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“Racist” Trump Supporters Should Lose Their Vote, Says NBC. Guess Who Decides They’re “Racist”?


Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Once again, the mainstream media is pushing the repugnant race card, suggesting that Trump supporters are a bunch of knuckle-dragging xenophobes whose only reason for wanting a wall on the Mexican border is because they suffer an aversion to people with different skin color than them.

What exactly do White Americans – who opened the floodgates to immigration in 1965 – need to do these days to prove they are not natural born racists? Cancel their monthly subscription to Town and Country? Stop walking their dogs, which are, of course, four-legged vehicles of “racial segregation,” or stop attending their evening yoga class, the unsuspecting breeding grounds for white supremacists? Somehow I suspect that even if White people took to burning effigies of Ku Klux Klan members on their manicured front lawns that would not even put a stop to the ugly rumors. Let’s just face it, the only thing that will finally stop the slanderous slurs is if all White Americans publicly denounce their support of the biggest race-hater of them all, Donald J. Trump. And should they refuse the itinerant Liberal Inquisition will be only too happy to do it for them.

Just ask Noah Berlatsky, occasional columnist for MSNBC, whose latest piece was crowned with the zinger of a headline, ‘Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution. Can they be stopped?’ Nice leading question there, but the premise that precedes it, that Trump voters are “motivated by racism,” is just one more election-season deceit.

Berlatsky’s article opens with the conclusion that Donald Trump “ran an openly racist campaign for president,” and that his popular rallying slogan “Make America Great Again” is actually code that can be translated into “America was greater when white people’s power was more sweeping and more secure.” Yet nowhere in any of Trump’s numerous campaign utterances or even Tweets has he ever singled out America’s White population as the intended sole beneficiary of his plans to remake the U.S. economy. In fact, just the opposite. As Trump has made it his goal to return some of the shine to America’s industrial Rustbelt, threatening companies with penalties and public scorn if they relocate their production operations overseas, the unemployment rate among Blacks now stands at 5.9%, down from 7.5% at the start of his presidency. At the same time, the employment rate among Hispanics is at historic highs.

At this point, the Democrats will invariably mention Trump’s promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, a promise that arguably won the real estate developer the White House in 2016. Yet Trump, the Democrats argue, is an unrepentant racist because he admitted to an unsavory truth that even Hispanics living in America agree with: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump was not arguing, of course, that all Mexicans are rapists or criminals. He was arguing that of the many who do make it across the border a disproportionate number do fit the description.

At this point, it needs to be asked why the Democrats deign to show so much care and compassion for those illegals breaching America’s border on a daily basis, at the very same time Democratic strongholds, like California and New York, are already bursting at the seams with tent cities and grinding poverty. Suffice it to consider a comment by a British tourist to San Francisco, the one-time crown gem of the increasingly tarnished, Democratic-controlled Golden State: “I can’t understand how anyone can live in a place where their everyday trip to get groceries or go to work includes a multitude of beggars asking for spare change or a meal.”

Considering that the Democrats can’t even take care of their own burgeoning problems in their primary constituencies, what is the real motivation behind their proposals to open the U.S. border and abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? After all, these are the very same people who screamed ‘not in my backyard!’ when Trump threatened to send all apprehended illegals to the so-called ‘sanctuary cities’. Nancy Pelosi skirted the periphery of racism when she called the idea “disrespectful.”

Would their sham benevolence have anything to do with securing more Democratic voters, or guaranteeing that the Republican Party eventually goes the way of the dinosaurs? Was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo motivated by pure compassion when he signed legislation granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, who may now cast a ‘legal’ vote under New York’s notoriously loose voting laws? Now Democrats are demanding the elimination Voter ID rules, declaring them racist against minorities. This is one of the ways Berlatsky proposes to end so-called “racist voting” now purportedly contaminating U.S. politics.

It’s no secret that Hispanic Americans traditionally vote Democratic, and if that tendency were to change tomorrow you can bet that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would be camped out daily at the Mexican border, demanding the necessary funds to finish the project.

