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This Is Bigger Than COVID But Few People Are Paying Attention


Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com,

Most people realize that 2020 has thrust two game-changing trends upon us that will change the world for years to come.

The first is Covid.

In less than six months, this virus has created extreme global hysteria and economic devastation.

Countless businesses have gone bust or are teetering on the edge. Tens of millions of jobs have been lost.

Government debt around the world has exploded higher. And their heavy-handed abuse of power has been astonishing… often incomprehensible.

Politicians and public health officials have suspended many of our most fundamental freedoms, threatened to come into our homes and take our family members away, and even banished us from our own private properties.

We’ve also seen a breakdown in basic social conventions.

Family and friends have stopped gathering together in person out of fear that someone may be a carrier. Weddings and funerals are virtual. And a simple handshake is practically considered an act of biological terrorism.

And, just like 9/11 nearly two decades ago, many effects of Covid will never return to ‘normal’.

Then there’s the social justice movement… which tore onto the world stage two months ago with a desire to make important cultural changes.

At its core, the movement is virtuous. After all, it’s supposed to be about freedom.

But it has quickly become divisive, menacing, and pointlessly violent.

Everything is offensive. Intellectual dissent must be immediately squashed. People lose their jobs, receive death threats, or are censored, merely for expressing completely valid (and even supportive) opinions.

And some of the largest corporations in the world have all submitted to the Twitter mob, like Nazi collaborators in France who began goose-stepping with the Wehrmacht the moment Hitler took Paris.

History is being rewritten. Vocabulary is being replaced. And any civil discourse results in persecution.

Just like lingering Covid effects, this social turmoil will also be with us for years. Don’t fool yourself into believing it’s some some flash in the pan that will be over in a few weeks.

But what I wanted to tell you today is that there is a THIRD, major trend brewing right now. And it could prove to be even bigger than Covid, bigger than the social justice movement.

It’s not one that evokes the same emotion. So you won’t see too many people marching in the streets or cowering in fear in their homes. There’s no hysteria.

This third major trend is rational. And that’s why it’s largely been ignored. But its impact could be far bigger and longer lasting.

I’m talking about conflict with China.

Over the past several months we’ve witnessed a minor trade dispute between the United States and China escalating into a major diplomatic conflict, and now, into full-blow Cold War.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left no doubt about this when he essentially declared cold war against China’s communist party in a speech late last week:

“If we bend the knee now, our children’s children may be at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party, whose actions are the primary challenge today in the free world.

General Secretary Xi is not destined to tyrannize inside and outside of China forever, unless we   allow it.

Richard Nixon was right when he wrote in 1967 that ‘the world cannot be safe until China changes.’Now it’s up to us to heed his words.

Today the danger is clear. And today the awakening is happening.

Today the free world must respond. We can never go back to the past.”

It’s pretty incredible how China has already managed to get most of the world to bend to its will.

There are so many examples of this; major US airlines like Delta and American, have scrubbed  references to “Taiwan” on their websites so as not to offend the Chinese communist party.

Hollywood, despite constantly thrusting its woke social justice politics in everyone’s faces, refuses to utter the slightest criticism of China, simply so they can squeeze out more box office revenue there.

And the National Basketball Association  squashed an executive for Tweeting support to Hong Kong protesters last year.

Even the league’s biggest and most outspoken star, Lebron James, meekishly told reporters that China has “a complicated issue with racial, socioeconomic and geopolitical layers” and that he saw “little upside in speaking up” against the Chinese communist party.

Comparing sports team owners to ‘slave owners’ is perfectly fine. But don’t say anything bad about China!

In addition to Pompeo’s speeech, the US-China conflict escalated last week when the US government ordered the Chinese to close its consulate in Houston, Texas.

The Chinese government retaliated by closing a US consulate in China.

This is after months of sanctions, asset seizures, tariffs, arrests, expelling of foreign journalists, and   plenty of tension about the Coronavirus.

I know there’s a lot of fear that an actual shooting war will break out between the US and China. And that is a possibility.

I’m probably biased as a West Point graduate, but I’m convinced that the US Marine Corps and Army Rangers are the most proficient fighting forces in the world.

But the reality is that China has a bigger army. It’s better equipped with newer, better technology. Its tanks are superior, and it has more of them.

China has also been investing heavily in its Navy and Air Force; it already has more ships than the US Navy, and it has also rolled out a fifth-generation fighter jet, the J-20, to compete head-to-head against the US military’s F-22 and F-35.

But that’s just conventional warfare. The next war will be highly unconventional… and the Chinese are dominant in “system destruction warfare”.

They could take down the US power grid, hack multiple defense and intelligence networks, and remotely disrupt key US command and control elements, before a single shot was fired.

