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Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day: It’s Damn Ugly


Navy Ship to Offload Patients Only Has 3 So Far

Inexcusable Ignorance in Georgia

About that Fed Stockpile

It’s for us dammit, not for states, says senior White House advisor.

California Cases Top 1,000 Three Days

NYC Overwhelmed

Coronavirus Lingers in the Air

4-6 Weeks of Hell

National Strategy Suboptimal

Should we wait until we are out of ventilators and people die? Would that be enough data?

Lack of Ventilators Kills First Person

Rationing supplies hits the US.

In case you Need a Laugh

Navy Fires Captain of Aircraft Carrier

Speak up, be honest, try to protect the sailors …. Get Fired

Dr. Fauci on Face Masks

Dr. Birx on People Following the Recommendations

We know they are not simply by watching the curve.

Dr. Fauci calls for National Lockdown

“If you look at what’s going on…I just don’t understand why we’re not doing that. We really should be.”

About that Data. Where is it?

Dr. Deborah Birx said WH coronavirus task force is missing 50% of the data for coronavirus tests that have been conducted.

Damn Ugly Set of Tweets

That’s enough, and It’s damn ugly.

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  1. Gerald Ladd April 3, 2020

    Funny. There were never any updates daily on the Obama/swine flu epidemic. Hell, the MSN never even reported on it.

  2. T Neach April 3, 2020

    Thats what ive been saying all along. That killed way more people and the response was almost completely nonexistant but never heard anything. Wasnt anybody screaming we gotta shut everything down. Hell Obummer even went to the NCAA basketball tourney. Its all the Dumbocraps enciting panic to try make Trump look bad. Seems damn funny as soon as their impeachment failed here comes this virus. Its bad but not near as bad as the H1N1 was but according to the Dumbocraps its yhe worst thing ever. Notice its all Dumbocrap states that arr being hit hatdest. They stuck all the money in their account instead of using it for medical supplyd.

  3. M April 3, 2020

    National lockdown? How do we get food?

  4. P April 3, 2020

    “Political Correctness” is the real virus that will kill all of us.

    1. CC Ryder April 3, 2020

      Bingo !!! You hit the bullseye with that one.

  5. MB April 3, 2020

    Dr.Birx should also along with mr. Fauci(Hillary admirer)…they really need to look into the own Companies like 3M, Scott, etc on the abuses of NOT PROVIDING our needs because of the Almighty Dollar!
    Why do you think the people DO NOT want to listen? Their actions just proven a double speak
    You are either for the USA, the Americans or not
    You cannot sit on a fence and NOT expect to be slugged!
    You can either be hot or cold but LUKEWARM gets spit out!
    Pick, choose and go forward
    Bad choices make the tasting bitter pill to swallow

    1. Frutsun April 6, 2020

      You are a moron.

  6. Danny Cutshaw April 3, 2020

    Having taken several descriptive and Inferential Statistics classes, I think it’s important to utilize the appropriate sample size for the type/classification/morphed data selected: e.g., nominal, interval and so forth. It is also important for the “decision-makers” to declare the type of sampling: random, cluster, etc. lastly it’s important to state the for of testing to reject the null hypothesis(es): Chi Square for nominal, t-test, z-test, scatter plot, etc. Merely displaying a linear graph with comparative lines becomes confusing (with color and line variants). Perhaps separate histograms would be more understandable to the audience of consideration?

    I realize that knowledge is one of the power bases, as is expert power. However, power of position (derived by presidential appointment (v. credentials, marketed/perceived reputation and volunteerism) would seem to make it necessary to present findings of fact, as well as projections/extrapolations, in a proven, best-practice manner. Focus groups can easily/readily decide this, in a rapid manner.

    Then, behavior modification specific to data presentation, projection/extrapolation would be meaningful to listeners v. histrionic regurgitation, “expert” separatism–likely viewed as probably erroneous, misunderstood and/or conflicting with other “experts” who are non-official individuals getting television ir time.

    It has long been known that attitudes/beliefs are the most difficult to change, Furthermore, negative attention is better than no attention at all. Viewing several “news” organizations, “journalists/reporters.,”social media, etc. exemplifies the clamoring for negative attention, sensationalism resulting from agenda-driven partisanship.

    At the very least: please utilize the best data units possible (even though a double-blind study may not happen anytime soon, given the alpha level 0.01 nature of this healthcare COVID-199 pandemic; the appropriate statistical technique, decide on descriptive, inferential (or, both) statical type(s); be ever-cognizant that the USA is the best, deserves the best–and, should not be embarrassed by the Presidentially-appointed team members. In my humble estimation: team member may be in conflict behind-the-scenes, but a/the united speaker(s) should be reflective of the entire “team” concept. Everyone cannot be a “star.

    Kindest Regards,

    Danny R. Cutshaw, RN, BSN, MSHA

  7. Boaz April 3, 2020

    Attention Alexander Higgins. Dr. Fauci is right you are wrong. droplets only fly 27 feet because dumb Fk liberals never cover their mouths when they caugh .

  8. Boaz April 3, 2020

    The temperature out here” is really rising . Picking up on who is honoring the rules isn’t reflected by the actions of elitist and liberals. They care NOT about beating the Virus, they are focused on using everything they can trow at Trump and us!!

    Pushing billion dollar referendums in states that are strictly Green Deal, Don’t fall for it!
    Pelosi and Schiff starting yet another impeachment investigation and on and on.

    People are really fed up with the liberals and they have no candidate so we are paying.

    Don’t be surprised of death coming soon as they are desperate.

    Be prepared1

  9. TomS April 3, 2020

    If states are now calling for completely lock down, how the hell are people supposed to live. Georgia Governor says people will be locked up for non compliance. Great! Lock people up in a jail where close proximity is the norm. There’s are real solution for you. What the hell will that solve!? Restrict people’s movements long enough and your going to see violence raise its ugly head.


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