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Outrage After Police Use Bystanders As “Human Shields” In Florida UPS Truck Shootout


Miami police and other officers appear to have used surrounding bystanders as “human shields” when they responded to the the hijacked UPS truck following an armed heist of a jewelry store Thursday. After suspects led police on a two-county rush-hour chase through Miami which ended in a hail of gunfire in the middle of crowded traffic on Miramar Parkway and Flamingo Road, hundreds of police bullets from 19 officers firing on the truck brought it to an end.

As we reported earlier, four people have been confirmed dead, including the robbers and the UPS driver, since identified as 27-year-old Frank Ordonez, who unluckily had been taken hostage on a day he was reportedly filling in for another driver. Some of his own family members are blaming the “trigger happy” Florida police for killing him in their overeagerness to stop the criminals.

An investigation is underway which will also focus on the other innocent bystander that died — an unidentified person shot while trapped at the intersection in one of the many surrounding vehicles.

“In addition to the UPS driver – who was on his knees – the innocent bystander was shot while sitting in a car waiting at the stop light in the intersection,” CBS4 News in Miami reporter Jim DeFede has confirmed.

“The number of shots fired by the officers is not currently known but my source said it could exceed 200 rounds,” he reported. The deceased bystander had been “inside an idle car at the scene.”

DeFede concluded that though police were facing a “chaotic situation” it remains that “innocent people are dead” and “questions need to be asked”.

A number of online commentators noted the dramatic scene of police immediately rushing into stalled traffic on foot and emptying their weapons in return fire appeared something more from a Hollywood action movie.

Viral video shows the UPS truck stopped amid heavy traffic with bystanders in their vehicles on either side. But the police response is now under criticism given that instead of hanging back and waiting for fewer civilians to be in the line of fire, or even establishing contact through a police negotiator, officers rushed the UPS truck in a blaze of bullets.

Police had the other option of backing off the easily identifiable and trackable large brown UPS truck in order to engage with it in a more open area.

It is as yet unclear whether a police bullet or one of the robbers actually killed Ordonez. But what is clear from overhead video is that some among the responding officers actually hid behind vehicles with bystanders and families in them, who were trying to flee as gunfire rang out.

Though in the initial press conference in the immediate aftermath the issue wasn’t raised, national media is beginning to acknowledge the growing public outrage. NPR reports:

Former [U.S. Department] Department of Housing and Urban Development official Brandon Friedman described the shootout as “appalling.” He said the department should be held accountable for “choosing to assault the vehicle in the middle of stopped rush hour traffic” and using occupied vehicles as “human shields.”

From one of the overhead news chopper videos, one panicked blue SUV is seen attempting to ram its way out of being in the direct line of fire, between the suspects shooting at police and the police themselves.

Frank Ordonez via CBS Miami

A family member who set up a GoFundMe page on behalf of the UPS driver victim Frank Ordonez’s children and for funeral expenses, which has raised nearly 100,000 in 24 hours, had this to say:

The former State Department of Housing and Urban Development official also had this to say of the botched police response: “Here are a few things that those in charge of this disaster should be held accountable for”— 

  • Choosing to assault the vehicle
  • Choosing to assault the vehicle in the middle of stopped rush hour traffic
  • Using civilian cars with people *in them* as human shields

Astoundingly, about a half-dozen police are seen crouching behind and shadowing the vehicle for protection despite what appears to be bystanders inside trying to get away.

It is unknown at this point which among the vehicles had an innocent passenger shot and killed, or if it had been a police bullet or gunfire from the robbers inside the UPS truck.

The FBI is currently assisting an investigation into the incident, which involved officers from five different responding departments and agencies, most reportedly from Miami-Dade police department.

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  1. Vladilyich December 7, 2019

    Not to worry, the FOP will make certain all officers are praised and given medals for making certain that no police were injured in the battle. Civilians are expendable according to the union.

    1. Kent December 8, 2019

      the morons are happy that another moron wrote a lead line that is about as ignorant as the clown writing the line.. the police answer where a crime is committed, not they think it would be a safe place for civilians. In addition the information suggests that it is not know if the ONE death of an unfortunate bystander was from the Police or the scum bag criminals..

    2. Al Yates December 8, 2019

      This is a blatant and reprehensible attempt to pander to the criminals. If they’d let the scum continue to flee and they’d taken more hostages these stupid comments would criticize them for that. I sincerely wish you people could have been there…I’d like to find out what you would have done under fire. I doubt any of you would have stood up and tried to arrest the rabid dogs who had taken a hostage. It’s sad that a man died in the truck. It’s sadder that another man died. How many more dead citizens would satisfy you who whine about this? Ten? Fifteen? A city bus full? It’s easy for you whose lives are cloistered to complain about those who actually do something. I would like to see a new law: everyone who criticizes the cops on a call as terrible as this should have your names put on a list. Then the next time there’s a gunfight YOU should have to go in and stop the killers. I bet there wouldn’t be one or two of you out of a hundred who’d have the guts to do it.

  2. Janet Ritchie December 7, 2019

    So this is how Miami police
    “serve and protect” the public. These so called LEOs should be charged with reckless endangerment and manslaughter. They should be sentenced to long jail terms and the city of Miami sbould be sued for hiring these irresponsible idiots.