This is not my assessment; the Pentagon has been wargaming conflict between the US and China for years. And in the words of one researcher who has participated in these scenarios, the US “gets its ass handed to it.”

Fortunately, a shooting war is unlikely. Why would China want to invade the US and deal with 400 million guns in the hands of the civilian population?

Why would the US want to invade China and deal with another Vietnam war?

War doesn’t benefit either nation, and on that basis it’s possible… but not probable.

What is likely is a total reset in the global financial system.

The current “Bretton Woods” financial system in which the US economy and US dollar are at the center of the global economy is decades old.

The US has derived extraordinary wealth and prosperity from this system for years.

Bretton Woods is the reason why the US national debt can be nearly $27 trillion (over 100% of GDP) without the dollar collapsing in value.

It’s the reason why the Federal Reserve can conjure trillions of dollars out of thin air and keep interest rates at 0% for years, but still be taken seriously.

Losing this advantage would be nothing short of catastrophic for the US economy.

And continued conflict with China is the one thing that is practically guaranteed to make it happen.

That’s why this trend– conflict with China– could be the biggest thing happening right now.

It’s not as scary as Covid, it’s not as emotional as social justice… but the effects may be permanently devastating.

via zerohedge


  1. Don July 28, 2020

    No, many ARE paying attention except the politicians who are using it to cause chaos. We no longer have a representative government but one that wants absolute power.

  2. miles e drake July 28, 2020

    China is already in control of Asia and very nearly in control of Europe. One of the chief goals of the democrat-induced virus release, plandemic, lockdowns, economic collapse and communist-black supremacist revolution is to bring down our constitutional republic and replace it with a one-party socialist state that is the puppet of Xi Jinping’s regime. At some point, a Chinese navy that is superior to ours will sail into our ports, and a Peoples Liberation Army that outmatches ours will disembark on our shores, but by then few will notice and even fewer will care. The madness now gripping this country is nothing less than a national suicide attempt resulting from the depression and psychosis induced by the Obammunists. American patriots must carry out an intervention on November 3, or failing that, get out of a catastrophic relationship.

    1. RICK J. WICK July 28, 2020

      Its not in the American DNA To bow to any COMUNIST Governernmet so let the chips fall were they may if a war is needed so be it the biggest and baddest Countries will allways end up FIGHTING each other it’s only a matter of time let the Nukes FLY. . Man was a domed race from the day we were put on this earth just look at all the civilizations that have come and gone before us..

  3. Rick Broye July 28, 2020

    I have always said that YOU CANNOT TRUST THE CHINESE!! I was told this by a Chines lady in Old Hong Kong back in 1969. She told me then, that the Chinese government was not capable of fighting the US in arms or military equipment, but we would be losing interest in the Far East soon and then the Chinese would soon be taking over the Pacific, as soon as Hong Kong went back to to the Chinese from the British. She said to look at it now, because it would be China soon. Ever go to Vancouver Island, Canada? So many of the Hong Kong people left and moved there and bought up the property and so much of NW Canada. They are Spies every aspect in our country. Even The Sen. Feinstein had a Chinese spy, as her chauffer for over 20 years and NOT one thing was ever done to this useless Bitch, because she was so powerful!

  4. Peter July 28, 2020

    We all know the end of the World WILL happen at some point…..who knows when.

  5. Michael July 28, 2020

    Blame it on our so called leaders, its all about power and greed. Too many people have their head in the sand and don’t want o listen to the people like yourself who speak the truth. I believe it got progressively worse when Clinton came into power he ran our country like an immature child. His wife who adored Saul Alinsky, and followed his insane way of doing things she was and still is a thorn in our side, not to mention what she stole for her own good and gets away with all of it. I don’t hear anyone talk about how we made our country so great how about our brave and courageous men who fought those wars to keep America free they gave their lives so we could be free .Today we have hatred between the liberals and republicans just because Hillary lost and you can believe she is behind so much of what’s going on. How does she have the power to still dominate the liberal party ? what does she know that these people are so scared of her? Could go on and on but what’s the use it seams no one is doing anything about it.

  6. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    The DNC knowingly supported a Constitutionally ineligible candidate for POTUS, Obama! The day he was fraudulently inaugurated was the day we were attacked! They called us BIRTHERS, and that was sufficient? Harvard lists Obama Sr. and Obama Jr. as Kenya born! Federal foreign student grants are scrutinized and don’t think Harvard didn’t check everything! Obama, Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kerry, Jarrett, Rice, are domestic terrorists! The weather underground, the SLA from the 60’s and 70’s! Ayers parents supported a foreign student through Harvard! Obama! Obama’s mother worked for Timothy Geithner’s father, Communists, just like Ayers father! The MSM moguls were told by the Bilderberg’s to steer the herd towards their agenda! Soros is the unelected leader of the DNC! President Trump is obligated to defend America from enemies foreign or domestic! The DNC has committed treason and every one of them belong in prison, Joe Biden included! If they go unscathed, our Country will fall.

