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Jim Jordan Puts to Rest the Notion that Riots Are ‘Peaceful Protests’


Watch as Rep. Jim Jordan puts to rest the idea that riots are “peaceful protests” once and for all:

JORDAN: “Are peaceful protests violent, Mr. Attorney General?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests destroy businesses?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests injure officers?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests attack civilians?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “Do peaceful protests burn down buildings?”

BARR: “No.”

JORDAN: “I was – the video we played, it’s hard to watch. It was really hard to watch, to see that happening in our great country.

But the start of it was almost laughable, where you have the reporter saying, as a building is burning behind him, it’s not, generally speaking, an unruly protest, it’s mostly just a protest.

I mean, it’s almost laughable, when you have that reporter saying – I guess – I guess, he is saying, ‘It’s not a fire, it’s us a burning building.’

I guess he is saying it’s a peaceful burning building.”

via thefederalistpapers


  1. Donnie Dickerson July 29, 2020

    Thank you Rep Jordan for your explanation and thank you Ag Barr for showing anyone that saw the real hate from Democrats on that committee. It showed me they don’t care if people are hurt, blinded, businesses burned down, etc. I thought it was just stupid left wing mayors and ignorant council persons. Now I know the hate for this Pres is all Democrats. That is scary and truly SHAMEFUL.

  2. Chris LoPresti July 29, 2020

    Black people have been protesting police violence for as long as I can remember. It has done them no good. No, after violence and riots, we listen. Isn’t our fault for not listening sooner!? Our founding fathers protests over taxation without representation fell on deaf ears as well. They finally threw the king’s tea into the harbor. What do you suppose the king and his people said about our patriots? Violence and destruction of property is always wrong. So is killing people. What great changes in this world have taken place without them? Would we have a democracy without firing a shot? We should be listening. Not defunding police or ignoring every day crime, just not denying people their civil rights. No judge, jury and executioner on the streets by police. Is that to much to ask?

  3. First, Floyd did not deserve to die, but it happened. Now it’s up to the court system to be the judge and jury, not the news media or rioters. Keep in mind, you ask for justice but that same justice must be applied to everyone nobody should be exempt or treated special. The majority of black people have always wanted something for nothing, the few that do work are responsible and understand to get ahead you have to apply yourself. Those that are complaining and asking for more are 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd generation career welfare leeches. Gimme, gimme is their motto. If logical thinking people really look at what is being asked for, defund our police and put into more social programs like CSP, (what a joke) only leaves the streets to the criminals and deviants, drug dealers heaven, I can see the CSP stopping a robber with a gun? All that is going to be accomplished is gangs will control the streets, it will be rampant chaos, nobody will be safe, regardless of color. Dodge City, Tombstone, Laredo, needed to create strong shrieff and police departments to clean up the cities so there would be peace, at the going rate we may all have to get our guns just to shoot our way to the grocery store. We need to keep our police, sheriff and other agencies well funded for the protection of eveyone. More training and testing before they are assigned to the streets is more of a solution then putting civilians on patrol.

  4. Jacqueline July 29, 2020

    Common Sense then ACTION-law and Order! Peace for all!


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