In the final analysis, the Democrat’s groundless assertion that Trump supporters are kneejerk racists disintegrates when it is remembered that up to 10 million former Obama supporters – many of them White – switched allegiances to the Trump camp in the 2016 presidential election. Are we really expected to believe that all of those Americans suddenly became hardcore racists with the arrival of the evil ‘orange man’ and his pledge to build a wall? That sounds highly unlikely. The far more logical explanation for this massive change in political sentiment is that Trump’s plan to remedy America’s dangerously porous borders, thereby enhancing the security of all Americans, regardless of skin color, was a welcomed idea across the board.

Nevertheless, the real danger is that the Democrats, entranced by the cult of political correctness and an out-of-control cancel culture, will attempt by some extreme measures to identify and ban so-called ‘racist Trump supporters’ who are just regular Americans looking for a leader who will provide them with a well-guarded country that protects the rights of all its citizens regardless of skin color. Banning undesirable Trump voters from the ballet box may eventually become as easy as censoring right-leaning Twitter users.

Clearly, the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from the mistake of branding Trump supports “deplorables” – to quote Hillary Clinton – and have only worsened their present position by calling these same voters, many of them former Obama supporters, “racist.” Such a gross simplification and misunderstanding of the current American political realities goes far at explaining why the Democrats stand very little chance of beating Trump at the ballot box.

via zerohedge


  1. Estell January 26, 2020

    Now who’s trying to rig the election?

    1. Paul Bowman January 26, 2020

      They have been rigging elections for years…..stopping military mail in votes, dead people voting, illegals have been voting already, people voting more than once..etc etc. And the dems cry about rebubs not accepting vote outcomes especially Trump not wanting to accept the voting outcomes. One way to tell what the dems are doing wrong is to see what they accuse us of doing.

      1. Nancy January 27, 2020

        Totally agree with everything you said. Especially the last sentence.

    2. Cheri Taylor January 26, 2020

      Sol Alinsky’s rules for radicals tells the leftists that when you have no proof of any offenses against your opponents, name call. That’s all the dems are good at and the only ones who believe their drivel are themselves.

  2. Teresa January 26, 2020

    I have nothing against people who come in the front door to this country but I do have my right to keep people out that sneak in the back for a free ride on American taxpayers. I don’t want criminals that bring drugs in our country and have no respect for our laws. Even PIGLOSI called the police and had them removed when they went over her wall is that someone who wants illegals I dontthink so the demonrats should practice what rhey preach

    1. Gayle January 28, 2020

      Teresa, We’ll stated. I feel the same way.

  3. Teresa January 26, 2020

    If any state doesn’t allow President Trump on their ballot that is illegal and they should not allow their votes to be counted they are trying to rig our elections by letting illegals vote the American people should be fighting this with both guns . They are evil corrupt and crooks they don’t even deserve to be in office. The government should stop all funding for these illegal states whatever they are doing with this money they are not taking care of the people in their state they are building their bank accounts they should not even g by e part of America

  4. Roger Skinner January 26, 2020

    I think the Media is racist .You like to publsh fake news you never want to publish the truth. My wish is your news drop and eventually be gone. Your the ones who makes people fight each other.You should start telling the truth maybe your ratongs will go up.

    1. Joyce January 26, 2020

      I agree the news media is the root of all evil. They need to get their story straight.

  5. Debra Flynn January 26, 2020

    Come here but come here legally. Disease is spreading like wild fire, you have to be vaccinated and get a physical to make sure you are not bringing any diseases into this country, OFLIPPINBAMA and the rest just want votes any way they can get them. I’d and birth certificate. Something official to show that you are a citizen. Come on people wake up, the DUMORATS brought the illegals in for a reason. Then wanting to give prisoners the right to vote is insane. When you’re in prison there should be no privileges. BY THE WAY, PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT TRUMP ARE NOT RACIST, We want people to get jobs and have their freedom, not keep them on assistance for generation after generation. People’s lives are much better thanks to President Trump.