    1. rry L. Gardner July 28, 2020

      Well written Mr Waddell May I have permission to repost this?

      Jerry L. Gardner

    2. Steve Abbott July 31, 2020

      Excellent and honest, very good read.

  7. Edward Leininger July 28, 2020

    I have always been mindful of the unchecked immigration from the far east, specifically China. We are concentrating on Mecico , the Latin American countries and the Middle East and forgetting the East.
    Who is actually watching our borders (especially when student visas are available with no problem, because they bring money) They take the high tech jobs. Send the info the the main land and get lost in our tracking system. It has been going on for years.

  8. Nancy July 28, 2020

    Perhaps people will wake up when is to late.
    This was planed Same as the virus which was originated in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Laboratory by Chinese Scientists.
    They were send back to China 🇨🇳 from Canada 🇨🇦 and took it with them.
    We know rest of it!
    Canada is already Communist country-Make me sick 😷 to see all this.
    But if you’re saying the truth you’re going to be send to Gulag!!!
    Now is easier than ever before to punishing anti Communist people.
    I’m 90 years old and seen many Changes over the years.
    This is nightmare.

  9. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    What we are going through today is because people failed to act when Obama was a candidate! Make no mistake about it, we are at war, Obama has black militants armed, and supplied with equipment meant for our military! He weakened our military while he built an all black force! They showed themselves at a national park in Georgia! People, we have been at war, but only our enemy knows it! I’m not talking about a foreign power, I’m talking about domestic terrorists, the same people who blew up buildings, robbed banks, and kidnapped Patricia Hearst in the 70’s! Ayers, Dorn, Holder, the Ohrs, Kerry, Jarrett, Rice, Soros funded chaos! The people in charge of our nations security have done nothing! We have to fight, we have to demand that President Trump send our military out to round them all up! Forget about the DNC raising hell because every DNC politician must be thrown in prison for treason! That entire party is one of them! They haven’t done anything but attack us!

  10. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    President Trump you use every bit of our military might to round up the DNC, Soros, Ayers, Dorn, Obama, Holder, Rice, Jarrett, Kerry, HRC, the Ohrs, Comey, Mueller, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Baker, Strozk, Page, and every breathing DNC Politician! Then we can MAGA!

  11. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    Nancy Pelosi is a chicken head lunatic just like every other DNC lunatic! There is no logical thinking DNC politician! They are Godless people who have been turned over to reprobate minds!

  12. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    Where are the sound minds leading this Country? The Democrats are gone, mentally gone! The Constitution is the Law Of The Land, the DNC is attacking everything, they are not even pretending to follow our laws and statutes! They must be apprehended and then we can begin to rebuild!

  13. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    What the hell is wrong with the leaders of this Country who are obligated to defend America from enemies foreign or domestic? It’s like everyone is in a trance! Right vs Wrong remember that? Lies are bad, truth is good? How about that? Remember? A crime committed has to be dealt with no matter who did it! The DNC chanted “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” as they were trying to remove the President from office after committing numerous crimes! Lies and fake dossiers, FISA Court Abuses, all HRC crimes, the DNC supporting a foreign born individual for POTUS, having an unelected leader, rigging their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! How much do they have to do to get you people WOKE? Round their asses up and hang them for treason! Our FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, all corrupted by the Obama Administration!

  14. L L Sharp July 28, 2020

    Before you vote for Biden you had better take a look at his running mate because he can’t handle it and who ever they run with him will be in as President with in 6mos or a year at most. When covid hit he was mud slinging (which dems are good at) but never asked what he could do to help. If we were invated we would find him hiding in his basement again. Not much of a leader. Him, Obama, Clinton’s and their minions including Pelosi needs to be in prison for terrorism against the United States.

  15. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    Forget the Election, we are at war with the monster made foreign born individual you allowed to become POTUS, and his Chicago cabal Communist friends! It is as plain as day and everyone knows it! Joe Biden is a mush brain imbecile only running for POTUS to keep from being investigated because someone said if you are a Presidential candidate they won’t go after you because the MSM will say you only went after him so he can’t beat you! This is the kind of bullshit we have been dealing with since kunta kentey got fraudulently elected!

