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Over 2,000 Former DOJ Officials Call On Barr To Resign Over Roger Stone Case


Over 2,000 former Justice Department officials have called on Attorney General William Barr to step down after he stepped in last week to rescind a sentencing recommendation of 7-9 years filed by four anti-Trump career prosecutors, resulting in their resignations.

It is unheard of for the Department’s top leaders to overrule line prosecutors, who are following established policies, in order to give preferential treatment to a close associate of the President, as Attorney General Barr did in the Stone case,” wrote the former DOJ officials in a Sunday letter. “It is even more outrageous for the Attorney General to intervene as he did here — after the President publicly condemned the sentencing recommendation that line prosecutors had already filed in court.”

Each of us strongly condemns President Trump’s and Attorney General Barr’s interference in the fair administration of justice,” the letter continues, adding that those actions “require Mr. Barr to resign.”

Last Tuesday, AP reported that the Justice Department would “take the extraordinary step of lowering the recommended prison time for Roger Stone, an ally of President Donald Trump, a federal official said Tuesday.”

According to  a Fox News source, however, the DOJ felt the original recommendation was “extreme, excessive, and grossly disproportionate” to Stone’s crimes.

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  1. Pete Kennedy February 18, 2020

    Where were these notorious “over 2000 (and notice EX) lawyers when the FBi and Justice Department failed to
    press charges against Hillary Clinton and her many accomplices ????

    1. Diana Kueker for Derek Kueker February 18, 2020

      Yes that was the biggest mis-justice that has ever occurred!

      1. Terry February 18, 2020

        Yes you said it right former DOJ employees who give a crap about them anyway

    2. Allan scott February 18, 2020

      They’re all Demorats, what do you expect?

    3. William February 18, 2020

      How many of these 2,000 were Obama holdovers?

    4. Boaz February 18, 2020

      They are all related to Hillary and the Swamp, over 90% of them are Democrats. Get their names so they can acquire BAD LUCK from honest people. Personally finding a straight Lawyer in DC is a lost cause. they have to pay for being crooked and Anti American. It’s still all Part of the “resistance” of the Democrat Party and the criminally minded DOJ and FBI and probably more.i

      1. Lovie February 18, 2020

        Also check out George Soros involvement. They will do anything to try to get power

    5. texaslady February 18, 2020


  2. Paula February 18, 2020

    That goes to show you how corrupt the DOJ is, just what do they have to hide?! Pathetic just how deep the corruption is. We the people are tired of your endless witch hunts and trying to block the President. What happen to working together, reaching across the isle and making decisions that are good for the country?! The more the Dems and far left stand in the way, the more the American people will see thru your charades and will get out and vote….Trump2020… MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

    PS and by the way…. the Dems are the loose cannons!!! Stop wasting our taxpayer dollars for your gain!!!

    1. Diana Kueker February 18, 2020

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

    2. Dominic Poirier February 18, 2020

      Right on ! The true American People are tired of all the corruption going on so that is why we voted for President Trump to end this mess . , so continue to Make America Great and vote Trump in 2020 !

      1. Boaz February 18, 2020

        Nice try! ONE Man against this mob?? Do you know how many dishonest people there are in DC and our Government? All but One and he is still standing, but they keep trying to knock him off and what do we do to help him? we sit here and comment. It’s time to fkne do something! Don’t give up your guns, Buy more!

  3. SR WILLIAMS February 18, 2020

    How many of these “prosecutors” were involved in al the dirty dealings of the Obumo’s Justice Dept. All… no doubt. How many of them lied/ helped destroy others all for the Democrat /Communist party.

    1. Diana Kueker for Derek Kueker February 18, 2020

      So many impossible to count!

    2. Boaz February 18, 2020

      All of them. He placed them in their positions before leaving office! What does that tell you? My guess is this is where the Plot to overthrow Trump may have started. with these cowards!

  4. JoeyP February 18, 2020

    Tell those former DOJ officials to STUFF IT SIDEWAYS. Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in FEDERAL PRISON for 45 THOUSAND YEARS (for starters)? . . . She is STILL running around LOOSE and is making “sounds” about another presidential run?!? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Daniel Rhoads February 18, 2020

    They will sell, America and we, the American people, out to get President Trump even if they have to “kiss Iran officials asses to get a peace in Iran , while Iran is still killing our American soldiers”!!! What a “bunch of stinking cowards they are for they do not have guts and courage to do it openly as strong America leaders”!!!! You bring disgrace on our America and our American flag!!!! Isn’t that called treason??????