  6. Granny January 26, 2020

    Just for NBC’s knowledge, I’m a 77 year old white woman who was a democrat for 50 years Who is now a registered Republican. I am Catholic, not racist, and pro life. The only people causing a divide in this country is the media. I have lived through a lot of Presidents and our country has been through a lot in my 77 years BUT, I have never in my life seen the media and college professors lean toward socialism like they are now. They want to murder babies at birth, let illegals have more benefits then our own children and grandchildren. They could care less or show respect for our veterans and senior citizens. They allow our flag and our country be degraded and say it’s okay. If the media doesn’t start telling the truth, and soon, it will go extinct like the dinosaurs. We will have a civil war and the Russians that everyone us worried about will pounce on us as fast as they can. Thank God for President Trump because he held this off for now. There is not one democratic candidate that will save this country from that happening. And if the media stays on its path if lies they will reap what they have sown. They must remember this is still the country they live in, what do they want it to look like in 50 years for their children? I had a vision for my children and grandchildren and right now the only person that can hold it together is President Trump.

    1. Steve January 26, 2020

      Totally agreed

  7. Sue Parsons January 26, 2020

    I am for Trump 100 per cent ! Build the WALL !!! If they want to live in our country, they need to take the oath and pledge to our country, then get U.S. citenzship for each one that is legally here! Like our ancestors had to do. Only our flag, this is America no other country, America! I’m not racist, they need to do it legally!!!!!!

  8. James Voegtline January 26, 2020

    All NBC are racist.

  9. Boaz January 26, 2020

    They can call us anything they want, because history has proven, whatever they say we are, they are guilty of!! Secondly we can shoot better than them, that includes smart Dems who own guns! Who wont give up their freedoms!

  10. RJ January 26, 2020

    Since the Ku Klux Klan was founded by democrats and is a racist organization, that proves that all democrats are racist and therefore, all democrats should lose the right to vote.

  11. Paul January 26, 2020

    If I was not a racist growing up then these morons are sure to make me one. I do not care what they say , therefore I will continue to live my life how I see fit.

    1. Timothy Mayeaux January 27, 2020

      they also made you and me supreme by stealing money from US to give to the inferior (lazy)

  12. Susan January 26, 2020

    MSNBC I watched your show for the first time this week and literally had to turn it off. The political Democrat bias was sickening. Your suppose to support facts not you left wing wants, fantasy and fabricated sides of this. Not even one Republican was allowed to comment and the big lady with the blond hair was the biggest turn off of all. You are the ones who are racist trying to push your Left wing Agenda agenda on every listener and most of it was made up opinions. Feldman btw thinks he knows all but I caught a few comments that just didn’t make sense so get off the air until you can put a factual unbiased news report out. That’s why so many tuned out you were to sickening to watch

  13. Danko January 26, 2020

    Just remember this about the wall, oboma, Hillary ,Pelosi, Schumer, nadler, Schiff and all the loud mouth dems wanted a wall until they were paid by the cartel not to ,and if you dig deep enough into it ,you will find out that cartel leader el chapo said this at his trial and the judge immediately emptied the court room and had the statement stricken from the record.
    We live in a communist country people, and it’s going to get worse if we don’t fight to stop it, only reason el chapo is still locked up is because he refused to pay more millions to the corruptocrat’s.
    And one more observation, notice how the leftists are praising the terrorist that president Trump’s administration eliminated and now they want to tie his hands so he can’t make these decisions that are immediate concerns anymore, however obama made thousands of drone strikes without anyone saying anything negative.
    Look back when Trump they went after the terrorist baghdadi and he blew himself up ,the media portrayed him as a theological scholar, and the last terrorist killed in a drone strike was portrayed as a lover of poetry, beware people .

  14. John Deck January 26, 2020

    All the people of the United States need is the TRUTH from the MEDIA and they would understand that the United States can not support every person in the world. The third world has lived on the dole for so long they no longer know how to work, therefore they want to come here to get more.

  15. Nonnie January 26, 2020

    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the others except for FOX are biased and partisans and corrupt . I never watch their news . It is sickening .

  16. Sam January 26, 2020

    You God Dammed Democrats are sick…every one of you. God help us if you EVER have power again, you Communists.

    1. Timothy Mayeaux January 27, 2020

      you can come to my house and get my voter’s registration card in person. GOOD LUCK

  17. Sam January 26, 2020

    I never watch wacky MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, or Edpecialky CNN…I like real news not lies…I don’t read THE NEW YORK TIMES or WASHINGTON POST because of the heavy bias and political Deomcrat slant.

    We all want the truth.


