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“Moments Of Triggering”: Rashida Tlaib Explains Why She And Ilhan Omar Held Hands During The State Of The Union


Tuesday night’s State of the Union was a triumphant moment for President Trump, a time where he celebrated his cresting popularity at the beginning of a critical election year. Despite seizing control of the House a little more than a year ago, the Dems appear despondent and scattered – an impression not helped by the embarrassment in Iowa (how can you convince the country you’re ready to rule when you can’t even rig a goddamn caucus without the whole world finding out?).

Yet, just as we suspected, some of the most memorable moments from Tuesday’s speech happened off the podium (and we’re not talking about Nancy Pelosi dramatically ripping up Trump’s speech because the president didn’t shake her hand).

One of those moments was just shared with the public by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who said during a discussion on Friday that she and fellow Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar huddled together in the audience during President Trump’s speech, as the president praised American strength, industry and ingenuity – qualities that the two radical Democratic lawmakers loath.

According to Tlaib, she and Omar sat together during the speech because they fully expected to be ‘triggered’ by Trump’s words. And just as they expected, there were “moments of triggering”.

“There were moments of triggering…I kept holding your hand…we intentionally sat next to each other to support each other.”

Here’s the clip:

We have a question for ‘the triggered’. What about people who are really in danger of being triggered? What about drug addicts whose lives could literally be placed in jeopardy if they’re triggered by something that makes them want to use? What do the intersectional feminists have to say about that?

Or do they only care about dumb shit like this?

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  1. C. LeSaint February 10, 2020

    There MUST NOT BE ANY MUSLIMES IN CONGRESS!! They are not Americans!!

  2. Cheryl Macaluso February 10, 2020

    It’s about time you both were turned out on your ear after all the ugliness you have caused this President and for the USA. I look forward not seeing either one of you in Congress next year. You should have never been voted in

  3. BOB February 10, 2020

    Because you are gay!!

  4. Haugen February 11, 2020

    I listened to the SOTU speech. So, Just what “triggered” these two women? People who have done something being honored? Some people who needed help getting it? Mr. Trump talking up the things he has managed to get done? Or was it the fact Mr. Trump was in the room? Or, perhaps it was Ms. Pelosi’s antics. Her blatant disrespect and behavior nearly triggered my temper. But then, I remembered she is a Democrat and realized she couldn’t help it. Nor could these two twits help themselves. Some people just have to act like three year olds with soiled diapers.


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