    1. Kent December 8, 2019

      be careful and do not shop anywhere that criminals.. you know the folks that started the mess with a jewelry store robbery, are likely to pull guns and shoot at innocent folks and hijack your car for a getaway vehicle. Just think you could be in that car… oh my God…

  3. JayDubyah December 7, 2019

    So there is outrage from a ‘former’ head of some Federal department. OK, what should the police officers have done? Stayed away from the cars so they couldn’t help anyone inside? Does anyone know for sure? Save the stupid remarks for facts. Usually it is the responder who gets to decide what kind of force is required, not back-benchers who were not even there and had benefit of an overhead view.

    It really doesn’t look like the van had no place to go so it might not have been ‘stopped in traffic’, rather stopped to cause damage to as many as they could. The police could have gone to the cars to get the people out of them if they were still alive. Why would they go to that vantage point to exchange fire with the gunmen or to hide? Wouldn’t the police cars offer better protection? Do we know that they did use these cars as human shields? There certainly is no advantage to that position otherwise. If anyone was using a human shield it was the perpetrators of this whole thing. So what is the purpose for this attack on the police by those outraged minions? My guess, it is political – the police-are-always-wrong leftists who would rather have anarchy and an excuse to bash those in power. And the claim of ‘growing’ outrage bears that out.

    But isn’t this the Dade County (Miami) police? Aren’t they responsible for the training of these police officers? Wasn’t there a shooting in that area some time back in which the officer on the scene held back rather than prevent the murderer from killing several more children? How is this different – did the police cause these guys to hijack the van, to carry weapons, to start shooting? Who is to say that the police actions didn’t prevent the deaths of many more innocent bystanders? And the report states several times that the situation surrounding the driver’s death is not known – so how do these ‘outraged’ people know what to be outraged about?

    I would also like to know why being the ex-head of the Federal department of Housing and Urban Development was important to this story? If the guy had been an ex-driver for a trucking company would his opinion be any less significant? Or if he had been a call-girl working a local pub? So again, what is the import of his position to the story? It is not given only by way of identification – in fact he didn’t even state who he was on his tweet. Makes it pretty certain that the intent of the author is politically inspired.

    The outrage is feigned as well. Where was the outrage when LaVoy Finicum was murdered by police at an illegally established roadblock in Oregon? Shot in the back with his hands in the air? The FBI did that and were caught in the act on their own video using rubber bullets to get him to flinch so the others could have an excuse to execute him. But that video and an audio recording made by the victims proved it was true – crickets!! What about the real cause of the October Massacre in Las Vegas? Where is the outrage that the FBI false-flag investigation went awry and several people were murdered by the FBI, not the guy who they blamed it on. He was already dead when the shooting started. Pretty easy for the FBI to ‘fix things up’ afterwards when they have control of the events – this got pretty quiet, but the facts don’t fit the story that the FBI officials gave. Too many unanswered questions, but there was little outrage against the obvious perpetrators of that hoax and outright murder of people whom the FBI considers to be ‘gun’ people. The evidence shows that the murders were carried out using automatic weapons such as M16s, not bump-stock modified rifles. The bump-stock weapons (two of them) fired only about 10 rounds early in the massacre. Most of the killing was done by belt-feed automatic fire. Where was the outrage over the report that whitewashed these facts?

    1. John Sprague December 7, 2019

      Agree with your assessment of all these incidents. 2 Deputy’s were shot taking down the Saudi, Muslim, Saudi Air Force pilot/student yesterday at NAS Pensacola….One Deputy was on the shooter, in a Navy school on the base, some distance from the Sheriff’s office, off base. There in 5 minutes of the call for help. He killed the Saudi (as other Saudi students filmed what the shooter was doing)….and prevented many more lives from being lost. The shooter had a 9MM Glock (unauthorized), but legally purchased off base, with multiple loaded extra extended magazines. Wounded Deputy’s will survive their injury’s. Proud of our Escambia County Florida (panhandle) Sheriff’s Office/officers!

      1. Linda Frye December 7, 2019


      2. Dave December 7, 2019

        Totally agree! Let’s put every cop in the nation in prison or fire them all!! Everyone knows that their agenda is to kill innocent people!

  4. KEITH December 7, 2019

    Most Police Officers are Uneducated, Egotistic Killers, who are not required to get Further Educated, what do you really expect.

    1. Kent December 8, 2019

      hopefully they will visit you soon..

  5. Stacey Taken Alive December 8, 2019

    Nothing to see here, the Cops can NEVER do ANYTHING WRONG!! The Capital in the UPS truck is safe!! As well as the jewelry the Jeweler will Capitalist will have returned. And, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Everybody knows, the only people in this nation who have the right to fear for their life and have that respected while doing their very hard job is: THE POLICE. Let US ALL Get that straight, right away! Those so called ”innocents” where NO ANGELS, I’m sure of it, so we are gonna accept their deaths as necessary casualties in this WAR FOR CORPORATE AND CAPITAL PEACE, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! What do you think this is, A DEMOCRACY?

  6. Stacey Taken Alive December 8, 2019

    This is a Regime, not a Democracy.

    1. Kent December 8, 2019

      no the Regime ended when the african went to his new multi million dollar home in new dork on January 21st, 2017..


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