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Trump Cleans House At NSC: Vindmans Were Tip Of Iceberg As 70 Obama Holdovers Axed


President Trump has reportedly cleaned house at the National Security Council – firing 70 Obama-era holdovers, according to the Washington Examiner.

Officials confirmed that Trump and national security adviser Robert O’Brien have cut 70 positions inherited from former President Barack Obama, who had fattened the staff to 200.

Many were loaners from other agencies and have been sent back. Others left government work.

Trump was notably impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate after a NSC ‘whistleblower’ on loan from the CIA lodged a complaint after approaching the office of House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), who guided him to a Democratic operative attorney (who loves going to Disneyland alone and once bragged about getting security clearances for ‘guys with child porn issues‘).

We digress.

Last week, anti-Trump impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother Yevgeny were fired from the NSC and escorted out of the White House by security. While critics have called the move beyond the pale, President Trump noted Alexander Vindman’s ‘horrendous report’ given to him by his supervisor.

“This month, we will complete the right-sizing goal Ambassador O’Brien outlined in October, and in fact, may exceed that target by drawing down even more positions,” said NSC senior director for senior communications John Ullyot, in a statement to Secrets.

Alexander Vindman was reassigned to the Department of the Army, and will attend the US Army War College in Carlisle. No word on his twin.

via zerohedge


  1. WAYNE E DASHER February 11, 2020

    The left is up in arms about this. However, under 8 years of Bush the NSC was 100 people. Under 8 years of obama it grew to 236. Obrien, the adviser for NSC, has been pushing it to be below 120 people, and that’s what’s going on here now. There is also talk of getting them out of the White House building and moving into another facility across the street. But now the liberals have their knickers in a twist about this. They’ll never stop hating Trump will they? Forget the fact that he’s doing what he said he was going to do, and which is why he was elected in the first place.

    1. Sara Koons February 11, 2020

      Well said, and I agree 100%! We don’t need that many people in the NSC. That should help our budget. Obama mostly created government jobs, which means they didn’t bring in money, only cost tax payers more money. Great job President Trump, and Mr. O’Brien, I just wish this could of been done the first year of President Trump’s election.

      1. Janet Woodall February 11, 2020

        You turned him louse and look what you got.A man that thinks he is a God.

        1. Barry Propst February 11, 2020

          Re: Janet Woodall
          Compared to Satanists who make up the Democrat choices, he looks like God in comparison!

        2. Vincent Lovely February 11, 2020

          The deluded will always be deluded. Is your TDS so bad you can’t understand that the democrats have bloated the government so much of taxpayer money goes to pay for useless government jobs that need to be cut.

        3. may February 12, 2020

          No. I think Nancy Pelosi has a monopoly on playing God. Her knees must be sore from all the praying she does. LOL. Used to be a Democrat But I finally woke the hell up.

          1. Charlotte Wilcoxson February 12, 2020

            I agree – I was a Democrat as had been my entire family(and who many are) but in 2016 I absolutely couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton so I cast my vote for President Trump and I’m so glad I did! For the first time in 8 years I could be proud of my choice and Mr Trump definitely has my vote in 2020!..!!!!

        4. Tim February 12, 2020

          barry boy obama was your MESS-I-YUCH Jane. He did nothing for his people (half breeds). Or the inferior queers like you

    2. Donna February 11, 2020

      How many people did Oboma and Clinton fire when they took office? Of course not dam thing was said about them. Keep cleaning house Mr President!!!! Get rid of all of those swamp creatures!!!

      1. Charlotte Wilcoxson February 12, 2020


  2. Wayne Eskew February 11, 2020

    Can’t believe it took this long

  3. Carolyn golden February 11, 2020

    Good for trump. He should have gotten rid of all Obama hold overd. They were not for trump. Trump, you did right thing

    1. Tim February 12, 2020

      traitors would be shot in a republic. Amerika has been socialist since 1865. Trump needs to know this fact

  4. Ronald D Keeth February 11, 2020

    Please rid your administration of all Obama malignacies remaining. Your generosity has been viewed by the enemy as weakness, and to eliminate them all with loyalists will strengten your efforts beyond all expectations. To see the eradication of the subversive disease is very heartning to your supporters. We notice and are relieved and encouraged.

