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Florida Couple Jailed for Breaking COVID-19 Quarantine


Two Key West residents were arrested after neighbors snitched on them by videotaping the couple openly flouting quarantine requirements. The Florida couple, Jose Antonio Freire Interian, 24, and Yohana Anahi Gonzalez, 26, had tested positive for COVID-19 and were ordered to quarantine themselves on July 21 for 14 days.

But neighbors videotaped the couple disobeying orders only a week later and handed the tape over to authorities, according to NBC News.

“There were complaints from the neighborhood of them continuing to be outside, going about normal life functions,” said Greg Veliz, the city manager of Key West. “An officer took the video to the judge and the judge signed the warrant.”

Freire said he tested positive on his Facebook page July 14 and urged anyone he had contact with to get tested, according to the Miami Herald. Subsequently, he and Gonzales were issued stay-at-home orders which they failed to follow. After their arrest, the couple were locked up at the Stock Island Detention Center Wednesday night. Later that evening they were released after each posting $1,000 bond.

A spokesman for Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said that the violators were kept isolated from other inmates in “negative pressure” rooms where the air isn’t circulated to other areas of the jail.

via newsmax


  1. Anthony Nazzaro August 1, 2020

    They put these people in jail they do nothing to the rioting that all should be put in jail for ten years or better with no parole

  2. Randy Justice August 1, 2020

    It sounds like these people need a really good crooked lawyer and their “NEIGHBORS” NEED TO HAVE AN ACCIDENTAL HOUSE FIRE !!!

  3. Joyce August 1, 2020

    Just another example of political hypocrisy of law regarding mandatory masking for ordinary people who chose independent thinking about not masking and protestors without masks who are not arrested. Mandating wearing masks in violation of second rights. Wake up America!

  4. Larry Gaines August 1, 2020

    that is called Busy Body shitty neighbors

  5. RAA August 1, 2020

    “continuing to be outside, going about normal life functions,” ? If they stayed in their own house yard boundaries how were they violating the “issued stay-AT-HOME orders”? There is no real medical risk to anyone else in doing that.


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