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WaPo Claims Elites Should Run Elections; Quietly Edits Article After Public Outrage Ensues


The Washington Post is taking heat over a Tuesday op-ed authored by Marquette University political science professor Julia Azari, titled “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.”

Azari argues that the Democratic party’s primary process is overly-complicated and convoluted, and the process of choosing the nominee should instead be placed in the hands of politicians instead.

After outrage ensued, the Post changed the headline to the far less inflammatory “It’s time to switch to preference primaries.”

The article reads: 

The current process is clearly flawed, but what would be better? … A better primary system would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters.

One lesson from the 2020 and 2016 election cycles is that a lot of candidates, many of whom are highly qualified and attract substantial followings, will inevitably enter the race. The system as it works now — with a long informal primary, lots of attention to early contests and sequential primary season that unfolds over several months — is great at testing candidates to see whether they have the skills to run for president. What it’s not great at is choosing among the many candidates who clear that bar, or bringing their different ideological factions together, or reconciling competing priorities. A process in which intermediate representatives — elected delegates who understand the priorities of their constituents — can bargain without being bound to specific candidates might actually produce nominees that better reflect what voters want.

Instead of primaries in which caucuses are held to pick primary delegates, Azari suggests that the parties should use “preference primaries” which would “allow voters to rank their choices among candidates, as well as to register opinions about their issue priorities.”

This would allow the ‘elites’ to choose a nominee based on what the voters want – a strategy Azari admitted is “labor-intensive and a little risky,” according to Breitbart.

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  1. JoeyP February 20, 2020

    WaPo just needs to shut it’s ugly PIE HOLE, as this is election BY the People! . . . The ELITES were running IOWA, and look where THAT got them. The ELITES (?) don’t know what they’re doing, and these elections PROVE it. WHY do they think they got the RESULTS that they HAVE? In their ARROGANCE, they “Reaped What they Sowed – pure and simple. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. M Allen February 20, 2020

    Just another group of people who want to control We the People with socialistic/communistic ideology. It will never work in our Nation; we know that capitalism works. We are free to succeed or fail.

  3. HENRY BROOKE February 20, 2020

    Our founding fathers were far smarter than the Elites,or any suggestions this num skull,Azari,writing for the WOPO has.Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution the United States of America to protect the people,not some monarchy elites.Should make this num skull go live with his allies in the Middle East.And,stop dictating to free Americans.

  4. Ron February 20, 2020

    The elites HAVE been running elections for decades! Except for 2016! Which is why they have been trying so hard to overturn that election! Why they so hate Trump!

    1. Rick February 20, 2020

      I agree whole heartedly , Ron

  5. Rick February 20, 2020

    The Elites should choose your candidate/ President?…. that is Saying YOU (we ) have Not the Intelligence to tell which candidate you like, and in part is the reason Trump was chosen , we were all tired of business as Usual, and the failure to represent by our politicians…. whom chose to represent themselves and spend Your ( our ) money frivolously…. violate Our constitutional rights,… and impose their will us Us…. while giving away our country to those who would TAKE IT

  6. CA February 20, 2020

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” —-Joseph Stalin

  7. Boaz February 20, 2020

    Quoting Julia Azari from Marquette is the first mistake unless you don’t know it is a Liberal hell hole.

  8. lzib February 21, 2020

    Hey since the Dems are always yelling about every vote counting, that Hillary won the popular vote and therefore the presidency, blah blah blah…why not stick to their principles and let EVERY DEM VOTE FOR THE NOMINEE OF THEIR CHOOSING!
    How about letting all those dirty little plebeians have their fair share and vote for their choice?
    Seems the Dems are as usual full of BS!

    The Elites of the Party do not give a damn about the little people you are simply there to give funds to campaigns, pay taxes for them to skim off of and control your lives, oh and to have fake investigations and phony oversight…they could not give a fig about your opinions choices or needs for that matter. But seems Most Dems are content to be led around by the – nose- and will do as they are instructed by the overlords of the DNC!

    Nancy has obedience training for all flying monkeys the third Saturday of each month for those elitists in need. 😀


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