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‘Pelosi for Prison’: GOP Challenger Takes Flight Against Pelosi After Speaker’s Recent Antics


Two days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up a copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, a Republican candidate running to challenge her in 2020 flew an aerial banner over San Francisco that read, “Pelosi for Prison.”

DeAnna Lorraine said the response her campaign to represent California’s 12th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of San Francisco, has received this week shows that many Americans can no longer identify with the Democrats’ values.

“I have seen an incredible response to my campaign,” she told The Western Journal, noting that she’s seen an increase of nearly 30,000 social media followers this week.

Lorraine said she believes there is a direct correlation between the increase in support for her campaign and Trump’s acquittal in the Senate Wednesday, as well as Pelosi’s decision to tear up a copy the State of the Union address only seconds after Trump finished speaking on Tuesday night.

“I have seen an incredible amount of people just flocking to me and saying that this is their breaking point, and some people were quiet before — they were quiet conservatives and they say, ‘This is my breaking point to get out of the closet as a conservative,’” Lorraine continued.

“There are some people that are actually moderate Democrats or independents that told me that this is their breaking point, that they could no longer stand behind a party that does these kinds of things. They can no longer stand behind a party whose leader shreds up the State of the Union speech of the president right behind his back.”

Based on the response she’s seen, Lorraine predicted there will be many people who vote Republican for the first time ever, or at least for the first time in a long time, in 2020.

Lorraine said she thinks Pelosi is “an enemy of the country.”

“She has zero respect for Americans and for families and for veterans,” she said.

Lorraine’s campaign has set up a petition calling for Pelosi to be imprisoned for her “crimes against America.”

On the website of the “Pelosi for Prison” petition, Lorraine accused Pelosi of using her power for personal gain and forsaking “American sovereignty with open borders policies.”

Lorraine said she believes Pelosi should not only be held accountable for initiating the “sham” impeachment process, but also for abandoning those she was elected to represent in the process.

“What about her dereliction of duty?” she asked.

“San Francisco — which has a homeless crisis — and is being 100 percent ignored by this congresswoman,” Lorraine said.

“As a national leader, Pelosi could use her spotlight, her voice, to shed a light upon this crisis and to California, but she’s not brought it up.”

On Thursday, Lorraine’s campaign paid for a 25 x 80-foot banner emblazoned with the words “Pelosi For Prison” to fly over the city of San Francisco.

DeAnna Lorraine flew an aerial banner over San Francisco on Feb. 6 to call attention to what she believes are crimes against the American people. (Courtesy of DeAnna Lorraine)

The banner directed people to the “Pelosi for Prison” petition’s website.

“I launched that banner yesterday as an attack on Nancy Pelosi and to call her out,” Lorraine told The Western Journal on Friday.

“Trump finally got acquitted, again. He’s exonerated, again, for crimes he didn’t commit and I thought there’s no better way than to start putting the spotlight on her — the one that led this impeachment and the one that’s actually behind all of these egregious, what I call, crimes against Americans.”

“Yes, it’s a bold move especially in Nancy Pelosi’s very, very liberal district,” she added, “but at the same time we need to be bold at this point. I’m tired of us being so polite.”

Since the banner was flown across the city’s sky, 11,000 people have visited the website, and over 2,500 people have signed the petition, Lorraine said.

“At what point do we start putting the spotlight on Nancy and the Democrats and their crimes?” she asked. “And at what point are we going to seek justice?”

The Western Journal reached out to Pelosi for comment, but has not yet received a response.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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  1. Susan delrosario February 10, 2020

    Nancy is a felon

  2. Wanda Starnes February 10, 2020

    Keep up the good work and I would love to see NAncy Pelosi in prison

  3. Arthur Olden February 10, 2020

    It is about time that Nancy Pelosi is taken down and Maybe she should go to prison or pay for all of there trouble to the American people and the President Trump.
    There are others in the Democratic Party who also need to be voted out of Office in California like Schiff, Waters, Stewlwell as well as the Governor they need to go all those liberal leftist socialist Democrats!!!

  4. BOB February 10, 2020

    Good for you, get rid of the self -centered pig!! Send her back to her pigsty in San Francisco!!

  5. Bernard Jaeger February 10, 2020

    She is a disgraceful politician. Someone needs to rid of her

  6. avm498 February 10, 2020

    Term limits I think we’re ready for term limits especially when they died in office

  7. Mr Tibbs February 10, 2020

    Not sure a petition is required when there’s a strong indication that she violated 18 U.S. Code § 2071 by Concealment, removal, or mutilation of an official document…need to be careful not to stoop to the level of Dems who hang people by their personal feelings rather than facts out of a hateful personal vendettas and twist the law to suit their agendas…Just let your voice be heard at the next election! Nancy, Shiffty and company will get theirs in the long run.

  8. Jane February 10, 2020

    Put her away, so she’ll have a long time to think what a crooked woman she is & how she has treated people, she’ a liar, a cheat, a very good person that acts like a good pupil of Satans, she’s hateful & spiteful, I could go on & on so she needs locked up for a long time
    to pay for what she’s not only done to our President & to us Americans for using our SS money which she had no right doing that either & I think she should pay it all back & then she wouldn’t live so high on the hog & use our money,……………………


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