  18. Barto January 26, 2020

    Because of today’s Mostly Liberal Press, we no longer have “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” wherein the news is printed/told in a way in which TRUTH, FACTS and both sides of an argument/situation is told in correct detail….no BIAS, just FACTS, TRUTH & DETAILS regardless of who is involved….The Ultra-Liberal people OWNING/RUNNING/WORKING AT the Majority of Media Outlets have “CAPTURED AND ARE HOLDING HOSTAGE THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” and have thus turned it into, for the most part, a “CANNOT BE TRUSTED SOURCE” FOR NEWS THAT WE ONCE DEPENDED ON. I think I can speak for most AMERICAN CITIZENS when I say we yearn for the day that the TRUE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS RETURNS until then we must do our own Research, Investigation, etc. to determine what is the COMPLETE REAL NEWS…..SAD, SAD, SAD.

    1. lzib January 26, 2020

      This is what happens when 1400+ news outlets/stations are owned and operated by 6 far-left liberal companies. That is why you can turn on 20 stations on the same day, talking about the same story, and using the EXACT Same Words and Phrases!
      Group-think controlled, manipulated, and censored by these Alt-left dictators hiding behind the curtain!

      The sad part is just like the citizens of Oz the liberal dem voters never even question if their leader is real or not and if they are trying to control and manipulate your minds and actions – usually by giving them frightening fake images of the dangers they say they are there to protect you from…they are the illusionary floating scary head – smoke and mirrors designed to keep the mindless masses in line!

      Trump is just pulling back the curtain and Nancy and her flying monkeys are all getting very angry at the exposure!

  19. Mike January 26, 2020

    Happy to be a knuckle dragging gun toting Trump supporter.

  20. Debra Stambaugh January 26, 2020

    I am a knuckle dragging, gun carrying, Trump supporting Deplorable !

    1. old wolf January 26, 2020

      good girl Debra

  21. duffy January 26, 2020

    this guy is whats wrong with alot of the left they been playing race card for years HES THE RACIST ONE AND PROBABLY A LOUD MOUTH PUNK ..

  22. William H. Burke, Jr January 26, 2020

    F-uck NBC.

  23. old wolf January 26, 2020

    dang I thought I was a deplorable only to find out I am a racists . dang all this cause I voted for what I felt was best for me and my country . but what do I know … guess the left wing nuts know what’s better for me then I do . funny how the rapists always cal others a racists for not going along with them . you couldnt pay me to vote democrat . I am not voting to cut half my brains out of my head to think like a democrat . you can always count on the democrats to think and act stupid . brain dead idiots

    1. lzib January 26, 2020

      These people on the left who make these accusations are all suffering from mass hysteria like those teenage girls in Salem during the witch trials! One starts and it spreads like wildfire among the simple-minded easily manipulated sheep whose bias is so overblown that everything they see is a sign of evil-doing against them and must be burned at the stake!
      Liberals have all last their minds in one mass delusional state of hysteria!

      This is the result of Group-think run amuck! Sad to say half the country is suffering from this severe case of it that we now call TDS even Dem leaders are major sufferers and carriers of this major mass mental illness!

  24. lzib January 26, 2020

    On simple solution to this argument that mandatory IDs for voting hurts minorities who apparently the left is saying are either too stupid or too lazy to be able to get an ID is to give FREE IDs to all Citizens who produce proof of being a citizen. Then for those states like CA and NY that are giving IDs (you know to those stupid lazy minority illegals) who just – oops- accidentally get registered to vote- Make illegals IDs a different color so when they go to the polls after we make Voter IDs mandatory- they will not be able to use them! Simple easy solution- surely if illegals are willing to wait in lines stretching around three NY city blocks to pay for an ID they will wait for miles for free ones, and All Am. Minorities will no longer have to be insulted by the liberal Alt-left Dems whose true agenda is to get these illegals to Vote!

    Then let’s see if Nancy and her band of flying monkeys will scream and yell about disenfranchising or being unfair to minorities!

  25. Johnnie L Nail January 26, 2020

    If not wanting this country to become a socialist muslim loving shit hole country then count me as being a racist.Any SOB that wants this to be one is not only a sorry SOB but their mammies and daddy’s were sorry SOB’s.

