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Uh Oh, Senate Republicans Vote To Issue First Subpoena in Biden-Burisma Probe


An effort one Republican senator said it was essential to “get to the truth about the Bidens’ relationship with Burisma” moved forward Wednesday as the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee issued the first subpoena in its investigation.

The committee is investigating the relationship between Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, and Hunter Biden, the son of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to The Hill.

In 2016, while the elder Biden was still vice president, he intervened to instruct the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who had at one time begun an investigation of Burisma, the company on whose board his son had served.

Republicans have said the intervention was designed to protect Hunter Biden and are investigating whether there was widespread corruption related to Ukraine during the Obama administration. Democrats have argued that the prosecutor Biden helped to get fired was himself corrupt and that Biden was acting in consort with American allies when he pressured Ukraine to remove him.

Wednesday’s subpoena was aimed at Blue Star Strategies, which has links to Burisma. The subpoena seeks records from Blue Star from Jan. 1, 2013, to the present “related to work for or on behalf of Burisma Holdings or individuals associated with Burisma.”

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida said he supported the investigation because “we needed to get to the truth about the Bidens’ relationship with Burisma.”

“These hearings will provide the Senate with the full picture,” Scott said.

Democrats claim the committee is playing politics.

“This is not a serious bipartisan investigation in the tradition of this committee, and I do not believe we should be going down this road,” Democratic Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan said, adding that the “extremely partisan investigation is pulling us apart.”

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California also slammed Republicans, who were able to push the subpoena forward by prevailing on a party-line vote.

“There are literally matters of life and death waiting for our committee’s attention, but instead this committee is doing the president’s personal bidding,” she said, according to Fox News.

“Members of this committee, I urge you to vote against this political sideshow so that we can focus our attention on the pandemic that is threatening the lives and livelihood of the American people,” Harris continued.

Committee chair Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, said the Democrats’ objections make him even more curious.

Appearing on the Fox News show “Outnumbered Overtime” on Wednesday, Johnson said that Democratic objections have left him “somewhat suspicious.”

“I think they protest a little bit too much,” said Johnson. “Apparently we’re hitting a nerve here.”

“Maybe we’re getting close to finding out some important information,” he said.

Johnson said the subpoena was “actually requested on a bipartisan basis.”

“Then when it comes down to subpoenaing Blue Star, all of a sudden they object and they kind of throw a little bit of a hissy fit there,” he said. “But, trust me … I didn’t want to make this a big deal. I just want to get the information, I just want to get those records.”

“We’ll get those records now and we’ll see if we find something.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

via thefederalistpapers


  1. BluelineVet411 May 21, 2020

    Of course you’re hitting a nerve, they’re dirty and corrupt and it’s finally being publicly exposed and they don’t like it. Not to mention, it’s distracting from their constant, never-ending charades they call “investigations” into President Trump. Squirm. I’m enjoying it. Hopefully they are all history come November…

    1. BRENDA May 21, 2020

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    2. Todd May 21, 2020

      The dummies dont even need an investigation however how many other bodies will they find? Biden SR is on tape threatening to pull the tax payers money. If they had that tape on trump he would have been successfully impeached. It’s time for conservatives to fight as dirty as the American hating commies. They are vial, baby killing, open boarders, ballot harvesting, disrespectful, sanctuary cities, benifits for illegals, communism above Americans, scum sucking peices of shit. One can only hope that TDS is terminal at some point

    3. Bo May 21, 2020

      Diversions diversions Donny its not going to work your incompetence is known by nearly everyone except the idiots on this website

    4. Brenda May 21, 2020

      Yesterday I read that Ukraine is reviewing Shokin’s request that Biden broke Ukraine law. This is looking more and more Sleepy Joe committed a Quid Pro Quo. No matter how much house Democrats claimed they reviewed and nothing was there.

      1. Bo May 21, 2020

        Shokin was corrupt and the US state department and the Ukrainian government wanted him gone Biden was doing exactly what he was supposed to do

  2. Ray May 21, 2020

    ROFL, this is nothing but political show! They didn’t even need a subpoena since Blue Star Strategies had already told them they were going to cooperate. They issued the subpoena just to get Trump’s base riled up again…. and I am sure most of the people that follow this site will eat it up!

    1. Gerald Ladd May 21, 2020

      Ray speaking of eating things, you swallowed every lie Obama told for 8 years. I’d say that makes you pretty gullible.

      1. Bo May 21, 2020

        And you gobbled up every one of trump’s 18500 lies and still can’t see his extreme incompetence

    2. jp May 21, 2020

      Subpoena makes sure of ALL the records being release and hopefully curtails the lies and deceit. Wake up Ray, the Dems would hang their own mothers if the figured they had someone else to blame it on.

