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Appeals Judge Found Shot Dead In Wooded Area Behind Home


A Georgia appeals judge was found shot dead on Saturday in a wooded area behind his Albany home, however officials do not believe it was a homicide, according to the Associated Press (via the Washington Times)

60-year-old Judge Stephen Goss served as a Superior Court judge in Albany for approximately 20 years, after which then-Gov. Nathan Deal appointed him to serve as a judge on the Georgia Court of Appeals in August 2018. 

Goss brought “dignity and compassion to the delivery of justice all across this great state,” said Chief Justice Harold D. Melton, who noted that he was known nationally for his work on substance abuse and mental health treatment programs. 

“His legacy is as great as our sense of loss,” added Melton. “Our court and this state’s judiciary express our profound condolences to the Goss family.”

Gov. Brian Kemp offered his support to the Goss family.

“A native Georgian, trusted counsel, and man of integrity, Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Goss will be sorely missed by countless people across our state and nation,” Kemp said in a tweet. “The Kemp family asks God to give comfort to his loved ones, friends, and colleagues in this difficult time.”

In 2002, Goss founded Georgia’s first felony mental health court and substance abuse treatment program in Dougherty County. It was one of the early programs of its kind in the country, according to his online bio. The program assists those with felony probation or pending felony charges, many of whom have a long history with substance abuse or diagnosed mental illness. For the past decade, the Dougherty County program has been a designated learning site for mental health courts, one of only four in the nation. –Washington Times

Goss was previously chairman of the Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia, serving on multiple state and national committees focusing on criminal justice. He is survived by his wife Dee – a middle school humanities teacher, and their three children. 

At this time no foul play is suspected. 

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  1. Luis D Rey August 26, 2019

    Another crime perpetrated by either Hilary/Kilary Clinton and Demon-craps and/or Radical Islmistas

    1. Yosemite Sam August 26, 2019

      Hillarious, Slick Willy and the demonRATS are insane!

      1. Dina Butter December 28, 2019

        That’s RIGHT! They are INSANE

    2. Randall Razz Taylor August 27, 2019

      Yeah, HELLO!!! Judging ( no pun intended ) by what was written about him, why would he commit suicide?? So it would have to be homicide.
      They should look into any possible links to the Clintons.

      1. Rod August 27, 2019

        Yes, the same as Epstein… hanged by a sheet as strong as toilet paper. Time to flush the deep state… starting to stink like s..t.

    3. eyeball January 6, 2020

      Ever thought of “Treadstone” in the light of all these “suicides”? Did HRC actually pull the trigger? How ’bout Slick? Obviously not, although Slick probably gets sick at the sight of blood, whereas HRC asks, “Anyone got a spoon”? There HAS TO BE a group of “associates” who specialize in “wet work” that are there at the beck and call of SOMEONE (read: George) to take care of “messy situations and matters” before they get out of hand. Find and track THEM and you’ll find out who the BIG GUY is in International Politics.

      1. Mary Kaiserman May 26, 2020

        Well said and unfortunately very true.

    4. Denise Hoffman May 17, 2020

      This happened in August 2019. Why is the article up now????

  2. vinnie August 26, 2019

    Where are the “Cries” for Gun Control? Something is wrong here , this person was shot ! Obviously a “Gun was involved” If it wasn’t a “Homicide” ,(Suicide wasn’t mentioned) then a Perpetrator wasn’t involved ! Be Afraid, Be very Afraid , It seems like someone has figured out how to have “Guns” act out on their own ! This must have been a special type of Gun , maybe an assault Weapon that is independent of any type of Human Interaction (Possibly “Remote” Controlled) How do you get a “Background Check” on a “Lone Gun acting out” (No humans were involved in this Crime?) Is the NRA to Blame ? Is President Trump to Blame ? Was it Arkancide ? Stay Tuned as the mystery unfolds …………………………………………


    1. ak August 26, 2019

      People with a sense of humor have above average intelligence.

      Good job

    2. Susan August 27, 2019

      It must be the secret space aliens Bernie promised to tell us about if he is elected president who caused the gun to shoot the poor man.

    3. David Rose August 27, 2019

      I feel your pain, I have a hammer, that has gone out on it’s own and started building houses.

      1. Steveur August 27, 2019

        David, Thats funny I started building a house and couldn’t finish or start it, because the nails were leftists and once out of the box, they ran for Canada. All they left was a picture of Nancy, Bernie and obama in a hot tub smirking. Please send the hammer, I’m behind schedule.

        1. Randall Razz Taylor August 27, 2019


      2. SBEARD August 27, 2019

        LMAO Good one, but we have a dead Judge and not much information is being released. Something don’t smell right here.

        1. Skip Parker August 28, 2019

          Exactly! There is nothing in this article that provides any information about a potential perpetrator or even what he died from. If it was at his own hand, he had to have a means to do it or he had terminal cancer and walked in the woods behind his house and keeled over. You’re right, something just isn’t right here.

