family, friends and our nation and world!

    1. Sanchez March 30, 2020


    2. Sally wants to ride March 30, 2020

      Screw it I hope New York erupts in crazy thuggery and wild violence. Then a whole bunch of them can meet god o mighty sooner!

      You should be happy for them.

  15. Kathleen Gosling March 30, 2020

    Well I have been appalled by all the bad behavior exhibited since President Trump was elected., we’ve had four years almost of temper tantrums from the Democrats and their followers. I never voted for OBAMA I knew he was a wrong choice and time unfortunately proved that right. But Trump is doing a great job has been from the beginning / now they the White House is facing the shortages that Obama created in his lackadaisical administration. We need to support Trump wholeheartedly. Ignore the liberal media. Turn them off . We my family , do not watch any TV from standard channels it’s so slanted . We watch Fox, or NewsMax, Christian Radio , and I don’t want to hear any noise about being a Christian, I prayed for OBama we supported his presidency nary a negative behavior by republicans or Christians concerning Obama. The liberals are being deceived they are deceivers, and liars. Especially those who sanction anarchy. Kate

    1. Democrats are criminals. March 30, 2020

      Kathleen Gosling I was appalled by all the crime, murder, bribery, aiding the enemy and fake political correctness when B. Hussein Obama was president.

      All logical debate shut down becuase it was immediately called racism.

      Black Panthers standing outside polling locations. Things trying to heat up police. Black lives matter started up even though the statistics prove more white people , per capita, are killed by pice then blacks maki n.v g the entire movement a lie.

      Yup the bad behavior during the Obama administration was unbievanle.

      We dont even need to talk about the disgusting behavior of the Clinton’s with their rapes, murders, Influence peddling. Heck the list goes on and on with those two criminals

      It’s like when liberals/Democrats are in office the government becomes one big criminal enterprise. I find it appalling.

  16. mickey March 30, 2020

    It’s all quite simple….New York City, along with Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans etc., are now reaping the whirlwind of their liberal policies such as sanctuary city status, extreme political
    correctness, electing people like AOC, Pelosi…REAP…NOTE…all of these cesspools are Democrat
    run safezone Havens…It’s no coincidence…

    1. John wants equity March 30, 2020

      Your are right. But Kathleen Gosling thinks it is appalling for us to say they are getting what they voted for becuase only democrats get to criticize government and voters and then only when there is a republican president. She doesnt find that appealing though.

      Remember when any criticism of obama was called racism. That clearly wasn’t appalling

  17. Loyd Shelton March 30, 2020

    The liberals (all Dems)are not of that mind set, are so busy bad mouthing the president who has a job you could not give me a job to take is trying. Pelosi so sad you don’t have this disease so you would fight to live instead of keeping on dividing our country

  18. Kay March 30, 2020

    I don’t wish evil on anyone but the liberal democrats are so eager to tear Trump down they have deliberately had their states citizens ignore his advice out of their hatred and infected thousands while causing the deaths of many. These same politicians don’t realize they are destroying their voting block either by the disease or the fact these citizens have some smart enough to catch on to what is happening.

  19. lisallesa March 31, 2020

    The democrats have by now strengthened their voter fraud systems. They now know that is the only way to win the next election. Everything else they have tried has failed.


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