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Muslims in Mosque Told by Democratic Leaders the Real Enemy Is the GOP


While stumping for a Democratic Party presidential candidate, former-President Barack Obama’s visit to a mosque was intended to kill two birds with one stone: first, to show his solidarity with followers of Mohammad, and second, as a way to vilify Republicans, especially Donald Trump. (See videos posted below this column.)

While praising Muslims before a Baltimore audience, he bashed Americans who he claims have “[sic] stoked Islamophobia and bigotry.”

Muslim community leaders gushed over Obama’s visit to a mosque on U.S. soil with Obama’s symbolic gesture of solidarity and his condemnation of “incidents of anti-Muslim prejudice which are on the rise.”  However, a look at FBI statistics actually shows more attacks against Jews and Christians by Muslims than the reverse, something Obama and the Democrats avoid mentioning.

The Obama White House treated the Mosque visit as an opportunity to push the canard that Republicans have demonstrated an alarming and offensive eagerness to bash Muslim Americans.

“It has been a transparent strategy on the part of Republicans to play on people’s anxieties, to target religious minorities, to advance their political ambition,” said former White House press secretary Josh Earnest during a press briefing on behalf Obama.

“No one — not Obama, not any of the President’s stooges — has been able to give proof of their anti-GOP allegations. If anything, it’s these progressives who routinely make anti-Christian, anti-Jewish comments at the drop of a hat,” said former police detective and U.S. Marine Sidney Franes. “I’m surprised Obama didn’t blame police officers for targeting practitioners of the ‘religion of peace.’” he added.

Obama’s obsession with Muslimphilia was reinvigorated when members of the House of Representatives — Republicans and some Democrats — tried to pass a bill in November to suspend the entry of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the U.S.

The lawmakers had simply stated that a pause would allow the government to improve the screening of refugee applicants for people with links to terror groups. But Obama said the refugee program was designed to help people left most vulnerable by regional conflicts, and that those admitted underwent the most rigorous screening of any travelers visiting the U.S

Barack Obama arrives at mosque in Baltimore obviously hoping to stir up hatred for America and Americans.

However, Obama’s own FBI director told lawmakers that there wasn’t a way to vet the refugees since there were no records to vet them with.

During Obama’s visit, he neglected to mention one of the mosque’s members, Adnan Syed, who was convicted of an honor killing in 2000, when he murdered a high school girl, Hae Min Lee, who rejected his advances. He was a regular worshiper at the mosque and his family continues to attend services there. After serving more than 14 years in prison, Syed’s supporters are attempting to bring in new evidence they claim will prove his innocence.

“Perhaps, President Obama will issue this killer a full pardon when he’s ending his term in office. Presidents are given that right and are quick to release prisoners before exiting the White House,” said former police officer and security manager Lois McNamara.

Obama also met with Imam Yaseen Saikh, who preaches against homosexuality, calling it “shameful.” However, the President, who is a big supporter of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender Americans did not broach the subject. “Obama is always quick to condemn Christians for being homophobes, but then again he’s proven he’s no friend to devout Christians and Jews,” said McNamara, a Catholic.

During Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, whenever she spoke before a predominately black audience, she would compare U.S. city police officers patrolling black neighborhoods to members of the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS). She also accused whites of rampant bigotry and spoke about so-called “white privilege.”  The news media, always seeking ways to help the Clintons, managed to keep Hillary’s anti-white Americans rhetoric from becoming a prominent news story, although her calling Trump’s supporters “a basket full of deplorables” backfired and gave conservatives a rallying cry.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called cops “Unamerican” and her colleagues have used vitriolic language to denigrate police and law enforcement.

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  1. THOMAS December 1, 2019

    Muslims are BARBARIC HEATHENS and should be exterminated !
    Never Ever put any trust in a Muslim …
    Their Koran tells them to Lie, Cheat, Steal, and Murder all Infidels …
    The ONLY peaceful Muslim is 6 feet under and covered in pigs blood !

    1. Frank Blue December 1, 2019

      The only peaceful Muslim is he who has become a discipline of CHRIST.

  2. jim hunt December 1, 2019

    OK if the liberal leftist want to consider us as the enemy,so be it,we will be as good of an enemy as possible,however they do have it backward,the true enemy of America are those who love the death of little babies in the womb,and who support every form of sexual perversion known to man,any persons ways are always revealed in what they do,so it should be very clear as to who the enemy really is in America,its the murderers and liars who support and practces these behaviors on a daily basis,its none other than the democrat party and their supporters.of this there is no doubt.


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