    1. Gail Lee Yosca February 12, 2020

      I agree wholeheartedly. I was wondering why the Obama holdovers were not rooted out sooner. President Trump I voted for you to drain the swamp. You became President as a businessman and what a difference you have made with your incredible work ethic on behalf of the American taxpayers. I thank you with sincere appreciation for Making & Keeping America Great again. Attended my first Trump rally in Manchester NH! You have my vote for 2020!!

    2. Tim February 12, 2020


  5. Radone February 11, 2020

    He should be court martialed

  6. tc pavlenko February 11, 2020

    These twin men should not even be allowed to work in any government faciality or position, if they are whistleblowers, leak secrets they will continue to do it, stop transferring criminals to other government jobs, fire them, without perks of any kinds, and no pay from take payers or secret servants, or discounts on plane fare etc. let them become a working American that pays taxes, and into the SS funds. Better yet criminals need to be jailed for crimes, fined, or death penalty depending of what the crime is but treason and being a traitor is death without trial. We have way to many House and Senate employees too, and way to many people that like to share what they do and brag about it. There should be laws. Now to get rid of the mafaia, underground government,, arrest Obama and Hillary for their treason acts, Biden’s etc. Also if they run as a candidate to become President and lose they should not be allowed to go back to their position, as they made a choice to run so they would be promoted in a job. If you do this when you work at any company and don’t cut it you don’t get to go back to previous job you are released from the job, fired, PERIOD this should also apply for candidates who made a choice. Also you should fire all liars you are taking credit for someone else’s success, that is like cheating on a test, Sit and do nothing, yet you pass because you too someone else’s work and called it as your plan. Media, journalist others should also be fired for not checking what they are reporting and should know all the facts before reporting them. It would be like checking your homework before turning it in at school and if it is WRONG should be CORRECTED when you have finally correct your errors.

    1. Rick Ecca February 11, 2020

      These traitors should be sent to a weather station in Antarctica as OIC of the Latrines

  7. Jerry Kirkpatrick February 11, 2020

    I totally agree with OUR PRESIDENT !!!
    GO TRUMP !!!

  8. Karin February 11, 2020

    The left can be as triggered as they want, but it is the Presidents constitutional right to staff the White House as he sees fit.

  9. Bubba February 11, 2020

    Good for President Trump. Drain the swamp.
    MAGA 2020

  10. Michael Kelley February 11, 2020

    If the President had been properly advised by loyal, faithful, experienced supporters when he first took office, the Obamunists shud have been purged from EVERY Fed Agency & the Military. The Republican party apparently provided little or NO help (NRC – worthless), & he was surrounded by incompetants, self- serving backstabbers, & traitors. What he has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle by the Grace of Almighty God. But it’s never too late to do what it right. His Admin must develop a plan & program to flush these Uber leftists out of our Gov’t. Please!!! How about a Bill reducing the Fed swamp by 5% per year for 10 years? RIFF them out!!

    1. Danny G.B. February 11, 2020

      Your estimation of the facts are true.🇺🇸⚖️⚔️

    2. Gail Lee Yosca February 12, 2020

      I agree Michael Kelley. Valid points I thought the same thing. I wonder if Obama had bugs placed within the West Wing? Disappointed that #44 hated the President and approved of the attempted plan to get rid of Trump through corrupt Dept Of Justice. Obama still lives in DC swamp most likely using his cronies to undermine & sabotage what our President is accomplishing in his administration. Trump is best President ever! Grateful to our elegant, compassionate First Lady. He has a wonderful supportive family, blessed with a wonderful wife, children, & grandchildren!

  11. Gene February 11, 2020

    There should be no organization in government where an employee can be assigned to work but when dismissed simply returns to his/her old job. If they can’t be thrown out from where they are, they should be thrown out from whence they came. Otherwise, we will continue to have this kind of conduct. There is simply no real accountability for their actions.

