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Here’s What China’s Scientists Have To Say About The Origins Of COVID-19


Authored by Lawrence Sellin via WIONews.com,

During a March 15, 2020 interview, beginning at the 27:40 time point, Dr Ralph Baric, noted coronavirus scientist at the University of North Carolina, said the following when asked about the animal origin of the human COVID-19 pandemic:

“As far as I know they [the Chinese] have not identified the actual reservoir species. There were reports about pangolins [scaly anteaters] as being potentially being the intermediate host, but pangolins viruses are 88-90% identical to SARS-2 [COVID-19] in comparison civet and racoon dog strains of SARS coronavirus were 99.8 identical to SARS coronavirus from 2003. In other words, you are talking about a handful of mutations between civet strains, racoon dog strains and human strains in 2003. Pangolins have over 3,000 nucleotide changes – no way they are the reservoir species [for COVID-19], absolutely no chance.

Here is what Dr Baric was saying…

It was logical to conclude that the coronavirus from the human 2003 SARS outbreak could have originated in animals because the coronavirus circulating in the civet and racoon dog populations was 99.8 per cent the same as the coronavirus eventually found in humans. That would, therefore, require only a relative “handful” of naturally-occurring mutations to “jump” to humans.

In contrast, pangolin coronaviruses are only 88-90 per cent the same as COVID-19. The huge number of naturally-occurring mutations required for pangolins to act as a reservoir species and intermediate host for COVID-19 would make it practically impossible.

Despite that, an article published by scientists from Guangzhou, China on May 7, 2020 in the prestigious journal Nature directly contradicts the comments made by Dr Baric, concluding:

“The isolation of a coronavirus that is highly related to SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19] in pangolins suggests that they have the potential to act as the intermediate hosts for SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19].”

The Guangzhou scientists concede that the bat coronavirus RaTG13, which is actually BtCoV/4991, has  about a 96 per cent sequence identity to SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19] at the whole-genome level and it is reasonable to assume that bats are the native host of SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19].

Agreeing with Dr Baric, the authors admit that, although genetically similar, it is unlikely that coronaviruses usually found in pangolins are directly linked to the outbreak because of their overall substantial sequence differences from COVID-19.

The Guangzhou group states, however, that the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of a pangolin coronavirus is nearly identical to the same structure in COVID-19, having only a single amino acid difference.

The Chinese scientists claim that a pangolin coronavirus appears to have “donated” the RBD to COVID-19, presumably through some type of recombinant event occurring between a bat coronavirus and a pangolin coronavirus inside a pangolin host.

The close identity of COVID-19’s RBD to that of pangolins has been widely reported, but the recombinant scenario suggested by the Guangzhou research team is purely speculatively for which they provide no supporting data.

China’s own scientists may have inadvertently stumbled upon the truth. A far more likely explanation is that the pangolin RBD was inserted into a bat coronavirus by genetic engineering.

via zerohedge


  1. Steve May 13, 2020

    So, Covid is a bio weapon to be used against people, from an evil bio-weapons laboratory, undoubtedly with evil vested interests releasing it. To say it is a natural virus is pure lies.

    1. GIDAD May 13, 2020

      Steve – I believe you are 101% right.

    2. John May 13, 2020

      Timing means everything! No accident!

    3. Gary May 15, 2020

      Ok they made the claim that the host is a pangolin. Now let them prove their theory if they won’t, can’t or any other reason then we either have to prove our own theory or someone else( another country) either validates or disputes their findings and then action must be taken on that bio-lab and others.

  2. Mike May 13, 2020

    The laboratory should be shut down and dismantled. Communists can’t be trusted with the opportunity to hold the world hostage. We should wage war vs them if necessary to save our planet, but should treat them no different than Iran as they treat their people like Sh**t.

    1. Tim Vandevoorde May 13, 2020

      I agree with you 100 percent mike permanently a shutdown and dismantled communists can,t be trusted with the opportunity to hold the world hostage we should wage war vs them if necessary to save our planet
      And shouldn’t treat them no different they do treat people like shut

  3. Wes May 13, 2020

    When the lab workers were the first to come down with the virus, I knew the likelihood of it being a Biotech weapon was very high. When China was reluctant to release information in a timely manner and refused help from the United States and other nations only confirmed the Biotechnology conspiracy.

  4. Ricky D Thomas May 13, 2020

    Your right they need to shut down the Chinese labs. Then burn them to the ground. No one should be messing around with that kinda stuff.

  5. Gregory Lapointe May 13, 2020

    If the COVID-19 is a Chinese lab created bio-weapon that they intentionally launched upon the world, then historically speaking, the Chinese actions would be construed as a first/strike act of war upon the nations of the world.

    1. jug May 13, 2020

      And if as I have understood, they restricted their citizens from domestic travel, but encouraged international travel, that should be viewed as a “first strike “!

  6. Mike Butcher May 13, 2020

    Now everyone run to the big box stores and buy china. They need your money to make more weapons.

    1. Gary G converse May 14, 2020

      no they don’t , in obama’s rule fauci was given 3.7 billion dollars to give to china’s wohun lab ,and so you see the democraps needed it to try and beat Mr trump out of office, look at proof,at timing dem’s want this to last till after nov it’s all about power and control. vote red ,or start with hello comrade,

  7. James Russell Smith May 13, 2020

    The Communist Chinese intentionally made the disease to harm America…They have proven time and again they will do what ever is at their disposal to harm America …and Humanity…They are lowlife and the world will suffer greatly as disease and WAR are going to be the likely out come…Crazy is as Crazy does and these bastard are sick and extremely Stupid…They are starting A Pandemic and a stupid evil War….Nobody will win especially China…A society of Evil, Stupid AssHoles in their Gov’t

  8. James Russell Smith May 13, 2020

    Let the truth be told …Unfortunately we were warn of this day was coming over 2,000years ago in the scriptures…

  9. Roland May 13, 2020

    They may not have intentionally released it from the lab but they shure as hell used it in a attack against the rest of the world.

