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US Navy Sailors Trigger Leftists With Pro Trump Patches


Photos of US Sailors wearing patches on their uniform in support of President Trump have triggered outrage among keyboard warrior leftists.

The images of Navy personnel aboard the USS Wasp wearing uniforms adorned with a likeness of Trump were shared on Twitter along with derisive comments from haters.

The wording on the patches, ‘Make Aircrew Great Again’ is a clear reference to Trump’s Presidential campaign slogan.

The images originated in reports on Trump’s recent trip to Japan, where he made a stop at a US base in Yokosuka.


Leftists quickly started to share the images and express outrage, comparing them to fascist/Nazi symbolism.

This same leftist called for the Sailors to be reprimanded, attempting to alert their superiors, and falsely charging that they are in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Other frothing leftists were shocked to discover that the patches have been worn for at least two years.


Another leftist professor mused that the military has been brainwashed into supporting Trump’s ‘personality cult’, and may no longer be loyal to the constitution.


According to the Associated Press, the Navy is looking into whether the airmen may have breached dress code protocol.

“In a brief statement Tuesday, the Navy said only that the matter was under review by Navy leadership to ensure that the wearing of the patches did not violate policy or regulations,” reported the AP Tuesday.

Previous charges of violating the Uniform Code were quashed by the Air Force last year when troops in Iraq wore MAGA hats for Trump’s Christmas visit.

“There is no rule against Airmen bringing personal items to be signed by the president,” U.S. Air Forces Europe said in a statement at the time.


To these Trump-haters it is horrifying that US troops would express support for their country, and their president and commander in chief. Of course, when Obama was president, and engaging in more destructive military action, the troops expressing support for him was entirely acceptable.


via infowars


  1. Bart Williams June 1, 2019

    fuck obama bin laden , that sorry ass nigger never did a fucking thing for this country that was positive , but on the other hand he dam sure did try to bring this country to its knees with all the spending and apologizing to other countries for america helping them out . fuck the rats

    1. Zelda June 1, 2019

      Although I don’t use those kind of words I absolutely believe you
      are correct in what you are saying his goal was to destroy this country and anyone with any sense at all should be able to see that although there are a lot of people brainwashed and that’s sad!

    2. william June 1, 2019

      Bart,,,, I use those words and totally agree!

    3. Lloyd Clark June 1, 2019

      Well, I can agree with everything except the N-word part. We really don’t need to hear or see that any more in America. Obama did his worst but didn’t quite get the job done. Then along came Trump and saved the day…and American. Obama will forever be known as the Rat-Bastard that tried to destroy America, and Trump will forever be known as the Patriot that saved America.

    4. Jasmine0409 June 2, 2019

      The people that think Obama supported our troops are the blacks who stick to skin color…Obama hates America…thank God he did not finish the job he was doing, otherwise we would be a Third World communist country. People who think Obama was great are stupid and uninformed….

  2. Lorene June 1, 2019

    All I can say is GO NAVY. That kind of language is never called for. It does not show anything positive. The sentiment can be expressed in a much more forceful way with good language. The sentiment is right on target.


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