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Schlichter: Trump Says The Things You Can’t Say


Authored by Kurt Schlichter, op-ed via Townhall.com,

As I sit in an airport lounge, the CNN feed on the big screen (mercifully silent and utterly ignored except by me) has a chyron reading “POLITICS OF HATE: TRUMP USING RACISM AS A POLITICAL STRATEGY IN NEW RHETORIC.” His “hate crime” was pointing out that Democrats have failed our inner city citizens and that lib pols need to stop doing such a terrible job. You would think that if Trump actually was a racist he’d be demanding Dems do even worse – assuming that’s possible – but it’s all just a bogus distraction and making sense is not a consideration. It’s a lie to shut people up.

Specifically, people who don’t vote Democrat.

Was anyone really shocked to learn that you can’t say that a manifest hellhole is a hellhole anymore, at least according to our moral betters in the media and politics? You have some Democrat politician who represented his district for nearly four decades and if you point out that it’s a mess, the problem is the guy who says so out loud. Not the crime. Not the poverty. Not the rodent infestation. It’s Donald Trump, POTUS for 2.5 years, who is to blame for the real crime, which is pointing out what everyone knows.

Except Trump doesn’t play that. He calls out the elite and its inept members without fear and without apology. He speaks, if you’ll pardon the hackneyed expression, truth to power.

It’s called “accountability,” and it’s exactly what America needs from its ruling caste. Which is why it is exactly what the establishment wishes to put out of bounds. How dare Trump, and by extension you, be so uppity as to demand that our exalted betters not fail at everything they do!

Trump, and you, are not allowed to demand results. You are not allowed to demand competence. You are not allowed to demand integrity. What you are allowed to do is sit there and take whatever garbage they hand you, without complaint, with gratitude even. You are not a citizen. You are a serf. At least, that’s what they want to convert you into – but neither you nor the avatar of your anger Donald Trump are going to accept that.

This is our country, and all their lies about “racism” and whatever other bogus bigotry they try to label you with are not going to shut us up.

What’s amusing is how the criticism of Elijah Cummings’s little slice of Hades is only intolerable because Trump said it. They are free to. After the tweets slamming the Democrats’ utter failure to serve the people of Baltimore, and the resulting backlash against people criticizing its useless government officials, conservative Twitter took great delight in finding and tweeting countless prior narrative-busting stories of Democrat corruption, rampaging rats and street crime in the lib media and even comments by the likes of Bernie Sanders. Everyone knows the sordid truth about Baltimore and the other Democrat-run big cities. In my own LA the homeless crowd the streets littering the sidewalks with syringes and dropping last night’s free meal whenever and wherever their hearts desire. We all see the truth, including the elite. They just want to prevent us from speaking it by branding it, falsely, as racism or some other -ism. They know it’s a lie. They hope that you’ll be intimidated anyway.

But Trump won’t be. Will you?

This demand that we forgo speaking inconvenient truths is a trend. We found out just a couple weeks ago that we aren’t supposed to demand immigrants not hate America and Americans. Again, there’s no debate about the truth of the statements themselves. Ilhan Omar hates America as much as she allegedly loves her brother. The elite knows it, and the elite knows you know it, yet the elite’s tactic is to try to neutralize it by keeping you from saying it. They seek to create a social sanction for criticizing them.

It’s Stalinist, which they would take as a compliment if they knew who Stalin was.

Should we even bother noting that none of this applies when the liberals attack us? Some anti-Christian creep who hates every principle in the Constitution shoots up a gun-free zone and that atrocity is somehow attributable to everyone who believes in the entire Bill of Rights, not just the rights that aren’t there. It’s the NRA’s fault, as is Baltimore’s crime wave, because…because shut up and submit. It’s the same sinister strategy at work, the attempt to place what you and what at least half of America believes outside the bounds of acceptable discourse.


They don’t get to decide what truths may or may not be spoken.

Not going to happen.

See, this is our country, and we will hold corrupt and incompetent government employees accountable. We will call out the ungrateful and the anti-American. We will stand up for our right to keep and bear arms.

You progs will hate us for it, and you’ll lie about us, but why should we care? You’ll do it anyway. Even if we were so inclined to submit, we could never submit enough. Even if you managed to eliminate all us kulak opponents – every leftist’s not so secret fantasy, as history and pinko Twitter blue checks’ tweets demonstrate – you would still need our memory to provide a scapegoat for your inevitable failures. Without us, you might have to explain why you’ve held sway in the big cities for decades and yet it’s only gotten worse. Can’t have that!

