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LA Approves Sending Emergency Responders, Not LAPD, to Nonviolent Calls


The Los Angeles City Council announced unarmed emergency responders will now begin to answer nonviolent calls, instead of police officers, according to Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

The measure would require the Los Angeles Police Department to work with various government agencies, including the LA Homeless Services Authority and Mental Health Department after receiving a call related to mental health and drug abuse.

The change would also move neighbor disputes and other nonviolent calls to other agencies than the LAPD.

“This is the dawn of a new era of public safety in Los Angeles,” said Councilmember Herb Wesson, according to Fox 11. “The bottom line is that the way things have been going is not working for our communities. This last month has made that crystal clear. We have a responsibility to listen to our people, and our people have spoken.”

LA Approves Sending Emergency Responders, Not LAPD, to Nonviolent Calls

Police departments around the country have reformed the way they enforce law since George Floyd died in police custody on May 25.

Wesson also said the measure would mark a shift in how Los Angeles deals with public safety and hoped other communities would soon follow.

“This won’t solve all of our problems right away,” Wesson said. “But this move marks a sea change in our city’s approach to public safety and I’m optimistic cities and counties across the nation will follow our lead.”

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  1. Nina July 1, 2020

    So if you are being raped or beaten by your husband, they will probably decide that is none violent and send a first responder. When has a drug bust always been none violent. They are putting their citizens in danger. But it is CA and a demoncRAT state wo what more can you expect.

  2. JC July 1, 2020

    LA officials are criminals and Californians need to weed them out. No one in their right minds would send in unarmed people to handle a disturbance. The real threat are the Democrats who for some reason have lost all decency and ideas of protection for the citizens of their state. Newsome and his cronies are a threat and his family is PELOSI.

  3. Donald Cook July 1, 2020

    Sounds like a Setting Duck show to me. These people have no way to defend themselves, If I was them, I would refuse to Go.

  4. srw July 1, 2020

    How many Police have been murdered when called out on a fake none emergency call… The sad problem in all these city councils, mayors, school boards. etc that are voting against citizen ‘s protection…. They put these slugs in.

  5. Eli July 1, 2020

    These may become set up positions for violent, deceitful actions. This makes a lot of emergency responders vulnerable to attacks, unless they send in officers with them. They will be prepared for service, but not necessarily for self defense. They will need to be trained for both, as the officers are. Many people do not have any concept, of what the officers deal with on a daily basis. What appears on the surface of some calls, are minor, but explode into nightmares. The recent violent, deceptive actions of Marxist trained BLM groups, proves the point. People donated to a cause, thinking they were helping blacks, but will it restore the communities they destroyed? Probably not, since the money donated to BLM, is being managed by former convicted, communist terrorist, Susan Rosenberg. She was arrested for being a communist terrorist in the 1980’s, for driving an explosives and weapon truck. Clinton pardoned her, though she had been part of the bombing in New York and Washington D.C. She’s still linked with them.


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