  26. Cowboy January 26, 2020

    The US was designed to have a government of the people by the people, and not of the government at/to the people. We came together against the injustice forced upon us by the British. But so soon we forget. The government has gone to the point that it has created a life of its own. The fears of the Dem’s are afraid of anyone who they can’t control. Our founding fathers knew that in time money and power would corrupt and put safeguards in place, but our educators have subverted that knowledge and an uneducated people are easily swayed by their leaders. It’s time to face the facts that drive the media is driving the story . Keep telling the lie and soon they will believe it is the truth. They fear the light of day.

  27. Harietto January 26, 2020

    Nancy Pelosi caught her self when she said to the reporter “don’t play with me pause when it comes to words like” . will impeach you too! . She says am praying everyday for the President meanwhile she starred the whole scheme of impeachment. Democrats should know like Obama put it no one prepares you about the the president position until you are in the White House . So Democrats Remember history repeats its self.

  28. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    Black people in America are the real racists, the MSM is trash tv!

  29. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    White People in America should be hugged every day by black people, because we financially support little nigglets, and have been since Lyndon Johnson was in office!

  30. John Green January 27, 2020

    there is no lie the Democrats won’t tell

  31. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    Call me a racist, you do anyway! Ignorant people, take the word of other ignorant people, and believe it, instead of doing their own research! Lazy people will take handouts from anyone who will hand it out, that makes you pathetic! You can take handouts, and never feel good about yourself, that’s gotta be a terrible way to go through life!

  32. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    I tell you who I’m proud of, and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it! Mexican are good people, they work for every dime they get, and they don’t have to hang their heads in shame! I’ve seen their workmanship, and it is excellent, they show up every day, on time, and they work all day long! I am proud of Mexicans!

  33. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    President Trump, is not a racist, period! President Trump, is a man, and every man is imperfect, every man falls short of the glory of God! Dr. King said that the measure of a man was by the content of his character! No man is perfect! When you listen to fools who put people down, First ask yourself why does one man, have to bad mouth another man? It’s usually because he isn’t much to begin with, and he puts another man down because he feels inferior and that’s because he is! So when millions of you African Americans take the word of fools, and blindly follow, you are a bigger fool. Trump, makes Obama, look like the Glorified Hood-rat he is! Obama’s life is a fraud, he has always been a fraud! Harvard has Obama and his father listed as Kenya Born! The Criminal Organization DNC knowingly supported a foreign born individual for POTUS! They have zero integrity!

  34. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    So if you are a Democrat, you are a fool, because you belong to a criminal organization and that means you condone criminal behavior, that means you aren’t much!

  35. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    I say we People stop being cowards, and get to fighting! Politicians are all out for our money! We have to settle our differences! So either get to fighting or admit that you are a coward, a criminal-Democrat, and go off somewhere and die! Try to be men, and get to fighting! Or shut the hell up!

  36. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Holder, Obama, Kerry, and Soros, these the trash trying to destroy our Country! If you are a federal law enforcement officer or big-wig, you should be pissed as hell, because Obama is a punk ass hood rat who used to suck cock for cocaine money! You are either a good man pissed off or a bad man helping these domestic terrorists destroy our Country! All you ass holes that are called deep state, are worthless mother fuckers! You disgusting anti-America, cowards back a hood rat foreign born communist over an American Born POTUS? SHAME ON YOU!!!

  37. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    WE THE PEOPLE will never allow a communist dictator in America, you might as well declare war right now.

  38. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    Leave our POTUS alone, or pay the price! There’s your fucking warning!

  39. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    WE TOLERATED THE OBAMA FIASCO, don’t ask me why? I suppose it’s because WE OUT CLASS DEMOCRATS! Because Democrats are criminals! WELL WE ARE DONE! Leave Trump alone!

  40. Robert Waddell January 27, 2020

    Don’t call your program news if you lie to the People! You aren’t news, you are a political mouthpiece! Don’t come crying to me when you fools get your communism! You might get a free ride, but it won’t be enough to buy your family a new car, ever again! Look at Cuba, they drive 1950 junk! You people are idiots! The only rich people will be the dictator and his family!
    JAY-Z and bouncy will be as poor as the hood rats! The government will take it all. Stupid fools!!


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