      1. Bo May 21, 2020

        Well why did trump refuse to honor all subpoenas and refuse to honor all subpoenas for documents. Do you think he thought he mite go to prison

    3. Santino May 21, 2020

      Sorry buddy however you like your party of I hate America but love illegals from shit hole countries have finally been exposed, your party is not only the most corrupt in the history of America but the dumbest as well. They could care less about America only filling their pockets with dirty money, scandals and lies, you better get your TDS meds upped to a higher dose!!

      1. Bruce garrett May 21, 2020

        Get a life, dude.

        No one cares about your little rants.

      2. Bo May 21, 2020

        Where the hell do you get your absolutely stupid fake information. Oh i know trump

    4. Political Observer May 21, 2020

      Ray, Blue Star gave them their records. Really? Then why did it take till last week for the Senate to even be able to talk to Blue Star’s attorneys? Why is Blue Star refusing to release the requested records after FIVE months of requests from the Senate. Blue Star only released what they wanted to and not what had been requested. Please, before you post, do SOME research. We in PRESIDENT Trump’s base do research to discern facts from opinions.

      1. Bo May 21, 2020

        We haven’t received any of trump’s testimony or records or documents in 3 1/2 year’s. At least we’re seeing something from Biden

    5. DONNA May 21, 2020


    6. M J May 21, 2020

      After watching Democrats waste 40 million dollars on the Mueller Russian Investigation based on the phony Clinton dossier. The one sided sham of an impeachment with only one fact witness that talked directly to the president and he said, ” I want nothing” and the 24/7 attacks on our president we have had it with the hypocrisy! Unfortunately, for all the dirt is about to hit the fan. Documents are being declassified showing a level of corruption that should never have happened! We are all entitled to “Equal justice under the law”. For way too long it has been if you are a Democrat you are not accountable for any crime and if you are a Republican we will make up a crime if there isn’t one..

      1. Bo May 21, 2020

        10 counts of obstruction of justice against trump is not a waste of money

    7. William G Fleming May 21, 2020

      TICK-TOCK, Dems. Finally, those that really love our country and our way of life are fighting back. It’s about time. After decades of Clintons, Obamas, and RINO Bushes the silent majority are stepping up to be counted. We can only hope that this is just the first step to hold everyone in those administrations accountable for their TREASONOUS activities. Starting with the entirely corrupt Obama regime. TICK-TOCK…TICK-TOCK…

  3. Gene May 21, 2020

    Any Democrat who complains about this subpoena is a fool. The public knows full well that the Democrats in the House spent tens of millions and years investigating Trump Russiagate when they knew from testimony under subpoena of over fifty witnesses and review of millions of pages of subpoenaed records that there was no Russan collusion. In contrast, we are talking about one subpoena of the records of a company that was involved in the acknowledged payment of millions to the Bidens. Legitimate questions include how much, to whom and for what!

  4. Danena Hays May 21, 2020

    It’s about time. ! You sure did it to Trump for 3 years, and still trying to. You don’t care about America you just didn’t want to get caught. They need to get Obama too! All of a,sudden you are worried about America , but you want to,give money to illegals and states that can’t manage their money. Yeah right! Those illegals came over and killed too many families.

  5. Walter May 21, 2020

    I finally see some future justice and let them sweat out these moments because Bidens are the most cricket people in our politics and the son is rumered to be a drug addict and dealer and we never needed this from jump street!!!!!

  6. Santion May 21, 2020

    Again they have no issues putting Brett Kav through the ringer, General Flynn and all the Trump lies they put our country through but don’t you dare investigate the investigators because per Susan the skank Rice they played by the book of ODUMDUM and Homey Comey. Its only a scandal when the Republicans investigate wow again if people elect these fools again then they deserve everything they get!!!!!

    1. Laura Wagner May 21, 2020

      Yes, but the rest of us don’t!!!! The investigation into the Obama/Biden corruption of our investigators (FBI) and Justice (DOJ) systems needs to be completed with all of the perpetrators put on trial and if found guilty of their crimes, incarcerated for the remainder of their lives.

  7. jp May 21, 2020

    Harris and company need to look back over the last 3 yrs at their record of what they failed to accomplish. Glass houses and all that!!!

  8. priscilla May 21, 2020

    it’s time to get to the thruth about the bidens and the former presdent.if there so afraid there must be something crooked there. it’s time to sjow what the democrats will do to get whwt they want even lie.

  9. Faye May 21, 2020

    My parents said all of congress was crooked. They were Dems. I never voted Republican til Trump! As a country, we must unite, respect each other, our elders, our President, our flag, the rule of law as set by our Founding Fathers and let God lead us.

  10. Ray Cathode May 21, 2020

    So, after three years of going after Trump with a case entirely fabricated by Obama’s boys, the Dems have an issue with the investigation of Biden – who BRAGGED about getting the prosecutor of his son fired? Man,. it just boggles the mind – Biden just can’t be guilty of corruption cuz, cuz, cuz… he has the rights feels – he’s a Democrat (and he never touched that woman, either) even though he has a recorded history on camera of unwanted touching of women and kids. But, in fairness, inappropriate touching is one thing and sexual assault is quite another – unlike the Dems, I need to see that case proven.