      3. Christine December 21, 2019


    4. Patricia August 27, 2019

      It was demonically possessed. Hillary put a voodoo curse on it.

    5. Rod August 27, 2019

      Very well written. Maybe he was done by a drone. They have a better intelligence than the demonCRAPs. I’m sure one of them, acting independent of any human involvement must’ve done it. Right.

    6. Patricia L Sandlin April 13, 2020

      …you are right..normally they write guy was despondent, shot to right, left or back of head, no weapon found or weapon found, time or day, left house didnt return went looking! WHAT, OH YEAH NOTHING!..dont jell folks..didnt say if Republican or Dem…KEEP DIGGIN FOLKS FOR ANSWER..

  3. joe August 26, 2019

    Seems like a true compassionate man that backed up the programs he believed in by taking action not just words. The Democratic party should take a play out of this guys book because for 8 years under Obama and even way before that during Clinton’s terms as president they sat back and watched with glee as these presidents took a hard line on illegal immigration but now they are shedding so many tears for the children because they love them and they cried for Dr. Ford when she brought 35 year old charges against Trumps supreme court nominee but since have stopped crying for any conservative women . Fake tears by a fake party that knows no compassion only politics. I don’t know his politics but i am sure if he was a strong Democrat supporter the democrats would be blaming Trump for murder by now. Hope this guy gets rewarded for the many lives he has changed.

    1. jim markovitz August 26, 2019

      hey Ms Ford made money on all her BS and that was the bottom line and trying to ruin a good mans rep.just another fkg democrap

      1. Robert August 26, 2019

        She had a large Go Fund Me acct made out to her husband.

    2. Logic April 21, 2020

      Well, Joe, you’re right- he seems like a compassionate guy and certainly that felony mental health court and substance abuse treatment program sounds, frankly, liberal! I don’t think this is the kind of guy the Dems would target. Doesn’t say he was a bigot or KKK member or Neo-Nazi…or just a drunken bum like Trump’s last nominee that made it…

      Seems more like Trumpers might be out to get the guy…

  4. Linda August 26, 2019

    Looks like it’s starting already….perhaps….repercussions from
    Epstein starting already…..

  5. Unknown August 26, 2019

    Sounds like Clinton control

  6. Joe M August 26, 2019


    1. jim markovitz August 26, 2019

      that is what hitler did as well as the communist, I sure Hope AG Barr has lots of good protection

  7. Bird August 26, 2019

    Weird…he was shot but no foul play? Not a homicide? Not a suicide? What the heck was it then? Devine intervention with a gun? Something is way off on this one and you all better worry. This is way out there to believe what this article is trying to pull off as fact.

    1. Saundra August 26, 2019

      I agree with you! What the heck is it !

      1. Gail August 27, 2019

        I am from Albany Ga. This is really weird. I just had jury duty and saw him 20th. What happened? I would like to know. Weird.

        1. KK August 27, 2019

          I knew a Gail growing up in Albany…….HER last name started with an “H”

  8. Cynthia Ann Drockton August 26, 2019

    When conservative, it’s suicide.

  9. Poorly written article…..not a homicide with out further explanation is a half fast statement. If it wasn’t a homicide, then it had to be a suicide. Suicide at the hands of another is still a homicide.

  10. Jeffrey August 26, 2019

    Nome de plaus… what kind of play was this??foiled play? Fool play…? Fouled play…? Floor play…? Forget me play…? What ??? If it ever was a mystery the mystery might even clause a caper…!!!

    1. Carol A. April 5, 2020

      We should submit this tale to unsolved mysteries on TV. Or maybe it was ET?
      Or poltergeists. What bull is this again from news media and Democrats?

  11. Tom Dillon August 26, 2019

    The “TRUTH IS: THEY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MAKE UP AN EXCUSE AT THIS TIME.” It will most likely come out as an “ACCIDENT.” He and (someone) were taking target practice when A GUN MISFIRED.” More needs to be known regarding his “POLITICAL” life. Maybe he wasn’t LIBERAL enough and needed to be replaced or was a part of the situation regarding the last election. What we do know is “GUNS DON’T GO OFF BY THEMSELVES.”

  12. Kathleen Egbert August 26, 2019

    Don’t believe it when “they” claim he was depressed.

  13. ch August 26, 2019

    An appeals judge found dead. Sounds like another Clinton casualty. Must have been working on something that involved them. How many more murders are they going to get away with. Almost 100 casualties is no longer a coincidence

    1. T Beacj April 17, 2020

      Killary probably tried to get his help with one of her many appeals trying to get out of testifying for all her criminal activities. He said No so got a sevier case of Arkanside

  14. Buddy H. August 26, 2019

    Suicide by two in the back of the head? Arm yourself America.

  15. Elder, M Jane August 26, 2019

    I have to agree with all the statements above. A man who was so involved with mental health issues and this be called a suicide??? Doesn’t add up. I truly hope it’s investigated to tell the world and his family what REALLY happened.