  10. Tim Vandevoorde May 13, 2020

    I agree with you 100 percent mike permanently a shutdown and dismantled communists can,t be trusted with the opportunity to hold the world hostage we should wage war vs them if necessary to save our planet
    And shouldn’t treat them no different they do treat people like shut

  11. KEITH Crews May 13, 2020

    Suspicions confirmed,I thought originally that there was not enough time for this virus to mutate in the wild that quickly!

  12. Tim Vandevoorde May 13, 2020

    Destroy the Chinese lab

  13. Marlene May 13, 2020

    So … the Chinese deliberately planned it!!
    Why… to use it to attack their aging population, which has been living longer. That’s why weak elderly are susceptible to COVD19!! A Communist trait , only allow up to age 45 to live (for military) as seniors are a strain on their economy! THD COMMUNUST BASTARDS !

  14. Tim Vandevoorde May 13, 2020

    I think the Chinese lab should be on permanent lockdown and permanently destroyed

  15. R. L. Cousins May 13, 2020

    Will china come out with cure and save the world ?

    1. Gary G converse May 14, 2020

      ask your democraps in office

  16. James 75th Regiment May 13, 2020

    Truman fired General MacArthur when he wanted to nuke these idiots in the Korean War. MacArthur knew and stated the Red Communist Party was a threat to mankind and the United States way of life. Now it’s to late, the nukes we have now could cause a nuclear fallout like the MK/ B-53 warhead. They should have listen to him, we wouldn’t be dealing with these zipperhead parasites…

  17. Paul Ecker May 13, 2020

    Based on how fast this spread, there was no way this virus was a naturally occurring strain, bio weapons are made to spread fast kill quickly and incapacitate whole populations. The natural checks were bypassed through bio engineering. The media sucked up to the CCP propaganda that this virus was not man made

  18. Helga May 13, 2020

    It appears there are many players involved but the lead character seems to be Dr. Shi Zhengli. She’s known as “Batwoman” for her “controversial experiments including the creation of a “chimeric” Corona virus that can infect humans”. She discussed this in videotaped presentations. A lot of the files at the Chinese labs apparently have been deleted.

  19. James May 13, 2020

    Get rid of that lab and any american that was involed with it should be SHOT we do not need them on this earth. That was no accident that is murder.

  20. Johnny May 13, 2020

    Let’s not forget Obama’s role in this virus back in 2015 giving that lab 3.7 million in grant money!!!

  21. BigJohn May 13, 2020

    Here you read the report their referring to in this article. Their talking in this article also about ANTEATERS getting the virus and changing it to a different kind of virus. Anteaters like ants but also if there is bird (BAT) droppings present that attracted the ants they’ll get whatever is in the droppings also. Like the virus. They leave out one link that is the Chinese Cobra which kills the anteater by it’s bite then gets caught and killed and sold as a food at their markets.Which is consumed by people and they get the virus and the spread is on!! I got my own theory as how it all started and that had to do with a method of controlling the Bat population that went all wrong, but I’ll keep it guarded!!
    Here’s the link

  22. Robert Anderson May 13, 2020

    This was a planned attack & those responsible should be hung! Look closely @ the Clinton’s & Obama’s involvement! Leftist Involvement is a given!

  23. carol iossa May 13, 2020

    leave it too the chinese caused this it definitely came from chona

  24. Desert Fox May 13, 2020

    I ALWAYS BELIEVED AND SUSPECTED THAT the Chinese virus was a deliberate conspiracy attack by China because of the tariff war that they lost. Time to bring every company located in the Far East back to the homeland. We are going to need the jobs to support our economy and this is one way to do it.

  25. Daniel May 14, 2020

    We need to bring everything that China makes for
    us back to the U.S.A. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING
    including all the medical supplies, electronics, and
    anything else they are making for us that I don’t
    know about, just completely do away with them.
    If they put up a threat to harm the U.S.A. then do
    a Hiroshima, Nagasaki to them…

  26. Jeff Coleman May 15, 2020

    There are scientific proof that this COVID-19 has not been tampered with. There is also an article that states that the Coronavirus that we have in our country looks more like the one in Europe. There are 14 strains to this disease and the strain that we have here does not come from China. No matter what you think of how the Chinese treat their people, we have no right to treat them badly especially when they did not spread this throughout the world. They were the first ones to alert the CDC that there was a pandemic and Trump was briefed on it in December. He didn’t tell us, the American people, or how contagious it was, until the stock market tanked. We recently found out that someone in California died in October of the corona Virus and they didn’t travel anywhere. How about that? The pandemic and diseases between humans and animals happen whenever we encroach upon animal territory. They have the immunity to kill it but we don’t. So let’s quit being hateful towards China because they didn’t do anything wrong towards us in the USA. We should be thankful to them for sharing their research with us. Just because Trump bungled up the Pandemic, we need to lay this at his feet and make him pay for the misinformation he fed us and by telling us it was nothing but the flu. I am disappointed by his lack of leadership and him pushing us all to go back to work when we haven’t seen a curve yet from this disease. He is guilty of willful negligence and crimes against humanity. His tax cuts favor the rich and they are the ones pushing Trump to reopen the economy. They can go ahead and open up stuff but I ain’t going nowhere until I know it’s safe to do so.


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