  6. Carl Marrs February 18, 2020

    They are just wanting him gone?They know he is about to bring them out in the open ,The bad eggs

  7. Sam February 18, 2020

    Who is the leader of all these scums, don’t tell me another whistleblower!

  8. Gary Hull February 18, 2020

    Barr has already shown he will not stand for two tiered justice. H made the right call for Stone as he was being railroaded and being severely punished for the same thing other “Govt Officials” did and received no punishment whatsoever. All of these so-called Lawyers are likely part of Obama’s legal system and we know who that was set up to serve. So Mr. Barr I say Kudo’s for a job well done and continue to protect fair and equal justice for all. Thank you.

  9. bruce A mccartney February 18, 2020

    Swamp Critters still raising their heads after the 1st round of Whack-A-Mo. Bam

    1. Sara J Foehner February 18, 2020


  10. Sara J Foehner February 18, 2020

    it amazes me how many adults in our country are still sucking down Kool-Aid every day. get your heads out of your asses & try for once to THINK clear-mindedly & without being influenced by Faux News or anyone else, including trump or his minions. He has been proven to be a cheat, a liar, a suck-up to anyone he perceives as having more power, money or influence than he does. He is not loyal to the USA or to anybody, for that matter. He is for sale, 100%.

    1. jrhunt February 18, 2020

      Sara J Foehner Its seems you are the one sucking down the liberal Kool-Aid deary,its obvious because you parrot the liberal talking points,as far as your claim that all of this baloney that Trump has been proven to be this or that,Hell you could be talking about 90% of the politicians and lawyers,or judges in Washington DC,you say he is for sale,alright ding bat prove it,if you have no evidence,then shut the Hell up,especially after the democrats have sold this country down the river for years.

  11. Deborah Smith February 18, 2020

    The word “former” says a lot.

  12. Nelson Marrero February 18, 2020

    Ya salieron todos los enemigos del país a pedir la renuncia del fiscal Barr,no tienen vergüenza ninguno son la desgracia de los E U A, pero ya un día se les pasara la cuenta,el partido demócrata sí debería renunciar por traición a la partía

    1. Frank February 18, 2020

      Excuse me, I don’t understand. 🙂

  13. N/A February 18, 2020

    Just because AT BARR TELLS THE TRUTH STRAIGHT UP ☝ ! And all of these former CON OFFICIAS WERE UNDER O’BUTTHEADS ADMINISTRATION that’s why they want him to RESIGN ! But if he any GRAPEFRUITS he would tell them to go FLY A KITE !

  14. Dave J February 18, 2020

    Finally, the deep state reviles itself. Now we know who they are.

  15. Frank February 18, 2020

    That’s why we are into all this mess. People are going to jail cause they looked the other way.
    while others are exonerated WHO they are, (the buddy system). No one should be used for
    the hateful political gain, and these so called 2000 former DOJ’s should just shut up. Like they
    did/du with the real criminals.

  16. Sam February 18, 2020

    Hang tough, Mr. Barr, these 2,000+ assholes are part of the swamp!

    FK ’em….

  17. Sam February 18, 2020

    It’s a bunch of schitt with what these Democrat bast rds get away with….SOMEOBODY with a set of balls has got to deal with these low life SOB’s!

  18. Sam February 18, 2020

    Obama was the most crooked, vile, scheming President, if you want to call him that…”president”, that ever occupied the Oval Office. These are ALL a bunch of Democrat bast urds held over from that crooked ass administration…

    FIGHT THEM! Mr. Barr, hold onto your office with all you can muster. Defeat these SOB’s!

  19. yogiman February 18, 2020

    When they’re Democrats of the DOJ majority and calls on Mr. Barr to resign, I say ‘hang in there, Mr. Barr,, they’re scared you’re going to expose them.

  20. Sam February 18, 2020

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that day Bill Clinton met on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch, in her plane…for about 40 minutes….Scheming to keep Killary out of prison!

    And these bast rds are making up the story our President told Barr to get Stone’s sentence reduced?

    BULL SHIT….Rotten ass Democrats!