The real reason Trump won, and the reason his supporters stay loyal, is that he sees the lies and just doesn’t care. He doesn’t concede your moral or intellectual superiority, like those GOP establishment Fredocon weasels do. He thinks you’re garbage and so he speaks the truth because he doesn’t care what you say.

And neither should we.

*  *  *

For a look at what happens if Trump and the GOP lose this fight, check out my action-packed yet highly amusing novels about the United States’ split into red and blue countries, People’s RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. These liberal-infuriating thrillers have been called “Appalling” by the loser leftists and the hapless geebos who sank the Weekly Standard, which is awesome.

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  1. joe August 3, 2019

    thanks to the democrats and their fake news outlets racism just does not mean what it once did . When someone was accused of being a racist it meant that we all should pay attention to see just what happened for such a serious accusation to be charged against another person . Now myself being white i cried when i watched how slaves were treated and i knew it was not right to treat another human being that way but also over the course of my lifetime i have been on the receiving end of people that hated me just for being white . The new normal is that every time a trump supporter opens their mouth they are called a racist. The president stated his opinion on the living conditions in Baltimore without referring to anything that had to do with skin color but he was once again labeled a racist. Now when i hear someone is being accused of being a racist it does not even grab my attention because the new wide scope of racism makes it impossible for anyone to fit in.

    1. David August 3, 2019

      The boy who cried wolf found out the same thing.

  2. ssoldie August 3, 2019

    What a great article. Yup! it’s MAGA 2020 for this old lady, from California / Minnesota raised. Four more years of Trump suits me fine.

  3. Carlotta Smitko August 3, 2019

    One of the best articles I have had the pleasure of reading. It’s so true, the truth will set you free and yard going to prison for a long time! Thank you so much for thinking like every Deplorable. We will prevail!

  4. Stan Lee August 3, 2019

    It didn’t take long before most of us found that President Trump is a very direct fellow when communicating verbally. Soon, his opposition (which lost to him..and us) were complaining that President Trump isn’t presidential! Well, how about that? After eight years of Obama, with his lies and hiding himself from the facts, we elected a “straight shooter” who scoffs at not saying it, “Like it is”. Most of us would prefer straight talk than the Obama “beating around the bush.”
    I always remember that Obama fib, “If you want to keep your Doctor, you can!’ Mighty slick, Barack of Kenya, , and Chicago bath houses! We’re still looking for all those educational degrees which were part of his mysterious history, as written by “the truthful” Demo-Socialist Party. Then, why was it hidden and guarded more than Ft. Knox’s gold vaults? Do you all think the time has come to believe the words of the Demo-Socialist Party? Not a chance!

  5. Jeff August 3, 2019

    Great article and so true. Someday, these idiot Dumocraps, Liberals and Socialists are going to have to smarten up!

  6. Donald Duck August 3, 2019

    Typical brain washing propaganda article, dems bad reps good, tax cuts for rich good tax reform bad, lobbyists good protesters bad, term limits for dems good term limits for reps bad, corprate take over of government good people standing up for freedom and justice bad, reporting the truth bad hiding facts good, unions bad right to work good, popular vote bad electrol college good, reps gerry mandering good dems doing it bad, voter rights bad voter supression good, pro life good making healthcare affordable or accessible bad, import tarrifs good even trade bad, corprate taxes bad taxes on the poor good, public education bad private education good, minimum wage bad inequalty good, supporting banksters bad not taxing bankersters good, corprate freedom good freedom for the people bad, running candidates against trump bad trump only good for gods sake give us the choice bad, balance the budget bad explode debt good, arresting anyone who hires illegals “ie trump” bad having law to make it illegal bad not having that law good look back to 1986 goggle it see who the BAD president was

    1. Gerald Ladd August 4, 2019

      Donald Fuck, you need to stop listing to Roadkill Madcow. She has destroyed what little brain you had. The tax cuts were for middle class people. They love it. I’m guessing you’re still living in your moms celler. The economy is the best since 1969.

  7. russell remmert August 4, 2019

    God bless President Trump

  8. Zakkova August 4, 2019

    Yeah, Putin really has Trump wrapped around his finger. That’s why Trump just got us out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. A treaty that Russia has been cheating on for years. Trump said fuck you Russia now we’re going to deploy more intermediate-range nuclear missiles around Europe all pointed towards Moscow. You fucks try anything and Moscow gets turned into dust. See how you like that.


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