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Prosecution of Couple Who Faced Down BLM Mob used for Own Gain


When it comes to prosecutions, it doesn’t get much more political.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the prosecutor who decided to bring weapons charges against a couple who made national news last month for displaying weapons to deter a mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” trespassing on private property, is using her decision to raise money to benefit her own re-election campaign.

And the attorney for the couple wants her thrown off the case for it.

According to KMOV-TV in St. Louis, attorney Joel Schwartz, representing Mark McCloskey and his wife, Patricia, asked a court Wednesday to disqualify Gardner.

The filing charges that “Ms. Gardner’s decision may have been affected by her personal, political, financial, and professional interests, and that her neutrality, judgment, and ability to administer the law in an objective manner may have been compromised.”

That’s what a “reasonable person” would conclude, Schwartz wrote in the court filing. And he used some of the Democratic prosecutor’s own campaign fundraising materials to back it up.

“In the last 24 hours, there has been a lot of national attention surrounding Kim’s decision to press charges against a couple that brandished guns at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest,” a July 22 email from VoteKimGardner.com stated.

It reminded readers that Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, as KMOV has reported, had demanded an investigation of Gardner’s handling of the case.

And, naturally, it brought in President Donald Trump and his support for the McCloskeys. (The couple appeared at a July 17 virtual campaign event for the president, as CBS News reported.)

Then it got down to the serious business of collecting money.

“Right now, Kim’s re-election is only weeks away. We need to do everything in our power to re-elect Kim for St. Louis District Attorney to send a message to Washington DC that the people of St. Louis gives [sic] her their full support.

“Can you make a donation right now to help Kim’s reelection campaign? Please give $25, $50, $100 (or whatever you can give).”

An email from VoteKimGardner.com seeks contributions for the St. Louis circuit attorney's re-election campaign.

An email from VoteKimGardner.com seeks contributions for the St. Louis circuit attorney’s re-election campaign. (Screen shot from documents filed by attorney Joel Schwartz for Mark and Patricia McCloskey)

The “or whatever you can give” line (not pictured) is perfect. Gardner’s people don’t want much in return for their candidate’s willful distortion of the justice system – just whatever the public can afford.

And a distortion of the justice system is exactly what the country is witnessing in real time in St. Louis.

On June 28, the McCloskeys were faced with a mob of strangers who had broken into a private road (apparently en route to the city’s mayor’s home. They decided to protect their property by showing the mob they were armed and willing to defend themselves.

They were greeted with howls of insults and threats, the McCloskeys say, but the important thing is no one got hurt, not the protesters and not the McCloskeys.

It’s not hard to guess that the presence of armed homeowners was more than a small deterrent to anyone in the mob who might have been inclined to start pulling a Portland, Oregon-style riot in the McCloskeys’ Portland Place development.

And for that, Gardner, the St. Louis circuit attorney whose 2016 campaign is on record as having been funded by a political action committee connected to liberal financier George Soros, decided to bring felony charges of unlawful use of a weapon.

That in itself is insulting on its face. But for Gardner to use her patently political prosecution to raise money for her own re-election is even worse.

And many Americans noticed:

That last one makes an excellent point.

Prosecutors like Gardner who selectively target awesome power of their office based on factors other than the administration of justice aren’t simply derelict in their duties, they’re actually using their powers as weapons against the people they’re supposed to protect.

And more and more attention is being paid to prosecutors like Gardner, who’ve received financial support from Soros or related entities – all aimed at infecting the nation’s court system with a virulent strain of leftism that has struck from San Francisco to St. Louis, to Chicago to Philadelphia. (That’s an observation Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass earned the ire of his newspaper’s union for making.)

Politics should never be a factor, but clearly, in this case, it is.

And when Gardner’s campaign actually used her weaponization of the justice system as a reason liberals should donate to her cause, she proved how thoroughly liberals have succeeded in politicizing parts of the country’s court system.

Whatever happens to Schwartz’s petition to get Gardner disqualified from the McCloskey case, she’s already proven herself to unworthy of the office.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

via thefederalistpapers


  1. R. L. August 2, 2020

    Gardner a ho and needs to go.

    1. Gerald S Ladd August 2, 2020

      I like that!

    2. Blowme August 3, 2020

      The KKK is coming for Gardner. They will have fun fucking her up good.

      1. Zoa August 3, 2020

        Right on, Blowme. That’s good news.

  2. LJRJustice August 2, 2020

    This would never of happen if the MOB had not broken down the gate and violated private property…BLM was the cause..This was not a planned ordeal……..

  3. walter August 2, 2020

    Mccloskey, you and your wife both need firearms training. you won’t be as lucky next time just waiving empty guns.

  4. Russell Hunter August 2, 2020

    The McCloskey’s don;t need more training they need moor Ammo. They did the right thing, And I would have done the same thing.
    These people need to be stopped.

    Stock up on your Ammo.

  5. Kay August 2, 2020

    Gardner is breaking the law by bringing them up on charges. MO has the Castle Law and it allows you to use guns to protect your home and persons from intruders. The terrorist broke their gate thus the law and trespassed and should of been arrested and prosecuted for destruction of private property, trespassing and terrorist threats. But Gardner is a bought whore of Soro’s so what can you expect?

    1. David M August 2, 2020

      Kay – What do I expect of the “American Justice System” ? Simple – I expect it to garantee JUSTICE for all – and that INCLUDES the McCloskey’s.
      Happily – because this IS an ELECTION YEAR – this year WE THE PEOPLE get to VOTE on various JOBS WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR – like The President of the USA, and even lowly State Prosecutors some of whom need reminding of OUR Constitution !
      We need to clearly demonstrate to Georgie-Boy-Soros that his early years in a Soviet State do not excuse his disgraceful interferance in the politics of a wide range of Western-World Countries – apparently with the intention of destructively reforming them in the image of his land-of-origin.
      Trump 2020 and to Hell with Soros ( his membership card is already “valid” for a one-way visit ! )

  6. Fred August 2, 2020

    All Mr. Soros’s paid puppets, of the likes as Missy Sanders and The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party Members And Those Traitorous FAKE Anti-Constitution Repub, Party Members, Who condone the Dangerous, Deadly Violent , Destructive And HATE Filled And Fueled Members Of The BLM And ATIFA And And their Illegl Immigrant-Alien Sympathizers And Today’s Backwards Version Of The Anti-Constitutional ACLU, Which is supposed to ONLY Represent “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA” And NNNOOOTTT supposed to represent any of those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens And Any And NNNOOOTTY Those DACA = Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, Because These People From Foreign Countires DID NOT START THEIR TREK TO THE USA BY THEIR PREVIOUS HOME COUNTRIES US EMBASSY, IN FILLING OUT THOSE US IMMIGRATION APPLICATION TRUTHFULLY AND SINCERELY (NO LIES) FIRST!!!

    1. David M August 2, 2020

      Spot-On , Fred 🙂

  7. james frye August 2, 2020



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