  21. Sam February 18, 2020

    Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch got away with that little deal because the milk sop Republicans don’t fight…THEY DON’T FIGHT DIRTY LIKE THESE Bast RD DEMOCRATS FIGHT! …..

    It hardly made the headlines….REPUBLICANS GROW SOME BALLS! DEMOCRATS LIE AND SCHEME AND DO ALL KINDS OF CROOKED SCHITT TO WIN….Republicans usually fold like olf rusty, lawn chairs…..

  22. samurai_larry February 18, 2020

    2000, I will bet that if you check their background, they will all be Democrats or Never-Trumpers. The Democrats want Barr gone, he is a threat to them and their agenda, to undermined whatever President Trump tries to do! They did it with Kavanaugh, President Trump (both which failed), and now Barr. Who next, Vice President Pence. Barr has done nothing wrong and neither has President Trump. Barr has setup investigations that could expose what the Democratic leadership has been doing and they do not want that to happen. They do not want the American people to know the truth and Barr is out to find that truth and expose it to the American voters. They tried to stop Kavanaugh, they tried to stop President Trump, and now they are trying to stop Barr. Your Democratic leadership is taking America in the wrong direction, Democrats “walk away”. Show your Democratic leadership you will not be a part of their schemes to undermined America and its values.

  23. barto February 18, 2020

    The key word to me in this “over 2000 former DOJ Officials” is “”FORMER” which means they have no say so and any so-called Petition is worthless…..We the Legal People could probably get up a Petition of a MILLION PEOPLE to support BARR!

  24. Edward Conley February 18, 2020

    The story should actually be 2000 deep state puppets join in to attack the president and his associates .

  25. Nita B February 18, 2020

    No wonder, they are terrified to be exposed for their crimes.
    AG Barr is a true American, I pray that he will get those liars in jail.

  26. Richard February 18, 2020

    President Trump can play their game too. Give them all immunity. This will make them froth at the mouth.

  27. Brenda February 18, 2020

    The DOJ must be getting desperate. I wonder how close Barr and Durham is able to identify everyone involved.

  28. Nora Mitchell February 18, 2020

    Mr. Barr, we are counting on you, the country is counting on you to expose the truth and corruption and of all those Democrats in and out of office including Obama and Clinton. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!!!

  29. R. L. Cousins February 18, 2020

    Former!!! What more needs to be said?

  30. Rogelio Hermosillo February 18, 2020

    I know that most of these are Obama hired, and hold a great disdain for our constitution supporting officials, Hillary should be up for treason and all involved in Obamas shady dealings should be brought up on charges. these folks are trying to paint a different picture than what the truth is, but since when has the truth been important to these people. I recall the old saying money corrupts, power corrupts absolutely.

  31. G. February 18, 2020

    We need you,Mr. Barr.

  32. Maurice Striegler February 19, 2020

    Obviously any reasonably intelligent individual reach only one foregone “Conclusion”; these self serving legal beagles are long serving disingenuous protectors of “Drain the Swamp” when they turn a blind eye to dispensing equal justice before the bar of justice. The crimes of Bill and Hillary have no equal in democratic politics. Bill’s appetite for vulnerable women are well documented and was ably protected by Hillary; director of their infamous “Bimbo Eruption Squad”. Their self enrichment schemes knew no bounds. Their “pay to play” shake down of foreign interest poured million of dollars into “The Clinton Foundation”. Hillary still has to answer for the murders in Benghazi. Her failure as Secretary of State involves two known cover ups; Benghazi murders and her clandestine efforts to take down President Trump via the “Steel Dossier” which she and or Democratic Party paid for. Where were some of these allegedly upset Justice Department “legal beagles” while the Clinton Crime Machine was in full bloom? Clinton’s to date zero trial zero justice. Roger Stone 9 yeas for lying? Lady Justice is crying tears fro sduch injustice. lee1233

  33. Shelba February 19, 2020

    It’s time somebody stepped up about the Roger Stone case, did these former DOJ get the fact that the lead juror was prejudiced against Stone, she lied under oath to the court and the judge let her get away with it, both should have to be brought up on charges for this miscarriage of justice

  34. Meekster February 23, 2020

    Publish the names of these people and let the purge get underway. These lawyers and judges have NO right to violate people. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.


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