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It Begins: Hawaii Stores Empty Out On Coronavirus "Panic Buying"


Hawaii is urging residents to prepare for a potential breakout of Covid-19 amid new warnings earlier this week from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the deadly virus quickly spreading across the world could cause a “significant disruption” to American life.

Although there are no confirmed virus cases in Hawaii (the state Health Department says 80 people are self-monitoring for the coronavirus in Hawaii after recent travel to China), the CDC’s warning sparked a buying frenzy among residents this week as they emptied store shelves of food and supplies. 

Twitter handle @zoeywoeyzoey said, “Hawaii Sam’s club is sold out of toilet paper hand sanitizer alcohol.” 

KHON Honolulu said flatbed carts “were overflowing with boxes of canned goods, bottled water, toilet paper, and paper towels” at Costco’s Iwilei location. 

“The essentials toilet paper, paper towels, bottles of water, soap, a lot of Clorox stuff, cleaning supplies… I figure with all the coronavirus scare and everything, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Honolulu resident Keane Zakimi.

Hawaii Foodbank told KHON that residents are panic buying non-perishable foods and medical masks. They said the same fear that is seen in Asia has now spread to Hawaii. 

“If there’s no inventory at the store, then there’s very little for stores to donate to the Foodbank and also at home if you’re stocking up and hoarding for your family, the last thing you’re thinking about is making a donation. It impacts us in a very great way,” said Hawaii Foodbank President Ron Mizutani.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser said retailers across the state are experiencing shortages of 3M N95 masks. We noted last month that masks were selling out across the US. Prices of the masks have doubled or tripled since mid-January. 

It’s only a matter of time before a virus case is confirmed in the state, and this could lead to an epic bust of its top industry: tourism, resulting in a recession for the island economy.

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  1. Deborah Lacerenza February 28, 2020

    Much ado about nothing

  2. Charlie February 28, 2020

    Spring is around the corner and will kill the virus

  3. Patricia Oakes February 28, 2020

    This is exactly what they want! They want us to fall prey to their fear tactics so we will panic! Our president has this in control and I trust his judgement. We are aware and will use precautions ie: washing our hands and disinfecting our equipmemt, covering our mouths if we sneeze or cough. We have good control measures that our president has already put into effect. The main thing is to be cautious but not to panic.

  4. bob engel February 28, 2020

    President allocated $2.5 billion to stem the virus. Democrats want $8.0 billion. President wanted $5.0 billion to build wall to prevent illegal immigrants from entering country with all types of diseases. Democrats offerred him peanuts. What changed? Bunch of dumb bastards.

  5. Boa February 28, 2020

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling= Liberals!!

  6. lzib February 28, 2020

    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and Yes this week bought an extra $150 worth of nonperishable food and intend to buy some more. I am not concerned about the virus but more about disruptions in shipping. Most of Hawaii’s goods – food and otherwise, are shipped in from the mainland and other places. This hoarding of food/goods happens whenever there is a hurricane or other possible threat to shipping. While we can grow food here, it is not sufficiant for the population of the Hawaiian Islands so before every says this is foolish I would remind you- You don’t live on an Isldand thousands of miles out to sea where any disruption in shipping can and will cause shortages. Oh, and I am not a Liberal, I am a R and Trump supporter but I am not fool- Better safe then sorry!

    I know it is hard to understand if you live on the mainland- I only moved to Hawaii 4 yrs ago myself but beleive me shortages and shipping issus is not something residents of the Islands take lightly.

  7. Harietto February 28, 2020

    The President stopped all the planes from China and they called him a resist now they all panicking . He loves his country so mach that he wanted to bring back the factories here , but the “greed” didn’t listen now they are telling us all the drugs 80% are manufactured from China even Tylenol no wonder they are very expensive
    Every thing is coming out to light but the Democrats are still stonewalling our President


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