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Hospital Ship Comfort Now Taking COVID-19 Patients


The USNS Comfort is now being used for COVID-19 patients.

President Donald Trump confirmed in his daily briefing that he’d called New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier Monday to let him know that the USNS Comfort can now be used for COVID-19 patients.

“We’re going to let him do it,” said Trump, adding that the ship will will be used for patients from both New York and New Jersey.

“Hopefully that will be very helpful for both states,” he said.

Cuomo had tweeted shortly before Trump’s news conference began that the ship would add 1,000 beds staffed by federal personnel.

“This will provide much-needed relief to our over stressed hospital systems,” he wrote.

New York City is an epicenter of the virus, and Cuomo and medical personnel have said the volume of patients threatens to overwhelm city capacity.

via newsmax

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