    Alexander was not fired. He was reassigned. There is a huge difference!

    If we disbanded the entire NSC, we would likely only be 20% wrong. The whole management structure allowed what happened. I am not aware of a single thing the organization has done to justify its existence.

  12. Perry Irvin February 11, 2020

    Pres. Trump Should have gone the first day he entered the White House and fired everyone that was there during the Obama era. It’s too bad that he found out too late that they were still thinking that they worked for Obama instead of the Trump admin. They still answered to oama and his Deep State of assinine idiots.

  13. Ken Stone February 11, 2020

    TRUMP Has learned a hard lesson maybe, after all there’s no indictments yet on Obama and the spyining/fisa issue, or no prosecutions of all the politicans kids involved in the Ukraine scandal. Biden and Pelosi,
    John Carrey, the list is to long to print looks like another big cover up to me so is he really draining the swamp or not we will see no real big people yet just underlings

    1. Roy February 11, 2020

      Trump can’t drain the swamp. He can fire the whole kit and caboodle of these agencies, which I agree he should have done along time ago. The sad part about the swamp (deep state) is we the people have to vote them out and there is a lot of swamp dwellers that benefit from the swamp leaders. Ergo The swamp dwellers won’t vote to drain the swamp leaders! Their corruption is backed by corruption! As far as Hillary, Obama, Comey, (and his friends) McCaeb, Brennan, and the rest of them, Trump would have to clean the FBI and the CIA before he could get some investigators who would be honest and convict these people. Hopefully that is being done right now. The swamp leaders however keep trying to distract from their crimes by submitting more wrongs by the President and they are supported by the FAKE LYING SWAMP BACKED MEDIA!!! TRUMP 2020! DRAIN THE SWAMP 2020!

  14. Doyle February 11, 2020

    Trump should get rid of a lot of others that is living off the democrats selection

  15. Sam February 11, 2020

    Don’t stop there….go get the rest of the Democrat rats!

  16. Margaret February 11, 2020

    Yea Trump! Go get the rest of Obama rats,

  17. Demonangel February 11, 2020

    Obama fired every one of Bush’s ambassadors when he took office and no doubt a bunch more people we’ll never know about. So what. All the president’s do it. The only difference is, THEY did right away.
    Trump waited till they stabbed him in the back. Once bitten, twice shy. Fire away!

  18. JoeyP February 11, 2020

    THAT’S how you get RID of TREASONISTIC TRAITORS and BACKSTABBING LIARS. Leave them on until they SCREW UP. How GENIUS! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. GLee February 12, 2020

      Good point, but a painful long suffering process to root out the backstabbers & traitors! Agree Team Trump Genius!

  19. Ron February 11, 2020

    It’s a shame the Democratic Party is what they are too bad we couldn’t do a bunch of cleaning there but then they would probably be nobody left which might not be bad either

  20. Doris Lee February 11, 2020

    There needs to be a huge rig in the whole federal government. More money for our parks and those who preserve something the people can enjoy.

  21. Ralph Sr. February 11, 2020

    Clean The Swamp, Mr. Trump !

  22. Doug D Persons February 12, 2020

    Lt Col Vindman needs to be brought up on charges as he is military man and was disobeying
    his chain of command and leaking secrets, which included classified info! He was also undermining
    the President and bad mouthing him to the Ukranian Gov! He should have faced a reduction in rank
    and then discharged from the military with no pension for his involvement with the Ukranian Gov
    against President Trump’s foreign policies!

  23. may February 12, 2020

    One thing that totally infuriates me. And it’s how the Democrats pretend they are protecting illegal immigration When they are only using them to keep our wages down and hoping they will vote them into office. Why do you think they are pushing? To make it legal for illegals to vote in America. Why would we want illegal People to vote in our presidency There not even supposed to be here. Pay attention how the Democrats are treating American people Don’t ever believe they care about illegals. They are being used.


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