  16. Elder, M Jane August 26, 2019

    Agree with all above.

    1. Rich May 18, 2020

      Jane we will never know what really happened and you probably bond want to know what happened. Like Buddy above said this is getting scary so do what he said and arm yourself so you won’t get caught in your back yard alone.

  17. mzaz August 26, 2019

    It doesnt say suicide yet no foul play???

  18. Karen August 26, 2019

    it’s NOT A HOMICIDE. Really. did the judge whistle, the gun came running up to him, killed him and then ran away oh psychiatrist please talk to the genius that says it’s not a homicide

  19. Phil August 26, 2019

    Found in woods behind his house, not a homicide. Three bullet holes in the head, and all different calibers with hands tied behind his back. Yep, typical suicide.

  20. Robert L. Kahlcke August 26, 2019

    Apparently another case of ARKANSIDE.

  21. Gerry G August 26, 2019

    I live in the area. Here’s what the Albany Times said;

    August 26, 2019

    ALBANY, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia coroner says an appeals court judge who was found dead from a gunshot over the weekend killed himself.

    Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler told a news conference that an autopsy completed Monday concluded Judge Stephen Goss died by suicide. WALB-TV reports the coroner said a gun was found beside Goss’ body but authorities found no note.

    1. Gerry G August 26, 2019

      Eventually his autopsy will be public. But, like Epstein’s “autopsy”, can it be trusted?
      There’s no known connection (at this time) between Goss and any Clinton.
      One bullet can still have many fingers . . .

  22. Estell August 26, 2019

    There was no mention of a gun being found on the scene. How can you have a suicide without a weapon? Where was Hillary?

  23. Patrick Henry August 26, 2019

    I have LOST count of people who have been KILLED or just died all of a sudden with the Clinton name all over them. They must be catching up with Stalin by now!!!!

    1. Autumn August 27, 2019

      Even satan is impressed with his Clinton competitor’s, and maybe just a little afraid of them himself.

    2. Harry August 27, 2019

      54 of them. All friends or Associates ( who knew their business).

  24. walter FLATT August 26, 2019

    My Democrat former party believe in murder, over 70 million unborn black babies have been killed and no telling how many of other color, if they believe in killing babies, they sure will not stop at killing people that disagree with them. This is well over 100 that has been associated with Hilary. Google The New Clinton Chronicles 2015 and listen to it all. You might wonder how many in DC is hooked on free dope.

  25. DOYLE R PATEE Patee August 26, 2019

    When you get too close to big money strange things happen. Remember john Kennedy?

  26. Robert August 26, 2019

    I heard the Democrats wanted to kill Conservative Judges a while back. Could this be true here? Those that could be considered for the Supreme Court at some point in time. They only want Liberal Judges around.

  27. Vicky August 27, 2019

    I’m not surprised ! What the Heck ? Another killing ? And A Judge this time. Two Senator’s , Epstein, and now this. Democrate’s will blame President Trump. How sick. God will be your Judge and Jury.

  28. BwaHa August 27, 2019

    If it wasn’t a suicide nor a homicide then was it an “accidental” shooting? If so, who pulled the trigger? WOW! The press these days. They’re beyond the pale… They’re not even trying to cover their shat anymore. They simply don’t give the details and leave it at that.

    I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere to get more info.

  29. CBinParadise August 28, 2019

    No foul play! Seriously?!!!!!!

  30. James Howard August 28, 2019

    The conservative’s (or non-leftist) knock-out blow to the Left & to Saul Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals”:

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Network star)

  31. Dobie January 1, 2020

    This is the work of the Clinton’s, Obama’s and the Deep State loony left. Time to charge them with murder in the first degree.

  32. sherri January 13, 2020

    My God, a judge, don’t think he kiled himself. All of these comments are correct & the Coroner is probably just trying to keep his own life. I pray Harry & Maghan don’t die in a car crash like Diana did. All these deaths happen in all countries & it all comes back to politics, power & money. We have cone to “evil is good & good is evil” Did this Judge learn something about the FISA warrant? Judges talk too, to each other. He found something out I’ll bet.

  33. Diane Toroian January 20, 2020

    So, so very sad. Doesn’t make sense that such an honest and accomplished man would take his own life. I hope truth is revealed for the love of his wife and children. May he rest in peace.

  34. Zeke February 16, 2020

    Yeah, and I want to hear Killary’s alibi.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is guilty as sin!!!!! Her time is coming!!!!

  35. Marge Wall February 24, 2020

    Unfortunately, the largest “Organized Crime” group is, undeniably, located in our corrupt Left-Wing political establishment.
    Young minds are being initiated even in grade school and certainly intensifies in college. YET….. we sit on our hands as our children are indoctrinated.
    Some really evil people are considered above the law.

  36. Vince March 9, 2020


  37. PJ March 15, 2020

    Praying for his family and friends in their loss.

  38. Delores Sarenac March 26, 2020

    To the Wife, Children, Family and his colleagues and friends. I pray for you and your terrible loss..


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