  11. Jake May 21, 2020

    It would be nice to find out the “REAL” truth. But will the American people be privy of it to?

    1. Bo May 22, 2020

      We will never find out the real truth about trump he has hired boot lickers and ass kissers like Barr to cover his crooked and corrupt sss

  12. Gene May 21, 2020

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Democrats cry foul about being political! What a joke! I guess the Obama administration setup to destroy Trump with lies was not political! Democrats. Payback is hell! Time to stop Democrats from destroying our Constitution and stop their attempt at socialism to control all Americans! Finally, the Republicans have grown a backbone because of Trump’s patriotism and desire to save our Democracy!

  13. D.B. May 21, 2020

    And lo and behold Oregon is having some problems already with mail in ballots being changed from trump voters to democrat or non affiliated, and they dare to question why the our president has a problem with voter fraud. They held out help to Americans until they got a bill passed full of all their stuffed pork and everyone with a brain knows it. They get what they want passed or Americans suffer in wait and our children and their children will have to pay for it.. They send the virus infected people into rest homes etc.in several states which imposed a death sentence for many. They thought we would just forget about Fast and Furious, Burisma, , Benghazi, millions on sham impeachment, Chris Cuomo host sham shut in hypocrite as well as all the other hypocrits at their vacation homes while others ordered stay put. Do as I say not as I do. I could go on but I think anyone who has the capacity to think for themselves is privy to all of this and more.

  14. DrBillLemoine May 21, 2020

    Just like Benghazi. To smear apparent president Joe Biden, Trump’s mild-mannered opponent, congressional Republicans are willing to spend millions and hours investigating what’s already been dismissed as irrelevant. It won’t work any better with Biden than Trey Gowdy did with Hillary. But to muddy the waters, stir the pot, keep dirt flying during campaign season, they will spare no money or effort investigating. Conservatives should be leery of the taxpayer money being spent on a real witch hunt. They should be ashamed that the old transparent playbook is being dusted off again. Put this to bed now and focus on saving citizens’ lives in pandemic times. Trump can’t be reelected with tanked economy meaning 33 million jobless (officially, never mind the blackmarket/underground economy going unmeasured), stock market losses (applicable mostly to the rich investor class), and scandals from before Trump’s election. They must think we are deaf, dumb and blind to pull this nonsense–again. Hurry November. Time to dump these folks from office and stop their expensive shenanigans.

  15. Jane May 21, 2020

    Wow! Hopefully what goes around comes around for the hypocritical liberals. From the minute President Trump was elected they were already on a mission to impeach, and it’s been non-stop bs ever since. So, go on and whine about how an investigation into Biden, Obama and the rest of the corrupt elites is a political stunt. I pray that the deep rooted corruption by the left will finally be exposed for all to see, it’s long overdue. Just wait until it is revealed that this virus was intentionally spread to tank the economy & blame Trump. Just a coincidence? I wouldn’t put evil like this past the liberals because they know they could never win an election fairly.

  16. Sam May 21, 2020

    Bo, it’s a delight to see somebody on this site who has actually got a brain and a conscience! I have been appalled beyond belief to find that people I have known and liked for years are such absolute idiots, drinking koolaid faster than the People’s Temple.

    It’s also no big surprise to find that the Orange Moron and his henchmen will now go about trying to punish everybody who was involved in the impeachment trial, even though Moscow Mitch made sure it was a total travesty. I can hardly wait to see them try to go after Romney. I am a registered Democrat, but I would vote for Romney under the right circumstances–he is a moral person who knows right from wrong.

    Hang in there, Bo, and God bless you!

  17. Dave May 23, 2020

    Finally there may be justice in America. Everything the Democrats have said Trump did wrong is what they actually did wrong and they’re afraid of being caught and now that they are getting caught they are trying to say oh it’s not a big deal. Obama and Biden and Clinton conspired against the American people and then blamed it on Trump and spent three years with people who hated Trump looking for something that Trump did wrong. Well if those haters found anything we know they would’ve said it gladly but they found nothing. And that impeachment joke there is no such thing as obstruction of justiceBecause the Congress has no power over the president just as the president has no power over the Congress but Adam shift got CNN to lie for him and fed propaganda of lies to the American people in dumb foolish Democrats took it all In. Now that they’re being cut through all acting like crybabies and name-calling but they have no facts at all to go on to explain why they spied on American people and especially spayed on their political rival meaning Trump. I love Trump he’s the first man to stand up against the establishment of Democrats and communists and Muslims in America.

  18. Dave May 23, 2020

    It’s too bad people like Sam and bro think with their ass instead of their brains. Oh wait isn’t that the Democrat emblem an ass


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