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Wuhan Reports No New Cases of Coronavirus


China’s health ministry says the virus epicenter of Wuhan and its surrounding Hubei province have reported no new cases.

The ministry said Thursday that results over the past 24 hours showed 34 new cases, all detected in people arriving from abroad.

Eight new deaths were reported, all in Wuhan.

Wuhan at the peak reported thousands of new cases of coronavirus infection daily, overwhelming its healthcare system.

Of those new cases of infection, 21 were in Beijing, nine in the southern manufacturing powerhouse of Guangdong, two in Shanghai and one each in coastal Zhejiang and Heilongjing in the far northeast.

China has only just begun loosening draconian travel restrictions within the country, but has stepped-up 14-day quarantine regulations on those arriving in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere from overseas, amid expectations of a new influx of students and others returning home.

China has now recorded a total of 80,928 confirmed virus cases with 3,245 deaths. Another 70,420 people have been released from hospital and 7,263 remain in treatment.

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  1. JoeyP March 19, 2020

    Is this the TRUTH this time or ANOTHER CHICOM Lie? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Lauren Wallace March 20, 2020

      China is full of liars and scumbags. This was done deliberately! My gut feeling tells me, that North Korea and China is involved. They cant beat us with their Military, so they used biologically means like this virus. I can bet you! They have a been an evil force ever since time began. Go check out their history!

  2. John Adeimy March 19, 2020

    This is a total fabrication, all lies. So we are to believe that Covid-19 has gone dormant and no longer infects people?

    1. David M March 20, 2020

      It is scientific fact not media fiction ! An epidemic / pandemic of virus origin will very typically run through several phases, from accellerating , stagnation then decelleration and halt. In other words they run a course which is fairly predictable. The end game is a population which has been perhaps even decimated, develops a “herd immunity” and eventually the virus has to either mutuate or it simply dies out.
      We will have to wait and see what actually develops in the case of COVID-10 / wuhan virus. We should perhaps pray that it was not laboratory designed to be also highly mutant – for that will certainly sound the bells of human extinction unless intervention is effective !
      Now is not a good time to lose your Faith.
      God bless all the suffering in this world.

  3. Eric March 19, 2020

    No, more cases to report from Wuhan? Oh, please, don’t insult our intelligence! At this point the Chinese will say almost anything, and everything to “SQUASH” the real truths about what’s really going on! Not, at all buying this fabrication!

  4. JOEM March 19, 2020

    Don’t believe any news coming out from China fake and censored!!!! Since when did CCP tell the TRUTH about COVID-19????

  5. MB March 19, 2020

    Do not believe any that comes out of China…now the Ethiopian population are now infected with an up grade of the COVID-19 where bleeding from the openings are occurring
    The Chinese build a oil refineries in Ethiopia, now the people there are dropping …is it the mix of the COVID-19 with the Ebola?
    Is this the Chinese biological warfare to take over properties and business by causing disasters?
    Remember the oldies Star Trek when Captain Kirk opened the Holy Book to read out loud to the left behind generations of survivors…of the Chinese warfare that left them with articles…” We the People…”… was one of them…TV programs then were displaying the future…well here it comes….NOW there is something we need to listen to?

  6. Jean Pierre TAN March 19, 2020

    Communist china spend more 10 billion dollars in the American media to brainwash the American people. China say it’s more cheaper than make a war with USA

  7. Estell March 19, 2020

    China has lied about it all along so why should we believe them now?

  8. Oskar D March 20, 2020

    This is complete science fiction
    We will never hear the truth
    Every death in Chins is addition by subtraction


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