    1. Dave L July 28, 2020

      The ObamaNation of desolation has been set up: gay marriage lawlessly legal in the USA by the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. So much evil worked through the beast, like funding ISIS head choppers and crucifiers while withholding US troops from their territory, destroying many through peace.

  16. Realhuman July 28, 2020

    It’s getting to the point where it isn’t worth living in America anymore. How about the Greek Islands or Japan. There has to be some place that is safe or at least safe for a while. Just my thoughts.

    1. Data Smythe July 28, 2020


  17. RM July 28, 2020

    Supreme Court justice is a corporate ho. He recently ruled casinos, etc. could stay open at 50% capacity in a recent case but churches cannot. Roberts has been a corporate ho since being seated…reference the Connecticut land grab case, the individual mandate, and more.

    Chinese made crap sold in the USA is like drug addiction. US manufacturers “chinked” manufacturing and threw millions in the USA out of work. All for greed and fully supported by the Congress and the courts. The only way to cure addiction is either cut off the drug source or the addict dies. The USA needs to CUT OFF ALL CHINESE IMPORTS PERIOD. All of the medical products used in hospitals, etc. are made in China. For all I know, the COVID is being shipped to the USA inside packaging or on the product itself. And Congress is too damn lazy to pass a 100% country of origin law requiring labelling of the country of manufacture (in at least 10 point type) of EVERY product made outside the USA.

    Congress needs to direct Customs to block Chinese imports NOW. Or let Pres. Trump do that by executive order.

  18. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020

    President Trump was labeled a racist by the Chicago Communist turds the day he was inaugurated and the racist blacks in America fixated on that just as they knew they would! President Trump is not a racist, Biden is! President Trump loves America, he doesn’t even accept his pay! The left was over confident because the rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination election to put her running against Trump and the still lost! How are you gonna cheat and still lose? It freaked them all out! They lost their minds! If you are black, white, red, yellow, green, or blue, you will be under a Communist dictator if Trump loses! Get ready for the Communists to put a chip in your right hand if Trump loses!

  19. Robert Waddell July 28, 2020


    1. Data Smythe July 28, 2020


      1. Antoinette Bonny July 29, 2020


  20. Nb July 28, 2020

    My dad always said after WW2 the ones we’d have to watch on the future is “the little yellow people.” He was in the war but I never heard any stories about the Chinese. How my dad knew this, I don’t know…. but he warned us 55 years ago.

    1. Data Smythr July 28, 2020

      So did my dad! When he described what would happen, he let out a sob.

  21. Pat Young July 28, 2020

    Our biggest threat to our Country are the Democraps. Their only goal is to ruin America. We America Patriots need to stand up and condemn these evil anti-American idiots. They are only power hungry, insane from hate of Trump and are worthless no good things. If they were doing their job, we would be doing more to help our Country. They have done NOTHING to help with the problem with China, the COVID VIRUS or getting people back to work. I can’t tell you how despicable I find the cheap, lowbrow, trash Dumbocraps. We need to remove them from office and hopefully the Country. The more I hear of the hearing going on, rum by a untrustworthy lying repulsive idiot named Nadler, the more disgusted I become of the rotten Democraps. Will be working for your defeat. Looks like this Country is headed for Civil War. Need to publish your addresses.

  22. JP July 28, 2020

    Yeah it’s scary. Stand up and get the right people in office to help you stand up. Obviously the Dems have no balls. Easier to yes massah. Don’t let that happen. We are a great Nation, black, white red brow yellow , we are all Americans. ACT LIKE IT!!! k Stand up for your Country or you will be speaking chinese

  23. Carolyn Wiggins Powell July 28, 2020

    When beaten down for an extended period of time you become tired, wounded, feeling alone, rejected and despised. President Trump has every reason to have these feelings, but I see a man who loves America and wants so badly to make and keep America strong It is out of hate and jealousy that the Democrats and Rhino Republicans Have committed treason and despicable acts against him
    If God put him in, and I believe he did, he won’t go out until God is finished with him. Our home going could be the end results.

  24. S. L. Allen July 28, 2020

    Everyone of the above comments are so true! What can we all do to make the media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.) start telling the truth about all of the stuff going on? Their lies are going out to the uninformed people who vote for the Democrats. “A fool convinced against his will is as if not convinced at all.” It seems futile to try to convince any of their so-called journalists to see & speak the truth. We all need to come together with a plan to get the word out to those uninformed people.

  25. Sandra July 29, 2020

    It has to start somewhere. Bring back the American owned industries to the USA. With a business man in charge of the country that can be achieved. Curtailing of freedoms of Americans will be harder to combat as there are communist sympathisers well rooted in government and society as a whole. At least making China less economically strong is but one step in the right direction.


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